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Best Videographers in Singapore

If you are looking for the best videographers you can find to for Event Videography or Video Production, our team is here to help. In this article, we showcase 3 of the Best Videographers in Singapore. We have gathered their thoughts on their profession and the industry. Learn more about what makes a good videographer, the challenges that they may face, and how they overcome them. As well as some tips and tricks on how to perfect one’s craft in Videography. 

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Professional Videographers In Singapore

There are many niches and specialisation to video production and not all videographers can take on every type of project out there. Each videographer has their own strengths, unique vision and style. It can get stressful when trying to find a videographer that can do the job.

However, no matter how tough the project, an experienced videographer will solve your problems for you. Thus, we have gathered some of the best videographers you can find in Singapore for this article. We hope to share insights on this profession and make choosing the perfect videographer for the job easier. 

*Note that our list of videographers is not arranged in any particular order. 

Best Videographers: Their Experiences and Advice 

Rachel Ong, Professional Videographer in Singapore

Rachel Ong, Videographer in Singapore
Stock photo of a video production in Singapore, Rachel Ong from Vivid Snaps

With her Diploma in Film, Sound & Video, Rachel has been in the media industry since 2017. She has taken on various roles such as assistant producer, assistant director, editor and sound recordist. As of now, she has settled in Vivid Snaps as a Professional Videographer and she is also the Video Team Lead.

“I think a good videographer should always be hungry for more knowledge.”

Rachel Ong, 23, Video Team Lead

The videography industry is where technology is constantly improving and tools are getting smarter. She believes it is her responsibility to do her homework so she can stay ahead of the curve and value-add to her clients.

A good videographer also needs to be perceptive and observant. Filming events and productions require one to be aware of their surroundings. Apart from safety hazards, learning to read social cues and problem-solving skills are surprisingly important parts of the job.

Rachel’s Challenges

When the Circuit Breaker measures in 2020 were first introduced, the company had to pivot their services from Event Videography to Live Streaming.

Since Rachel had no experience with the latter, it took a lot of research and practice before she had the confidence to execute her first Live Streaming set-up.

In Video Production, Rachel is sometimes requested to shoot in different styles and formats. It can be daunting when it’s something she has never done before.

However, Rachel always enjoys a challenge. She will put in the time to study, watch tutorials and do test shoots to better prepare herself for the project.

Rachel’s Videography Tips

Don’t Hesitate To Hit The Record Button

During Event Videography, you often only have a small window of time and one chance to capture key moments. It is wiser to start rolling once you get the general composition and fine-tune it after.

This way, you are guaranteed a usable shot. If time permits, you can then experiment with more angles and camera movements.

Edit Your Own Footage

Editing your own footage for a start will give you a really good idea of what kinds of shots you could use more of. This also tells you what works and what doesn’t moving forward.

Melvin Mak, Professional Videographer in Singapore

Melvin Mak, Videographer in Singapore
In-house stock photo of a live streaming production, Melvin Mak from Vivid Snaps

Possessing a Diploma in Media Production and Design, Melvin stepped into the world of Videography through freelancing as a Event Videographer during his later years of polytechnic.

He then had to serve the nation, but his passion for videography never stopped burning. Right after his service, he joined Vivid Snaps LLP full-time to continue his journey as a videographer.

Melvin believes that nowadays, everyone can be a videographer with the help of today’s technology. Today, everyone has phones with fantastic cameras built-in which makes shooting videos easier than ever. We no longer need expensive cameras to produce quality videos.

However, what sets a good videographer apart is their ability to tell stories through their videos.

Good visuals and compositions may be important, but to me, to be able to capture emotions and tell stories to the viewers is what separates them,”

Melvin Mak, 25, Professional Videographer

Melvin’s Challenges

Over the years, Melvin began to find difficulty trying to improve himself as a videographer.

The more client projects he took on, the more he started to find himself ‘stuck’ in a comfort zone where he tends to shoot ‘safely’. This way, he knew for sure clients would accept the final product. However, this stopped him from experimenting different shooting methods to achieve more unique shots, which risks clients being unable to accept the footage produced.

As time dragged on, Melvin realised he is not improving as a videographer. Hence, he started to shoot even more during his free time, honing up his skills. This way, he is confident to show his skills to the clients when needed.

Melvin’s Videography Tips

Don’t Feel Restricted When Filming

Just keep shooting and don’t let the supposed ‘correct’ way of shooting restrict you from really shooting what you want. There is no ‘correct’ way to shoot in Videography.

Find Your Own Unique Style

Instead of watching the same types of videos over and over again, isn’t it better to see something fresh and special? Unique shooting styles are what makes videos fun to watch, and we should all aim to create your own style as Videographers.

Adam Lim, Professional Freelance Videographer in Singapore

Behind the scene photo of videographer at work, Adam Lim from LOPOL Productions

Graduating with a Diploma in Interactive Media, Adam had equipped himself with skills in flash animation as well as web development. However, he soon realised that he had to pick up more skills to thrive in the media industry.  

Originally a producer at Vivid Snaps, He began his videography journey alone, watching video tutorials online to equip himself with soft skills. In his own time, he shot videos on his own to hone his practical techniques.

He also met people who are willing to teach as much as he is willing to learn. As a result, he found opportunities and is now a full-fledged videographer with 5 years of experience in various forms of Video Production

The willingness to do more than expected, and always pushing yourself beyond what is needed is the mark of a good videographer,”

Adam Lim, 30, Professional Videographer.

Adam’s Challenges 

The video industry is a very subjective one. There is not definite right or wrong in work produced. What you may find to be a good piece of work may not be the case for others. 

Adam believes that it is important to be flexible and accept the opinion of others. Strike a good balance between the client’s wants and what you visualise.  

However, as subjective as the industry may be, there is a baseline separating good work from bad ones. It is not good work done if a video does not get the intended message across, no matter how nice the visuals are.  

Adam’s Videography Tips 

Always Be Prepared 

It is important that before a shoot, one does research to be familiarised with what is required of them. This also prepares oneself for what there is to expect from the shoot. 

Stay Open to External Opinions 

Be open to all ideas and feedback. Never believe that what you are doing alone is simply good enough. Taking feedback from others can often help benefit end-product. 

Stay Informed Technologically 

Keep up to date with technology. The technological industry is moving fast in these times, thus be sure to know of what equipment or gadgets are out there that can help produce better work and make tougher jobs possible. 

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