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23 Types of Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Corporate Video Production is widely used by companies to communicate with internal & external stakeholders. Corporate and organisational client makes up the majority of our video production portfolio. The corporate video production we undertake for our clients can range from short videos for internal communication, or a grand virtual launch for a wider audience.

The Different Types of Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production covers a wide range of video works, and we endeavour to list some of the works we have produced for our clients to date. This list is non-exhaustive and we will be adding more categories of works in the future. If you are looking for a corporate video production partner, consider getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Awards Nomination Video

Corporate awards nomination video showcases the innovation your company has undertaken, this will also include the positive impact that came as a result. In the above video sample, filming was done at iconic locations around Singapore, and at the client’s site. The host and her voice-overs helped to connect the content of the video and make the video more engaging.

Awards Ceremony Video

Prior to the COVID outbreak, most employee appreciation and employee awards take the form of a physical event. With restriction on large gatherings, corporate awards ceremony now take the form of a virtual event, hybrid event or live streamed onto social media. This sample of a pre-recorded awards ceremony video, was pre-recorded and produced prior to the event.

The video production took place within the Changi Airport premises, Changi Jewels and few other locations around Singapore. Some feature videos within this production were existing content that are juxtaposed with freshly filmed footage.

You will also notice long speeches by the hosts and management team, these are helped by using a teleprompter. Allowing the presenter to speak fluently and looking into the camera lens at the same time.

This project was done in conjunction with our creative agency client.

Awards Congratulatory Video

Awards ceremony would not be complete without a speech from the Guest of Honour. An awards congratulatory video is usually premiere at the awards ceremony and thereafter uploaded to the organisation’s social media pages.

Like any long speeches, a teleprompter should be necessary to facilitate the smooth delivery by the presenter. For similar video production, a beamsplitter glass, camera mounted teleprompter is the most ideal. The teleprompter is usually operated by a teleprompter operator. The script should also be provided at least 1 day before the filming production, allowing the teleprompter to prepare and format the script accordingly.

CEO Speech Video

CEO Speech Filming Video Production Screenshot
Screenshot of a CEO Speech Video

Communication & corporate speech videos are commonly used internally for communicating latest updates of the organisation. A typical speech filming like this involves our video production team at your office location. This can be the management’s own office, a conference room or for a more casual setting – the office’s pantry.

In some cases when a green screen filming is required, the filming can be done at our studio. A full-body green screen filming production can be used to project a life-sized presenter at a virtual, hybrid or physical event. This is sometimes referred to as holographic projection.

Chinese New Year Greeting Video

Corporate CNY Greeting Video

If you have grown up watching Mediacorp channels, chances are you have seen a handful CNY greeting videos featuring popular local artists. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can also send a well-produced and high quality CNY greeting video to your teams and clients?

In the above sample, the footage were shot on green screen and with stock and customised graphics added in post-production. Resulting in a CNY greeting video that brings a smile to the faces of your viewers.

Christmas Greeting Video

Charity Christmas Greeting Video

The above sample is a pro-bono video work created in conjunction with The Salvation Army during the circuit breaker period in Singapore. To accommodate social distancing guidelines and keeping the video engaging, our video production crew setup a green screen at our client’s venue.

Community & Testimonial Video

Community Testimonial Video

For bonding of community, video short stories like this example tell stories of everyday heroes in the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Video

Corporate CSR Event Video

CSR activities are now an integral part of businesses and organisation. In this CSR event video highlight we filmed, our videographers and photographers followed the client’s team around Gardens by the Bay to document the meaningful event.

Event Video Highlight

Corporate Event Video Highlight

One of our core expertise, event video production and event video highlight, both provides a record of your event for corporate reporting and make for great marketing content.

A typical event video production involves 1 to 3 video crew members. A simple recording may call for just a videographer and general roving footage. While a more complex filming may call for a camera operator, sound man and producer. For recording of interview and keeping track of the shot list.

In the above example, our videographer taps the audio output from location’s audio mixer. And using the original audio as the voice over to tie together the video snippets. Dynamic motion shots are achieved using mirrorless camera on a gimbal.

Event Video Live Feed

Live Feed Videographer Singapore
A short GIF of a static live feed video footage at a Dinner & Dance, prior to COVID.

Event video live feed, are also know as IMAG, image magnification. Your live feed event videographer will work with the AV vendor to feed visual from the camera to the vision mixer, then projected onto your venue projector screens and LED walls.

Helpful at large scale events with over 500 attendees, the live feed video helps guests who sit further away from the stage to keep up with the stage activities.

Live feed also helps to make an event look more grand, by showing clear visuals on the large projector screens.

When engaging a live feed videographer, you should clarify if the videographer or the AV team will be providing the cable laying. Would the cable be laid on the floor or in some cases, cables need to be ran above door frames to avoid tripping. Complex cable laying will affect the cost, which range from $150 to $450 for length of 50m.

Roving live feed is also a popular options at larger scale events and carnivals. We will usually achieve this by using HD wireless video transmitter. While the transmitters are usually rate at higher range, suffice to it usually most stable within 100m range.

Green Screen Video

Minister Josephine Teo giving a speech in front of a virtual background
Screenshot of a Green Screen Speech Recording

Using a green screen for your video is one of the most cost effective filming methods. That’s because the green screen background allows you to replace it with a custom branded graphic or transform your location. Repositioning of your subjects is also possible during post-production.

Hybrid Video Filming

Remote Video Production Singapore
Screenshot of Remote & Hybrid Video Filming

The hybrid filming is most often seen on news, when they interview a party located remotely. However, with travel restriction still actively in place, hybrid video filming has become a common scene.

Filmed at our green screen studio, this screen shot shows a presenter located at a green screen studio with a virtual background. And the other party located overseas. This is a pre-recorded video interview that was later purposed for a hybrid event live streaming.

Interview Video Production

Corporate Interview Video

Most corporate videos are communication tools, and using an interview style to communicate your messages can come across as being more genuine. Instead of reading from a pre-defined script, the subject can rephrase the messages in his or her own style. This interview video sample uses a 3-camera production, and was setup at our client’s office.

Minister Speech Video

Minister Sim Ann looking into the camera while giving her speech.
Screenshot of a Minister Speech Video

Our video production crew films and edit corporate speech videos. Using a camera mounted, beamsplitter glass teleprompter, the speaker can look right into the camera when reading a script. As such, allowing the presenter to establish constant eye contact with the viewer.

Music Video Production

School Music Video Production

Music video productions are one of the less common types of videos we create for our clients. In the past year, we have the privilege of filming some music videos for education institutions. Featuring students and alumni of the school.

Office Walk-through & Office Tour

Office walk-through videos are used for a few purposes. In the above example, the office walk-through video showcases the new office space. When coupled with a host, voice-over, or involving other team members. Your office video can be purposed as a recruitment video, introducing talents to your work culture.

Office walk-through videos can also be used for introducing your team to a new workspace, using text overlays or voice over to explain the new amenities. For instance, we have helped a corporate client to produce a video explaining the new hot-desk workplace, where the staffs were previously from a traditional office.

Our team can also produce a time-lapse video to document the renovation of your office or construction of your building.

Pre-recorded Webinar

Webinar Video Production & Webcast
Screenshot of a Pre-recorded Corporate Training Video

Pre-recorded webinar can be filmed at our green screen studio or at your office. And in this example above, you will see a remote overseas speaker engaging with presenters in a green screen studio. An advantage of having a recorded webinar is the ability to replay the content in multiple live webinar sessions. Saving the effort required to repeat similar content.

Pre-recorded Virtual Webinar Live Streaming
Screenshot of a Pre-recorded Webinar

Many webinars are also filmed and edited as corporate training videos. After the live webinar sessions have ended, the same videos can be uploaded in the company Intranet for on-demand viewing.

Webinars are also increasingly becoming the de-facto alternative to a physical seminar. In the past 2 years, we helped our clients to run virtual and hybrid events on platforms like Zoom Webinar, MS Team and MS Stream.

Product Feature Video

Product videos are not limited to advertising and promotion. Product videos we have delivered for our clients includes troubleshooting and maintenance procedures. These content allow users to understand your products and keeping your productions in good condition. These can also be used in technician training or customer service on-boarding.

Remote Video Filming

Remote Event Live Streaming Production Singapore

We use remote video production or remote filming to record video footage of overseas speakers. Thus, producing video contents such as congratulatory speeches, interviews, Q&A and even sing-a-long music videos. Our coordinator or director will usually be present to help your subject position themselves well and ensure that their connection is optimal for the remote filming.

Shopping Mall Video Production

Starting the video with a shopping mall time-lapse, this video celebrates the first anniversary of the shopping mall.

Sing-a-long Music Video Production

A corporate sing-a-long video is a fun way to celebrate milestones of your company and teams. An excellent way to involve the different members of your team, and create a video they can call their own. And making the video more meaningful, our clients have layered congratulatory speeches within the sing-a-long music video.

Time-lapse Video Production

What seems like mere seconds of footage, time-lapse are painstaking filmed across days, weeks or sometimes years for construction projects. While this sample shows an event setup, time-lapse can be used for many different filming projects, sunset scene of a commercial building and painting of a wall mural.

Virtual Event & Live Streaming

Live Streaming in a Studio Singapore

Live streaming services is a part of our suite of media solutions, allowing us to provide a one-stop solution for small to medium scale virtual event productions. In most of the virtual events that we run, we help our clients to combine pre-recorded content with live segments for an engaging event.

Our clients have often seek our advise on virtual event platforms.

Green Screen Studio for Corporate Video

We have an in-house studio that is reserved exclusively for our clients only, no external rentals. This allows us to provide high availability to you. Thereby reducing the stress in coordinating between different schedule of the crew and an external studio.

Our green screen studio is suitable for corporate filming of up to 2 on-screen talent at a time. To explore more studio rental options, you can read our article on Video Production Studio Rental in Singapore.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Company Group Photo Singapore
Corporate Group Photo of Vivid Snaps Team

Our video production team constantly seeks to improve ourselves and to meet new demands in the ever-changing media landscape. We believe you do not expect any less of us. If you have an upcoming projects, connect with our Project Coordinators and Project Managers, we can provide a quotation for your consideration.

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