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Videographer In The Covid-19 World

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many issues and affected livelihoods. People are required to distance themselves from others and stay home to curb the infectious disease from spreading. This brings inconveniences to jobs that require human interactions and being outdoors, one of which is the job of a videographer. 

Being a videographer is a hands-on and onsite profession, being on-location and in studio is where they excel. But when this outdoor experience is taken away, videographers could feel alienated.  

Today, let us explore what it means to be a videographer, as well as what they can be doing in this time of crisis. 

What Video Companies Are Doing

It is important that companies are flexible, able to adapt and pivot to meet the needs created by the pandemic. 

The truth is, video is now more important than ever. Video is perhaps one of the best ways we can connect people emotionally, in a time where face-to-face interactions are prohibited. 

This is why video production companies cannot stop now and should not stop now. It is crucial to leverage on online platforms that are available. With such platforms they can create more content that connects them with their audiences. 

Screenshot taken from the Centre for Liveable Cities Facebook page.

One such platform is Zoom, where you can hold live streaming events and webinars virtually. Read our previous article for tips on hosting a professional zoom webinar where we also analyse Zoom to see whether it is a good platform for live video productions. 

For businesses, it is an opportunity for them to show how much they care about their clients and communities. What better way is there to convey this message than through video? 

An interesting point in one of IMPACT’s article states, “People are going to be much more forgiving and understanding when it comes to the quality of what you’re putting out because everyone’s at home.” 

While we create content on platforms such as Zoom, the quality produced is bound to be of lower quality. But this shows the audience that they are not alone. Everyone is in the same boat amidst this world-wide pandemic. 

This is why at Vivid Snaps, we have pivoted our focus towards live streaming and remote filming projects. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to engage in our services via the message box at the side of the page and we will get back to you. 

What Jobs Prevail In The Pandemic 

In this pandemic, there are industries that surprisingly thrive even with all the safe distancing measures and stay-home practices. This is because these industries do not get affected by such measures. In fact, they encourage otherwise. 

The e-commerce industry is an example of an industry that thrive. This is because technology and digitalisation brings more customers online, where the industry operates. 

Now that people are often working from home and staying home, they need access to all their needs online. This is where e-commerce comes in. Online shopping has now become a norm for most people trying to get their daily necessities.

Digital marketing also benefitting from this. As people are on mobile devices more often, be it for work or for entertainment, businesses can slip in advertisements to widen their reach and increase impressions. 

Seeing that such industries are thriving, video production companies can make use of these opportunities to support them and gain business as well. 

Screenshot taken from Lexus Advertisement

A key part of digital marketing is video advertisements, and that is where video production companies can help. Hence, it is important that video production companies market themselves well, and showcase their capabilities within the market. 

In terms of e-commerce, video production companies have a part to play as well. We have an article where we go in-depth on e-commerce live streams. We explore how these live streams can help businesses sell their products and gain a wider audience efficiently.  

This is why at Vivid Snaps, we have also pivoted and provide professional live streaming services for our clients. As such, we have taken on a number of e-commerce live streaming projects ever since the pandemic.  

A Videographer’s Job Pre- & Post-Pandemic  

As above mentioned, a videographer’s job is to be on-location and shoot videos with a team or crew of other production professionals.  

A videographer’s job is to merely record videos, but a good videographer tells stories and convey messages through the clips they shoot, and to do it in a compelling and fun way.

The environment in which the videographer shoots in is equally important. It affects the framing and composition of every shot taken, and a different composition can deliver a different message or feeling. 

This is why it is so important for videographers to be on set; so that they have full control over what is being filmed and produced. 

However, that is where things change due to the pandemic. A videographer and their crew can no longer freely gather outdoors for shoots. This is where they need to adapt and learn. 

Post-pandemic, videographers need to do research and educate themselves on video production projects that can still go on. These include live streaming video productions and remote filming productions. 

Videographers need to be flexible and follow wherever this situation takes them. Make the best out of the situation, learn new skills that can prove useful even after the pandemic ends. Acquaint themselves with live streaming equipment and software, and always be prepared for change. 

Videographers Working From Home 

Although restrictions are tight right now, a smaller number of people can still participate in shoots within a studio space. However, let us imagine that a videographer is given a Stay Home Notice (SHN) by the government. 

This means that said person can only stay within they residence for a period of approximately 2 weeks. Within these two weeks, how can they stay relevant as a videographer? 

We’ve identified a few ways that a videographer can continue to stay relevant even at home.

Remote Video Production

Even though a videographer may be stuck at home, it does not mean that there jobs available.

Screenshot from AIA Remote Filming Video

As mentioned, Remote Video Production is one of these videography jobs that can be done from the comfort of your homes.

You simply need to educate yourself on the platforms and softwares available for remote filming, and practice using them to record videos remotely.

Now that everyone is at home, remote filming will be a popular choice amongst companies trying to produce videos that they would have filmed on location. So, put your skills out there.

Start A Podcast 

Start a podcast with other videographers in the same situation. The podcast can be in a video format, and the discussion can be anything related to videography.  

Screenshot from Ep18 of The Matti & Pete Show

You can discuss about experiences as a videographer and where it has brought you, exchange video tips and tricks with one another and even review videos online together.  

Learning from one another ensures that you keep yourself, and the viewers of the podcast educated during these trying times. 

Attend Online Classes 

Screenshot of Vimeo Video School

No one is ever too old or too experienced to keep learning. Go onto websites such as Skillshare or Vimeo Video School to take on some courses or attend lessons on videography. 

If the classes teach content you already know of; take it as a revision class. If these classes teach you things that you’ve never heard of; even better, you get to learn something new. 

YouTube contains a lot of videos that can teach you a thing or two about videography. So don’t hesitate to give it a try. 

Shoot A Short Film At Home 

Although it may seem odd, but it is one of the ways to keep honing your videography skills while at home. Get your family members to be your subjects or actors, and just take videos.  

Get your hands busy, and film everything you can find at home. Places that you tend to not pay extra attention to tend to always surprise you with the most unique subject matter.  

Piecing together these clips you have and trying to create a story out of them can help with your imaginative and scripting skills as well. 

Videographers Switching Careers 

In a research article by lensrentals, they sent out a survey which garnered over 1,000 responses from professional videographers and photographers back in April 2020.  

93.5% of videographers agreed to the fact that the pandemic has affected their income. A good 20.3% of videographers are considering leaving the industry. 

Although this statistic is regarding videographers in the United States, it can translate to how videographers in Singapore may be feeling. 

In terms of switching careers, we do not exactly know what careers videographers set their sights on as every individual has different interests. They may simply go from full-time to freelancing, opening up more job opportunities. 

However, they should stay within the media industry where their current skillsets can aid them, such as the digital marketing sector. 

Although, we do not see this switching of profession being permanent, as the pandemic will not last forever and a time will come where the video industry gets better again. 

The Value Of A Videographer 

The topic of the value of a videographer can be slightly abstract at times, but Summer Elizabeth, a wedding photographer, wrote a blog post on the importance of a videographer in comparison to a photographer. 

“With video, you can hear the memories: the breeze, the voices and laughs of your loved ones, the movement of real life, etc. That’s how it’s different, and that’s how it’s just as special.” 

Summer Elizabeth, American Wedding Photographer
Screenshot of Wedding Ceremony Highlight by Vivid Snaps

A good videographer aims to capture moments in time, and create memories, while also being able to re-tell these moments into stories that can connect emotionally with people. 

“What sets apart a good videographer is the ability to tell stories through their videos,” says Melvin Mak, Full-time Videographer at Vivid Snaps.

“Good visuals and compositions may be important. But to me, to be able to capture emotions and tell stories to the viewers is what separates them.”

Melvin Mak, Videographer at Vivid Snaps.

Especially in these times, people depend on videographers to push on and continue to share what they see from all around the world to all around the world.

This is why at Vivid Snaps, we will strive to continue and provide the best video production and live streaming services possible. Get in touch with us via the message box at the side of the page to enquire about our videography services and we will get back to you.

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