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Pro-bono Video Production Singapore 2020

It has been almost 2 months since Singapore started the circuit breaker to combat the spread of COVID-19. Our government has offered many support schemes to cushion the impact for businesses and Singaporeans alike.

While our sales have been severely impacted, we are still very thankful to a handful of clients who can afford to support our services during this period. Looking at our situation positively, we have survived thus far, and we see this as a blessing.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have

Hebrews 13:16

In the spirit of sharing, we will volunteer our expertise for the good of our community. Our team can render our expertise in 4 areas:

  • Live Streaming & Live Webcasting
  • Remote Video Production
  • Video Production
  • Photography

Pro-bono Photo & Video Production For Non-profit & Charitable Organisations

Our goal is to directly or indirectly support the needy or the underserved in our community. We have designed 4 packages with non-profit and charitable organisations in mind. Nonetheless, this pro-bono offer is open to other good causes as well.

We may be limited by our imagination at this time, we imagine our services to provide support in outreach initiatives, fund raising programmes or raising awareness for good causes.

While we endeavour to benefit as many causes as we can, our resources are limited. We hope to seek your understanding if we are not able to engage in your project.

At this time, we are committed to engage in projects within the months of June & July 2020. We may extend this after reviewing the response from the projects we deliver in the 2 months.

Live Streaming & Live Webcasting

Professional Video Live Stream Singapore

Every year, many non-profit and charitable organisation organise public events to raise aware and raise funds for their causes.

The COVID-19 situation essentially forbid any form of events. Large scale gatherings increase the risk of spreading the virus and are likely the last activity to re-open.

We have seen many events being transformed into digital experience through the means of live streaming on social media or specialised webcasting platform.

Our video live streaming service can execute live streaming projects from small to mid-scale. Involving local and remote production. We stream to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other proprietary platforms.

If you organisation is looking for a live streaming solution to your event, get in touch with us to request for our pro-bono live streaming package.

Remote Video Production

Remote Video Production Company Singapore

Traditionally, our video production team works with organisations to create social media outreach videos, and PR videos to engage the public.

Physical meeting and physical production is not possible during the circuit breaker period. Even as we re-open our economy beginning from June, safe distancing measures will have to be observed strictly.

Circuit Breaker Video Production

During the beginning of the circuit breaker period, our team has worked tirelessly to devise new solutions to serve our clients who are working remotely.

Our remote video production allow remote filming to be done remotely. And this is not a record-and-send type of arrangement. Whereas, our videographer and director will be remotely present with your interview subjects to direct the shoot.

The filming is followed by a post-production process not much different from a standard video production. The result is a professional video for your organisation.

Video Production

Commercial Video Production Singapore

Communicating with the public, donors and beneficiaries is even more important in times of change and uncertainty.

Our video production team can help you with various types of videos:

  • Organisation profile video
  • Communication video
  • Fund raising video
  • Story video
  • Documentary
  • Support scheme video
  • Raise awareness video
  • Beneficiary testimonial video

In the period as we are transition to re-opening of our economy, our video production crew will be kept to the smallest group size possible. In order to comply with safe workplace procedures.


Our photographers can provide support for your organisation, some common requirements:

If you have a requirement different from what we have stated above, get in touch with us to discuss further.

Pro-bono Photography & Videography Packages

Please request package details from our project coordinators.

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