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Photo Booth Space Requirements in Singapore

TLDR; Typical photo booth space requirements:

  • 3m x 3m space for the photo booth
  • 1 table to display props
  • 1 standard power socket.

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How Much Space Do You Actually Need to Set Up an Instant Photo Booth in Singapore?

When you are planning to engage an instant photo booth service for your corporate event or a party, this question will definitely come across your mind.

In general, an instant photo booth consists of the following:

  • A backdrop for guest to stand against when taking photos. We have about 10 different backdrop selections for you to choose from. Our designer will advise a suitable backdrop when designing the customised instant photo print border.
  • A standing machine for photo taking and printing.
Singapore Photo Booth Backdrop

The Backdrop

The backdrop usually comes in the form of a fabric cloth, the method of which it is mounted depends on the instant photo booth company. At Vivid Snaps, we use professional photographic backdrop stands and drape the fabric over it. The backdrop would then be placed against a wall at your event venue.

Different Vendors, Different Photo Booth Setup

The instant photo booth setup can come in very different formats, depending on how the instant photo booth vendor designed it to be. It would usually be arranged like a standing booth with a camera fixed at eye level, connected to a computer and photo printer. The camera or the photo booth will then be placed about 2 meters in front of the backdrop.

To take a nice instant photo booth picture, we need to take into consideration the camera-to-backdrop distance. In order for the backdrop to be completely covered in your camera frame, approximate width of 2 meters (minimum) for the backdrop is required with a camera-to-backdrop distance of about 2 meters.

Depending on the camera-to-backdrop distance, the backdrop width may be adjusted accordingly. A simple rule would be: the further the camera-to-backdrop distance, the wider the width of the backdrop, while all other things remain constant.

Photo Booth Minimum Space

Minimum Space Required for Photo Booth in Singapore

Safely speaking, the bare minimum space a professional photo booth requires is 2.5 by 2.5 meters. This space gives us adequate room to work around with the camera-to-backdrop distance, which would be adjusted according to the needs of your event. We will also need some space for a table to display the fun photo taking props.

Why Do I Need to Know about the Measurements of the Photo Booth in Singapore?

Well, you do not necessarily need to worry when you are at a Vivid Snaps photo booth because our staff are trained to guide you in positioning yourself for the best shot.

However, having a space that is too tight might compromise your guests’ experience at the photo booth. While in some cases, having too much space may not help to achieve the best photo quality or experience too. Our photo booth crew will advise you on the ideal setup after assessing your event nature and venue limitations on your event day.

Instant photo booth measurements vary across different companies and also depends on the location of your event. While some event locations have adequate space for an instant photo booth, some event venues do not have the luxury of space. In this case, a good photo booth vendor will decide the best measurement and layout for the photo booth, with minimal compromise to the photo quality.

We have successfully delivered instant photobooths for event venues, hotel ballrooms, restaurants, bars, clubs, homes, offices & shopping mall atriums. Outdoor venues can be extremely tricky, please discuss with our project coordinators if you are looking to have an outdoor photo booth.

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