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August Events Highlight

August has come and gone in a blink of an eye! Here’s a peek of some of the events we covered in this busy month!

Prima Taste Media Showcase

On 1ˢᵗ August, we were at the Prima Taste Media Showcase where we invited to capture some of their newly launched products. Prima Taste has always been well-known for its Ready-To-Cook sauces to cook some of our favorite local delights such as their famous Ready-To-Cook Hokkien Mee sauce or Ready-To-Cook chicken rice sauce. This year, Prima Taste launched 14 new products which include their Hotpot soup base, Ready Meal, and Ready-To-Cook sauce packs. 

Tired of soaking your meat into the same boring soup base for hotpot? Try out Prima Taste’s new Laksa and Prawn Stock Hotpot Soup Base. 

Laksa has always been one of the all-time local favorites. With Prima Taste’s new Laksa Hotpot Soup Base, you can enjoy Laksa goodness at your cozy home-made hotpot sessions. 

If you are someone who can’t take the heat, the Prawn Stock Hotpot Soup Base is just the right thing for you. This tasty Prawn Stock will coat your regular shabu meat with a layer of sweetness from the prawns.

Are you someone who dislike the hassle of cooking and chopping? Fret not! The Prima Taste Ready Meal Pack is here for you. Enjoy local delights like Chicken Claypot Rice, Laksa Fried Rice and Curry Chicken Rice in just seconds. Pop the Ready Meal into the microwave for 90 seconds or consume directly if you are not into piping hot meals.

We congratulate Prima Taste on the successful event, graced with the presence of many key opinion leaders and influencers.

Prima Taste preserves and refines the Singaporean hawker recipe so that our future generations will always be able to enjoy the true Singaporean taste. Check out and learn more about the premium products that Prima Taste offers:

ActiveSG Get Active! Family Day

What is the best way to spend time with your family on a weekend and stay active at the same time?

From 1ˢᵗ to 10ᵗʰ August 2019, ActiveSG organized the GetActive! Event! Our Vivid Snaps team had the chance to be part of this meaningful event on the 3ʳᵈ of August at the Singapore Sports Hub! 

The event participants get to show their athletic side while forging new bonds with their families and new friends at the event! While some parents feel restrained when exercising with their children because there is not a lot of exercises that cater to both age groups. However, with this event, not only did we see how everyone had fun, we’ve also seen how both young children and their parents can sweat together from the workout!

Let us recap the fun-filled event with photos of happy participants:

Some old school games were also spotted at the event site such as hopscotch! The young Singapore generation were seen enjoying these games!  

Our childhood Milo Van was also spotted at the event! Having a cup of ice milo right after the different work out definitely makes one more refreshed and energetic!

ActiveSG frequently organizes activities that are lots of fun for the family, stay up to date with upcoming events on their website:

National Day Celebration at Sentosa

Even if you did not get a ticket to watch the National Day Parade, there is still a lot of fun activities in line. This year, there was a celebration going on for our national day right at the land state of fun, Sentosa! During the event, there were activities held at the event such as performance, writing of pledge for Singapore and the must-not-miss Merlion Magic Lights. The Merlion Magic Lights were only available from 14ᵗʰ July to 27ᵗʰ August 2019. Let us take a look at highlights from the event:

Protectors Run (5km)

Do you know that one of the benefits of running is that it helps you to strengthen your muscles? Have you not been running regularly or looking for run events to participate in? Fret not! Here is your chance! There is a ‘REAL’ Run event coming up on 5ᵗʰ October for all runners to participate! 

Not too long ago on 17ᵗʰ August, HometeamNS Khatib HometeamNS organized a run, Protector Run, at Khatib! The running route was 5km long around Khatib, starting from Orto and ending at Orto as well! The purpose of the run is to build the hype for the upcoming run, ‘REAL’ Run that is on 5 October. ‘REAL’ Run route has 2 tracks, 5km and 10km respectively. 

You can sign up at

One of the hits at the Protector Run event would definitely be our Instagram print! Here are some examples of Instagram prints. You can also learn more about Instagram print here:

Drug-Free Carnival

Singapore has always been well-known for its efforts to try to keep the country drug free such as having tight security at our checkpoints and airports. One of their efforts recently would be the Drug-Free Event, organized by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on the 31 August and 1 September, at Tampines! It had been an educational two days to learn about some insights on how drugs influence your body. I am also sure how everyone had enjoyed the games organized by them to learn how to control one from refraining drugs. The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) had also organized some common daily games, such as basketball to represent how we should throw drugs away, just like how we dunk the ball in basketball! Here are some snaps from the event:

There were also some outstanding games organized such as the Escape game which represents scenarios of how people commit drugs and the bumper car ride which represents how you should stay away from drugs. Not only that, but they had also shown us some insights on how their operation looks like each time! There were also some adrenaline-rushing games for everyone to participate that represents the feelings of drug takers.

Did you manage to pass the escape room? 

Have you made your pledge yet?

We hope everyone at these events had enjoyed our services! We definitely look forward to more of such carnivals in Singapore. We would also like to compliment CNB for their brilliant marketing strategy that has attracted so many Singaporeans to the carnival event! By the way, did you know that one of the good marketing strategies would be publicizing a good photo? One of the other ways would be using photo booths to attract more people to your events and they even get to bring a photo back home and keep it for the memory! Here are some examples of instant photo booth photo prints:

When you are organizing a large scale public event, work with a reliable and experienced event management company. Oyez Communications consists of a team of responsible professionals who put their hearts into every event they do. 

Vivid Snaps provides professional services in 3 main categories. Event Photography, Event Videography & Instant Print. Explore the different options for your event on our website or get in touch with us directly via email.

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