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Introducing Vintage Instant Photo Strip Booth!

Hurray! We are introducing instant photo strips

At Vivid Snaps, we pride ourselves in providing an overall seamless and fuss-free experience. Our latest introduction is no different. Every element of our instant photo booth was designed to provide the best experience while minimising waiting time. 

Photo Strip Booth Singapore

Features of our Instant Photo Strip Booth

You might be wondering just what kind of special features we offer. Here are 5 things you can look forward to at our instant photo strip booths!

1) Ample Space for Your Event Graphics

Firstly, our photo strips are crafted to keep a generous area for your event graphics. As a result, you will have sufficient space to accommodate a campaign logo, which not has been possible with a 4-shots sequence.

2) The Perfect Sequence, 3 Shots Per Print

With the experience of operating our photo booth in hundreds of events, we have adapted on feedback from thousands of guests who interacted with our booth. After which, we developed the perfect formula for an enjoyable photo booth. A sequence of 3 shots is the ideal dose of fun, any lesser and the experience seems unsatisfying while any more would cause slight frustration.

3) Fastest Printing Speed

Fast printing speed is essential to an enjoyable photo booth experience. We use the best-in-class lab-quality photo printer in our booths, which means we can deliver the best photo quality in the industry without compromising speed. Moreover, our printer produces 2 photo strips every 8 secs, therefore, you can collect your prints instantly after it has been taken.

4) Fully Customisable Photo Border Design

Your event is unique and it is only right that guests receive photo strips that are just as special. Additionally, our designer crafts every photo border design from scratch based on your event theme. Because of this, we will never ask you to select from pre-made templates.

5) Large 23″ Live View Touchscreen

Who knows your best camera angle better than yourself? All our photo booths are equipped with large 23″ live viewing screen, mirroring your every pose, giving you an exact representation of the shot. Thereafter, you can preview the shots and photos will only be printed upon your approval.

Introducing Vintage Instant Photo Strip Booth!

In conclusion, if you are interested in engaging our instant photo booth or just want to learn more, get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help you.

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