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Mass Comm. Internship With Vivid Snaps Singapore 2021

As the stint of our mass communications interns draw to a close, we interviewed Darsh, Dexter, and Shannon, to find out more about their internship experience at Vivid Snaps. 

Introduction to our Mass Comm. Interns!

Mass Communication Internship Singapore at Vivid Snaps 2021
From left to right: Darsh, Dexter, and Shannon.

Darsh: Hello I’m Darsh, I’m a Project Coordinator intern at Vivid Snaps! I found an interest in events in my 2nd last semester in school and said why not try learning more about this field in the working world. 

Dex: I’m Dexter, the Content Manager intern! In school, I delved into journalism and feature writing, and so I wanted to expand my writing capabilities by working as a content writer producing B2B content for corporate clients.

Shannon: I’m Shannon, the other Project Coordinator intern at Vivid Snaps! I always wanted to lead my own event and try my hand at productions, hence I searched for a company that could offer such experiences as part of the internship scope. 

Darsh, Dexter & Shannon are from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Mass Communication.

What Can You Expect or Experience From A Mass Comm. Internship? 

Before you can graduate from Polytechnic or at times even University, the majority of students are expected to complete a compulsory internship with a company that is related to their field of study. Internships allow you to test out your skills and knowledge learnt in school and apply them in the working world, an experience vastly different from merely just school assignments. 

Alternatively, you can seek an internship outside of your field of study for a completely new learning experience.

Reflections from Our Mass Comm. Interns

Now, our interns will share more about their internship experience at Vivid Snaps.

Why Did You Choose To Join Vivid Snaps For Your Mass Comm. Internship? 

Darsh: Personally, I had taken an interest in event coordination and wanted to explore it further. In light of the pandemic, roles in the event industry were rather limited. Therefore, when I came across the opening for Project Coordinator from Vivid Snaps, I jumped at the opportunity as I realised that this was the closest it would get to what I was keen on. 

Dex: I was looking for an internship that would be able to develop my skills in content creation and SEO. Previously, I had a little experience doing SEOs for a school project and felt that this was an area that I wanted to continue to learn. Vivid Snaps was one of the only companies offering such an internship, so I applied for the role of content marketing assistant.

Shannon: My main reason was due to my interest in events, be it organising/coordinating, or simply being a part of the team. I decided to try for the role of a Project Coordinator to experience what it would be like handling my clients and liaising with them, something that did not come by often as part of school assignments.

Mass Comm & Video Production Internship In Singapore
One of our many video production shoot

What Are Some Things You Are Required To Do In Your Internship Job Roles?

Darsh: A Project Coordinator‘s main responsibility is to liaise and clinch deals with potential and existing clients. Bridging our customer’s requirements and the company’s services to drive sales is the primary duty of our job scope. On top of these tasks, from audio to teleprompter management, I have been given other opportunities to learn in areas beyond my job scope.

Dex: My main role as a content assistant is to create B2B long-form content and social media content to target potential clients. This is a part of our SEO and content strategy. I also conceptualise and do storyboarding for corporate videos for our clients.

Shannon: As a Project Coordinator, I am expected to draft up quotations and keep in contact with potential clients that are interested in services that the company offers, such as corporate live streaming, video production and commercial photography. I am also tasked to coordinate events according to each clients’ requirements, assisting in production shoots as and when required by helping out with the setting up of equipment and also during the shoot itself. 

Mass Comm & Live Streaming Internship In Singapore
Example of an on-site live stream set-up.

What Were Some Skills You Learnt In School That You Could Directly Apply To The Job? 

Darsh: Communication. Given much of my job scope revolves around relaying information and conversing with people, it is crucial to use effective communication to ultimately forge good relationships with clients.

The other would most definitely be my knowledge of video equipment, which I was exposed to during my course of study in Mass Communication. This greatly helped my progress in learning and understanding different areas of video production better.

Dex: Definitely my writing skills. My job scope challenges me to write different forms of content – blog posts, advertorials, LinkedIn and Pinterest captions etc  – to market our services. I have to be versatile enough to adapt my writing style to fit the different platforms and audiences.

Shannon: Production skills, and knowledge that I picked up in the Video Production course in school came in really handy. For example, I was exposed to production equipment such as Zoom H4n recorders in school, which I came across at Vivid Snaps.

Additionally, communication skills that I picked up from the Persuasive Communication course allowed me to effectively communicate with clients through phone calls, emails, and also text. 

What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment Achieved During Your Internship? 

Darsh: My biggest accomplishment was when I had returning clients who sought our services again. Even though clients can find the product elsewhere, what truly resonates with me is when they stay for the experience instead. This boosted my drive and has motivated me to work harder to secure more jobs.

Dex: My biggest accomplishment was writing the advertorial for wanted to be featured on our e-commerce live streaming article, which was ranked at the top for the keyphrase E-commerce live stream Singapore. This was my first time receiving a brief for a writing assignment and I was excited to work on a client project after weeks of doing internal marketing work. 

Shannon: I would say my biggest accomplishment was clinching my very first event at Vivid Snaps, which came in the form of a Hybrid Live Stream. It was a fulfilling experience as I had the chance to coordinate and lead this event, and it was heartwarming to receive compliments from the client on a job well done.

Mass Comm & Hybrid Event Internship In Singapore
Darsh & Shannon executing a hybrid event live streaming at hotel ballroom

What Would You Consider Your Greatest Takeaway From Your Time At Vivid Snaps? 

Darsh: The greatest takeaway would have to be the skills I have gained throughout my internship. Personally, in many ways, I feel like I have developed both my hard and soft skills. For instance, I believe I have become a more proactive thinker and also developed better time management. On top of this, I mastered the art of using the teleprompter to provide a comfortable reading speed for the presenters on camera.

Dex: The biggest takeaway from my time at Vivid Snaps is when I wrote corporate articles with the idea of SEO ranking in mind. I believe this has been a fundamental element of marketing for the company. It was with the mindset that these articles were going to attract clients to our services that I was motivated to push out articles to the best of my ability

Shannon: Hands down, my greatest takeaway would be the enhanced production and communication skills I picked up. Production wise, it was a valuable hands-on learning experience where I got to set-up audio and lighting equipment such as softboxes. Communication wise, talking to clients over the phone allowed me to become more confident and vocal when conveying a message. 

What Do You Love About Vivid Snaps? 

Darsh: Of course it would have to be the people. I truly appreciate how nurturing the work environment in Vivid Snaps is. It is almost second nature for everyone to willingly help one another, even if it may be the smallest things. Not to mention, how everyone welcomed us into the company from the first day with open arms. 

Dex: I love the company’s sense of dedication to providing the best services to our clients. With every job that we take on, the team will relentlessly search for solutions to go beyond our client’s expectations. For instance, one of our photographers, Steven, offered to go down to a client site on a separate day just to retake some of the shots that he felt were not good enough. 

Shannon: It has to be the Vivid Snaps team itself, not to mention the company culture! There are always lots of laughter and chit-chat sessions which help to bond the team, including us interns. Everyone was also super wholesome and welcoming throughout our internship period, patiently teaching us things that we’re new to or not used to doing. 

Video Production Mass Comm Internship in Singapore
An impromptu photo shoot to mark the completion of a video production shoot

Hear From Their Supervisors

For any internship experience, an intern will be attached to a company supervisor from the workplace. The assigned supervisor is responsible for guiding the intern throughout the internship attachment, ensuring the intern is up to the task and teaching them the ropes of the respective job.  

During their internship period, Darsh and Dexter had Zhi Wen, our Project Director, as their company supervisor, while Shannon had Shine, our Project Manager, as her company supervisor.

Let’s hear what Zhi Wen and Shine have to say about their expectations of an intern at Vivid Snaps. 

What Do You Hope Interns Can Learn And/Or Experience At Vivid Snaps? 

Zhi Wen: I work to make sure our internship experience makes an impact in your future career, that a part of your experience with us shapes you into the successful individual you will become. I hope your stint with our team puts you in a favourable position wherever you may go.

Shine: I hope our interns can get a taste of the real world working experience. At Vivid Snaps, we aim to give them an authentic experience to our best abilities, providing them with a hands-on experience. As much as they learn from books in school, this is where they can apply their knowledge and skills in real life.

What Do You Look Out For In An Intern? 

Zhi Wen: We look for qualities that suggest you are ready to take on big challenges, ability to adapt and excel in the ever-changing world. Individuals who are willing to put in the hard work to succeed. And you will be given many opportunities to prove yourself

Shine: Something I look out for in an intern would be his or her initiative to do things. I think it is important for an intern to have the responsibility to want to learn and not just rely on information or content that is fed to them. 

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Join Vivid Snaps For Your Mass Comm. Internship 

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company team photo of the Vivid Snaps video production crew

At Vivid Snaps, our mass comm. interns go through a fruitful 22-weeks of learning and growth. The company provides plenty of learning opportunities for interns under the most dedicated media professionals in the industry. 

If you would like to enquire about possible opportunities for an internship programme, drop us an email using the contact form on the right!

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