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Video Filming with Teleprompter in Singapore

Teleprompters are an essential equipment for speech and interview videos, where the subject needs to establish eye contact with the audience. With a teleprompter, your hosts will be able to deliver the speech more fluently and confidently, which instantly makes the video seem professional and engaging.

Read on to find out more about how a teleprompter can benefit your speech and interview video production.

What is a Teleprompter?

A teleprompter is a display device that is placed directly under a camera.

The teleprompter comes with a monitor and a reflective glass known as a beam splitter glass. The monitor, which is placed directly under the camera lens, displays the script while the glass, which is placed in front of the video camera, reflects the script to the host. This allows your host to read off the script while looking directly into the camera.

Teleprompters are commonly used by news anchors and tv show hosts filming in a studio setting. There would be a dedicated person to adjust the text format and scrolling speed according to the speaker’s natural speaking pace. Today, teleprompters are also being used for commercial video productions that may not be done in a studio setting.

Not all corporate video filming will require the use of a teleprompter. A teleprompter is only crucial whenever your hosts need to read off a large portion of text. Teleprompters are commonly used for filming corporate interview videos, corporate speech videos and CEO announcement videos.

This is one of the many speech videos where we provided a teleprompter for our clients to ensure a smooth speech delivery. Many seasoned professional presenters are familiar with using a teleprompter for their speeches as it helps to deliver a speech smoothly.

Importance Of Using a Teleprompter

A teleprompter used by our video filming crew

The main benefits of having a teleprompter include:

Your host can look directly into the camera

Our professional teleprompters are mounted directly underneath the camera. This allows your hosts to easily read off the script while looking into the camera lens. This gives off the impression that the speaker has memorised their script while creating direct eye-contact with the viewer, which creates rapport and keeps the viewers engaged in the video.

Your host can deliver their speech more fluently

In a live speech delivery, even the most seasoned professional will have a set of cue cards in their hands when delivering their speech. When filming a speech, a proper teleprompter serves as a professional cue for the host to follow. They can deliver the speech much more naturally and eloquently with the script in front of them.

Teleprompters save filming time

Having a teleprompter reduces the chances of your host having a bad take, hence saving the time needed to re-film this portion of the video. The teleprompter also ensures that your host stays on topic, especially if they are delivering their speech or hosting a show during a live stream. This makes the video production workflow more efficient, allowing for more time to film other segments of the video if needed.

For most of our video filming engagements, we have a dedicated teleprompter assistant who will be there to guide your host with their speech delivery. We are also able to adjust the font size and scrolling speech to match their natural speaking pace.

Things to Take Note When Using a Teleprompter

Commercial Videography Singapore
Vivid Snaps production crew at work

Get your speaker to practice their script

Even with a teleprompter, your speaker should still rehearse their speech. Reading off a teleprompter can help the presenter by not having to memorise their speech word for word, but they should still familiarize and understand the content so to speak naturally with the right emotions.

Save your speaker’s script in a compatible format

Most teleprompter applications support imported documents saved in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Plain Text (.txt)

By saving your presenter’s script in these formats, it would make formatting the script into the teleprompter application much more straightforward and time saving.

Saving your document in PDF format is not recommended. In the event you want to add in additional pointers or restructure certain sentences in your script, having your document saved in PDF format would cause a great deal of inconvenience for you and your speaker.

Format your speaker’s script with segment names

It would save time and be much easier for your speaker to read if you compartmentalise each segment with titles. You should also denote these segments in capital letters. By doing so, your speaker will be able to prepare themselves for the next segment in their speech. You can also arrange for breaks between each segment or where pauses are required.

You are able to adjust the scroll speed to your speaker’s comfortability

The speed of a teleprompter can be controlled by either a dedicated teleprompter operator or the presenter themselves. If your presenter is not familiar with using a teleprompter, our team will be there to guide them with their speech delivery. It is important that your presenter and the operator rehearse together so they both are familiar with your presenter’s delivery pace. The operator should be following your presenter’s pace, not the other way around.

Most teleprompter softwares allow for customization. We can adjust the text format and scrolling speed to match your presenter’s natural speaking pace. It is important to set it up to promote the easiest reading for the presenter. It is recommended to stick to white text against a black background.

Suitable for 1 or 2 speakers

Most on-location videographers use portable teleprompters that are about 12 inches in size for productions. This will accommodate for one speaker or at times two speakers standing close enough together.

Larger teleprompters that are suitable for more speakers are usually only found at broadcast studios.

Using a large teleprompter

Eye movement when using a large teleprompter screen

The bigger the better right? Not necessary so, indeed a large prompter helps to make sure that text are clearly seen, it can also mean that the iris of the subject could be moving from left to right. It is really subtle and most audience would not catch it. Take a look at the above keynote video, you can see the subtle iris movement when the subject is reading a new line.

Teleprompter Filming in Singapore

Professional Video Filming with Teleprompter Operator Singapore
A professional filming session with teleprompter & operator

If you are looking to produce a professional speech video for your corporate needs, you would want to have the best production quality possible. Requesting for a teleprompter when you are filming a corporate speech video ensures that your production quality is not compromised. 

Filming with a teleprompter is well worth the additional cost when you factor in the better quality of speech and the time saved during the actual production. You also give off a stronger sense of professionalism when working with high profile subjects like ministers and celebrities who may expect to have a teleprompter ready for their use when shooting their video.

Teleprompter & Confidence Monitor For Live Streaming

Teleprompter for Live Streaming Video Production Singapore 2021
Using TV-type teleprompter for a live streaming in an auditorium

Teleprompter are also used in live streaming productions, and very often a confidence monitor is also used to display other relevant information.

Filming Studio Available For Use with Teleprompter Filming

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Green screen studio suitable for speech filming

If you need a studio space for filming your speech video, we have a studio located at Kallang Place. This studio is reserved exclusively for our clients only, allowing us to provide high availability to you. This has been used for management speech video filming and live streaming.

Professional Teleprompter Video Production Crew in Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of our video production team

Vivid Snaps is an experienced media production company offering media solutions for your corporate clients. We have an in-house professional video production crew offering corporate video production, catering the demands of our clients.

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