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Are you planning a Webinar in Singapore for your organisation? If you are looking for a professional live streaming service provider, get in touch with our Project Managers to start discussing your requirements now.

If you are running a Webinar in Singapore for the first time, read on as we share important insights that will make you look like a Pro when proposing ideas to your management.

Physical vs. Fully Virtual Webinar

Webinar with physical and virtual presenter
Webinar live streaming physical and virtual presenter

Are all your webinar presenters located in Singapore? If so, you should seriously consider having the presenters to host the show physically. In that way, our Professional Live Streaming Crew can setup professional video camera with camera operators. No webcam and your presenters do not need to deal with technical issues.

If your presenters are located out of Singapore, you have to consider a virtual or hybrid webinar. If cost is a primary concern, you should settle for a virtual webinar. We can run the virtual webinar from your office or from our office. Our team have also conducted fully virtual webinars with clients logging in from home.

For hybrid webinar, you will likely require a venue like a live streaming studio, hotel function room or a corporate conference room. AV setup will also be necessary along with multiple technical intricacies to consider, on our end and at the remote presenters end. These logistics will add to your webinar production cost.

TL;DR: Physical & hybrid webinar yield the best quality, but a fully virtual webinar is lowest cost.

Choosing A Platform For Hosting Your Webinar

Minister Josephine Teo giving a speech in front of a virtual background
Minister video production, green screen filming & editing.

This subject requires an article itself, you can read the possible options on our other article: 7 Virtual Event Platforms in Singapore

To touch on this subject quickly, most of our clients who are cost conscious will choose Zoom Webinar platform for their Singapore webinar live streaming. However, a major draw back of hosting your webinar on Zoom is the inconsistent video playback quality. As well as low resolution when displaying your slides on picture-in-picture mode. This may be a bit technical.

If you want a webinar platform with local support, try looking at Micepad and Envale. Every platform has their distinct set of benefits, for further information, you may contact our Project Managers for clarification. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the platform operators.

You can engage and work with the platform’s team directly. And our live streaming team can integrate perfectly with almost all webinar platforms.

TL;DR: Zoom Webinar is extreme cost effective, while there are other platforms with local support.

Hiring A Professional Live Streaming Crew

Photo of our crew preparing for a hotel hybrid event webinar live streaming

We can imagine that running a professional Webinar in Singapore is very new to you and many of our corporate clients. Hence, consider hiring a live streaming crew and leveraging on their experience and expertise for your webinar.

A professional live streaming crew usually comes from 3 types of professional backgrounds. Video Production, AV Professionals and Event Management Companies.

Our team’s strength is in Video Production, hence you will notice our video quality, lighting and designs to be our strong points. While we work with external AV crew if you require live bands or sophisticated audio visual setup.

Event management companies will be really well-versed in assisting you in your webinar programming, pre-event preparations and communicating with stakeholders.

Hence, you should select your live streaming partner with this in mind. If your planning committee are familiar with running physical events, you may only require a live streaming technical vendor to assist you in execution of the show. Nonetheless, if you need an events team to assist with administration of your event, look for an events management company.

We work with clients directly, with events management companies and creative agencies.

Hiring A Remote Live Streaming Crew

The Vivid Snaps team posing for the camera for a group photo
Live streaming production crew

It is crazy how much we can do remotely, without any physical meeting. Our team have completed multiple Webinars in Singapore without any physical meeting with our clients or the presenters.

We have also worked with clients on the other side of the Earth and executed a Hotel Hybrid Conference Event on their behalf . Involving local presenters, limited size physical audience and presenters around the world.

We are excited to explore the possibilities with you, once again, drop us a note to discuss your webinar, schedule a call or a video conference.

Using Professional Video Camera & Videographer

A multi-camera setup for virtual webinar at client’s location

The professional equipment plays a big part in differentiating your webinar for the amateur ones. We always recommend to gather the host and presenters physically, allowing our crew to use professional camera and equipment to run your webinar. Safe distancing must be observe and we must comply with local laws of course.

While presenters will still have to deal with the stress of speaking into a camera (instead of a physical audience), at least they do not have to worry about technical issues arising from their own laptop and webcam.

Professional Vision Mixing Software

Professional Live Streaming Videographer
Photo of our crew working with vision mixing software at a hotel hybrid event

The other part that sets your webinar apart is the use of our professional mixing software, increasing the quality of your webinar multiple folds as compared to a plain video conference.

Using a professional vision mixing software, and sometimes dedicated hardware. We can achieve seamless transitions between camera angles, pre-recorded content and remote speakers. We can also integrate with professional crew from remote studio overseas.

3 Ways To Present PowerPoint Slides

Remote presentation of slides in a virtual webinar
Remote presentation of slides in a webinar

Presentation of slides is usually a part of most webinars. Depending on your webinar style, this can be pre-recorded, physical or virtual.

For pre-recorded live streaming, we can record your slides and apply aesthetic overlays to create picture-in-picture. Showing both your presenter and the slides together.

For physical live streaming, we can integrate your slides into our vision mixer with a couple of ways. The presenters can advance the slides on their own or by his/her assistant.

For virtual live streaming, we have multiple ways for remote control of slides, each with its own benefits and quirks. Discuss with our Project Managers to see how we can integrate your remote slides presentation for your live stream.

Run A Live Q&A Session For Your Webinar

Panel discussion in a webinar live streaming
Behind the scene shot of a panel discussion during a webinar live stream

This is a huge engagement tool to liven up your webinar. Open up the chat rooms or official Q&A channels to allow your audience to ask questions to your presenters.

If you are expecting a large audience size for your webinar, don’t forget to use a channel that allow moderation of the Q&As. You don’t want a rogue viewer to ruin your webinar.

Playback of Pre-recorded Content

Pre-recorded webinar for product launch live streaming
Pre-recorded video using green screen

The use of pre-recorded content for webinar is one of our favourite mode of execution. In most cases, the pre-recorded content elevate the engagement of the webinar. These pre-recorded videos can act as transitions between segment, or they might be a video presentation of a speaker who cannot attend on the actual webinar timing.

Our video production team can assist with the filming & editing of your pre-recorded content. We frequently do this as part of our webinar, or for webinars that are run by clients themselves.

Pre-recorded content usually have a higher production value, as we can trim pauses from the final video. Re-takes are also possible.

Live Streaming with Remote Presenters

Remote webinar and live streaming
Connecting 2 presenters on a webinar live stream

With the ongoing travel restriction, we helped our clients to bring speakers from all over Singapore and around the world together for webinars and virtual or hybrid events.

Technical issues are the main concern when connecting overseas speakers. Hence, it will be necessary to conduct technical test prior to your webinar.

Cost For Running A Webinar in Singapore

The cost for running a Webinar in Singapore starts from about $3000 to upwards of $20,000. Most Webinar vendors do not have a standard price package as requirements differ for every project.

More Webinar Questions? Ask Our Project Managers

Many of our solutions are unique to our client’s requirements. One size does not fit all, hence it is all the more important for you to leverage on the experience of our webinar live streaming crew.

Drop us an email or give us a call to tell us your concerns, we can likely give you some quick answers to we can find a solution for you.

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