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GeBiz Zoom Webinar in Singapore

Vivid Snaps LLP is a registered photography & videography vendor in GeBiz and we can process e-invoice payments via Vendors@Gov. We have worked with many public organisations such as Peoples’ Association, Ministry of Communication and Information, MINDEF and more. 

GeBiz Photo/Video Vendor Information:

Vendor ID: T12LL0042K
Company Name: Vivid Snaps LLP

Webinars, which derives from ‘web’ and ‘seminar’, is an online event that has been on the rise due to COVID19 restrictions. Although webinars are similar to online meetings, they can also be used as a form of marketing. Companies have been shifting their meetings and events online through a few platforms, especially Zoom.

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Why use Zoom?

Zoom has been an internationally recognized platform to host virtual meetings, webinars, or even conferences. It has also been deemed by many as the best, most cost-effective webinar platform.

With its growing popularity and demand, here are some frequently asked questions and reasons why you should use Zoom to host your webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many panelists are allowed?

Zoom allows up to 100 live video panelists, they can use virtual backgrounds and also interact with the audience. Engage up to 50,000 attendees.

  • Can I take a group photo of the panelists on Zoom?

Yes! You can take a group photo of just the panelists (attendees won’t show up on the screen) by doing a screenshot on your computer or laptop. A virtual background design is encouraged if you want everyone to look uniform.

  • Am I able to share slides or videos during the webinar?

Slides or videos can be shown during the event, and it can either be controlled by the host or the panelist, whoever is presenting it.

  • Would I get a recording of the event?

The recording option is available to the host and panelist, it is only open to the attendees if the host allows it.

  • How can I check the number of attendees for my webinar?

Post-event reports will be provided by Zoom, stating information such as the number of attendees, how long they stayed for the event, and other information as well.

Taking Virtual Group Photo in Zoom

As mentioned previously, it is possible to take a group photo on Zoom. Virtual backgrounds can be used to add some fun elements or to keep consistency in the photo by ensuring the same background picture.

Our Labour Movement, Together in Solidarity.

Posted by Ng Chee Meng 黄志明 on Friday, 7 August 2020
Credit : Ng Chee Meng’s Facebook Page

Professional Zoom webinar live stream service

Webinars are a great way to keep in touch with your audience during this tough period. If you are looking to host a webinar in Singapore, you may consult professional webinar service providers and enquire about the different platforms they support. 

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A few of the platforms that we support here at Vivid Snaps are Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Cisco WebEx. For corporate webinar or live streaming enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our project coordinators for more information.

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