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Corporate Interview Video Production

Corporate interview videos are commonly used by businesses for a wide variety of purposes. These are a great PR and branding strategy for professionals who want to use an engaging corporate video to reach out to their audiences.

Read on to find out more about corporate interview video production.

What is A Corporate Interview Video?

A corporate interview video is a popular type of corporate communication video production that businesses shoot. These videos are used for a variety of reasons, like establishing brand awareness and driving sales.

Many businesses also choose to use their corporate interview segments to compliment their other corporate videos instead of having a standalone video.

For instance, Estee Lauder added an interview segment to their corporate announcement video. This way, their assistant manager could answer the FAQs that their stakeholders had regarding their major announcement to move offices.

Video by Vivid Snaps.

Tips for Shooting A Corporate Interview

Here are some tips for your next corporate interview video.

Choose An Appropriate Location

When choosing a location for your shooting, the most important thing is ensuring that there is enough space between the camera and the background.

This allows for the camera to focus on the interviewer and/or interviewee to help them stand out from the background. This is a known as creating a depth of field.

Most businesses usually use their office space to film their corporate interview.

If you do not have an area wide enough in your office, consider using a green screen backdrop which allows you to add a backdrop of your choice.

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Reference photo of our green screen studio

Set A Standardised Dress Code

Having a consistent dress code amongst your talents helps to set the tone of your corporate interview.

Additionally, we would recommend that your talents do not wear anything with stripes as it will not look good on camera. Do avoid wearing green if you are using a green screen backdrop so that the clothes do blend in with the background.

Shoot With Multiple Camera Angles

You can also consider using multiple camera angles to shoot your corporate interview. Having multiple camera angles provide a variety of shots that you can use to make the video more engaging for the viewers.

You might also want to shoot some b-roll shots, which are additional footages which can support your corporate interviews. These b-rolls provide audiences with alternative visuals to look at besides the interviewee and/or interviewers. You can also use b-rolls as transitions between segments of your video.

Don’t Rush The Interview

Filming corporate interviews might be nerve-wreaking for your talents, especially if they are not comfortable in front of the camera.

We recommend not rushing the interview process and giving your talents the time to get used to being on camera. That way, your talents will be able to give longer, more elaborate responses which are better for the video.

If your talents are required to memorise long scripts, we are able to provide a teleprompter for them to read off.

Corporate Interview Video Examples


Video from Gamedex.

Highlights of this interview:

  • This video used lower thirds, which are text overlays, to introduce the various speakers being interviewed. Lower thirds were also used to emphasise key points covered by the interviewees.
  • This video also followed the rule of thirds framing technique. The talents had their eye-line aligned to the upper righthand corner of the screen, which gave them enough space between their faces and the edge of the screen.

City & Guilds

Video from City & Guilds.

Highlights of this interview:

  • The questions for the managing director were shown on the video as a full screen graphic. This provided some context to the director’s answers instead of having to let the audience figure out what he was talking about.
  • There was also an upbeat background music (BGM) that they used to cover any empty gaps in the audio. BGMs are a must-have for th

Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW)

Video from Singapore International Energy Week.

This corporate interview video with Dr. Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Energy was shot as a part of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW). During this interview, Dr Nuki addressed the concerns and opportunities that Singapore had with regards to moving into the green energy sector.

Highlights of this interview:

  • This interview video was less than 3 minutes long, which made it easy for audiences to follow. The interview was not too draggy and accommodated the short attention span of the viewers.
  • The questions for Dr Nuki were also shown on screen as lower thirds for viewers to follow through as they listened to the interview.

If you are shooting a single-person interview with the same angle, we recommend that the final interview be less than 3 minutes long. This helps to keep your audience’s attention before they loose concentration and click away from your video.

Life at Shopee

Shopee’s #LifeatShopee series, featuring their design team. Screenshots taken from Shopee’s Linkedin page.
Shopee’s #LifeatShopee series, featuring their product management team. Screenshots taken from Shopee’s Linkedin page.
(Shopee’s #LifeatShopee series, featuring their data analytics team.)
Shopee’s #LifeatShopee series, featuring their engineering team. Screenshots taken from Shopee’s Linkedin page.

Hosted via Linkedin, Shopee’s #LifeatShopee series featured employees from different departments to give an insight into their job scope and the working environment in the company.

Highlights of these interview videos:

  • This series of videos adopted a free-and-easy QnA approach to their interviews. Unlike the other interview videos mentioned, the employees could respond in a more casual and personable manner as their intention was to reach out and connect with potential Shopee employees.
  • We liked that each employees’ answers were short and straight to the point. The key points of their answers were also emphasised with the on-screen text overlays. This made the video easy to follow through from start to end, which meant that viewers were more likely to watch the entire video without clicking away.

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