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Professional Wedding Live Streaming in Singapore (With Pricing/Rate)

Our team at Vivid Snaps offers professional wedding live streaming for couples getting married. Even with event gradually opening up, most weddings are still limited to small group size. Live streaming your wedding helps you reach friends and family who could not attend and your overseas guests!

What Platform To Use For Your Wedding Live Stream

We recommend using YouTube for your wedding live stream. YouTube allow streaming of Full HD video and it is free to use for unlimited number of viewers.

Most smartphone users are also familiar with YouTube. Viewers with YouTube app on their smartphones can also watch via the app for the smoothest experience. What this also means is that you do not have to worry about troubleshoot or providing technical support to your virtual guests who may not be tech-savvy.

Take note that YouTube do not allow streaming of copyrighted music, and your stream will be taken down immediately when a copyrighted content is detected.

Facebook is the next best option, however Facebook live only supports streaming at up to 720p resolution.

Beyond the 2 popular options, our team can also live stream to platform such as Vimeo, Zoom, Wowza, Dacast and most other proprietary live stream video hosting platforms.

Custom or Bespoke Vanity Domain Name For Your Wedding Live Stream

Our wedding live stream package includes a custom domain name ending with [dot]wedding. This means you can share a vanity domain name with your couple name. For example:

This domain name will remain active for 1 year upon registration.

How Much Does Wedding Live Stream Cost?

The range of packages provided by different vendors varies, we provide 3 camera angles and a pre-event day rehearsal. Our package is priced at $6800.

Rate & Pricing For Professional Wedding Live Streaming In Singapore

Technical Specifications of Our Wedding Live Streaming Package

  • Live streaming to 1 online platform
  • 3 professional cameras
  • 2 x 50m cable laying for video signal
  • 1 wireless HD transmitter for roving camera
  • 1 wired connection from venue AV to video encoder -or-
  • 1 wireless transmitter from venue AV to video encoder
  • 1 live production switcher & video encoder
  • 1 laptop/desktop for controls
  • Up to 2 video LED lighting setup
  • 2 professional camera operators
  • 1 vision mixing technician
  • 1 live streaming assistant
  • 1 table & 2 chairs for our crew

Church Wedding Live Stream on YouTube

The above video is a reference of 3 camera setup, covering wide-shot, close-up and roving angle. Customised overlays and couple photo montage are also featured while the wedding guests are waiting.

Meet Our Vivid Snaps Live Streaming Team

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We rely heavily on our in-house crew to execute quality work for our clients. To start working with us, drop us a message and our project coordinators will be in touch with you within 2 working days.

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