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Shopping Mall Time-lapse Video Production

When we mention time-lapse videography, you may think of a traditional time-lapse video of sunsets or a shooting star. However, time-lapse videos can also be used as part of your corporate shopping mall video production. With a shopping time-lapse video, you can capture the best of your shopping mall’s interior and exterior facade in less than 5 minutes.

In this article, we share more about how you can film a shopping mall time-lapse video for your shopping mall marketing purposes. 

What is a Time-lapse Video?

In essence, time-lapses are a collection of individual photographs across a set interval which has been sped up to form the final video. To achieve this, the videographer has to film for long hours with their camera set at a slower frame rate than the frame rate of the final video. 

In many film productions, time-lapses are used to showcase the passage of time or to beautify the scenic location. They can also reveal more details about a particular character since viewers are presented with a close-up of the subject over a long period of time. 

How to Use Time-lapse Videos for Shopping Mall Marketing

Time-lapse videos are an extremely versatile marketing tool that can be used for various purposes. Here are some ways that you can incorporate a time-lapse into your marketing campaign: 

1. Film a building construction time-lapse

Construction time-lapses are one of the most common types of corporate time-lapse videos as they are the most appealing to the viewers. Many viewers enjoy watching time-lapse of the building construction process.

You can also consider using your building construction time-lapse video as part of your pre-launch publicity strategy, gathering excitement around the opening date of your shopping mall. 


Video by CapitaLand.

This building construction time-lapse video was released ahead of Funan’s opening in 2019. With the shopping mall already 70% complete at the time of video release, this video was part of Capitaland’s marketing strategy to generate publicity and media attention for Funan mall.

2. Film an installation piece time-lapse

Installation pieces like Christmas trees and festive lights are not easy to build, so why let it go to waste? An installation piece time-lapse video can either used to attract new viewers or to recap the event.

ION Orchard

Video by ION Orchard.

Made up of 250 pinwheels, ION Orchard’s Magical Pinwheel Tree is truly a Christmas decoration to behold. This time-lapse video captured the construction of the Christmas tree from ground up, featuring the installation of the 250 pinwheels which had to be manually attached onto the tree.

We noticed that this video included lower-thirds, which are text animations, to provide viewers with more context from the Christmas Tree light-up event. If required, we have an in-house graphic designer that is able to design unique lower-thirds and other forms of motion graphics to suit your video needs.

Raffles City

Video by Raffles City Singapore.

For Christmas 2020, Raffles City partnered with Swarovski to hold a virtual Christmas tree light up event in commemoration of the crystal brand’s 125th-anniversary celebrations. The construction time-lapse of the Christmas tree was included as a part of the event highlight video.

3. Film a time-lapse of your shopping mall facade

Building facade time-lapses are perhaps one of the most popular types of shopping mall time-lapse videos. 

For exterior facade time-lapses, we recommend filming a time-lapse of your shopping mall from day to night to capture the beauty of the building throughout the day. You can also consider filming the shopping mall exterior to showcase the large influx of shoppers during the peak hours. 


Video by Vivid Snaps.

What better way to celebrate your shopping mall’s anniversary than to produce a corporate anniversary video highlighting the best shops and experiences that the mall can offer?

For this corporate shopping mall video, we filmed a day-to-night time-lapse video of PLQ’s exterior for a beautiful establishing shot to highlight the mall’s vibrancy and charm.

In order to achieve the best results, our team of videographers filmed the time-lapse segment for 2 hours over 2 days. This allowed us to capture the sunrise and sunset golden hours which highlighted the best of the PLQ facade.

We are proud to have been the selected video production company for Paya Lebar Quarter’s 1-year anniversary video. 

Capitol Singapore

Video by Capitol Singapore.

Similar to the video by PLQ mall, Capitol Singapore’s corporate holiday video incorporated a time-lapse of their shopping mall exterior as the establishing shots. We liked that this entire holiday video was able to capture the essence of the shopping mall’s holiday celebratory event in less than a minute. 

When shooting a promotional or event highlight video, we recommend that you keep your videos to less than 3 minutes long. This is to ensure that your video is able to engage with your viewers before they lose focus and click away from the video.

Shopping Mall Nighttime Light Up Photography

If your shopping mall is having a nighttime light-up event, consider engaging a professional corporate photographer to bring out the best in your building light up. Nighttime architecture photography is an artistic craft that can only be executed by an experienced photographer who has the trained eye for it. 

We recently shared about our building nighttime photography experience in a previous article.

Engage a Professional Time-Lapse Videographer Today

At Vivid Snaps, shopping mall time-lapse videography is just one of the many corporate shopping mall videos that we have produced for our clients. Our team of dedicated videographers have worked with a diverse range of clients across different industries to offer time-lapse videography services for their business needs.

If you would like to engage a professional time-lapse videographer, drop our project coordinators a message today via the message box at the side of the page and we will get back to you.

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