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3 Ideas for Remote Video Production in COVID-19

Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, video production is still as important as ever. Videos help to market, sell, engage audiences, provide services and spread awareness. However, currently with social distancing in place, video production has to be done remotely.

Read on to find out ideas for remote video production and unique ways to engage your audience.

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How Are Businesses Using Video Production During COVID-19?

Businesses and events have been affected greatly during this global pandemic. Marketing has to be done online with the implementation of video production taking the centre stage during this time. Videos engage audiences and enable a human connection when it comes to situations like social distancing.

How is Remote Video Production Done?

Here at Vivid Snaps, we take pride in finding all sorts of solutions for our clients especially in times like this, amidst the COVID-19 situation. Many of our clients have been able to continue their businesses as usual. Here are the steps we take to remotely produce a professional corporate video for you.

Our video producer will first conduct virtual meetings via video or phone calls to understand your background, objectives and storyboarding.

During a remote filming session, your subjects or interviewee will log in to our production server. They will then be directed by our video producer and director virtually. Our crew will be on-site, controlling the shoot and making sure the necessary shots have been taken.

Our clients also have the option to join us in the shoot. Simply logging in to our production server enables you to monitor the shoot, and interact with your subjects or interviewees.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are an integral form of engagement and service to your audiences. For businesses which focus on a product or a service, now is the time to create video content that will help your audience understand the importance / usefulness of your product or service.

Video tutorials can come in a form of a product review. Tutorials help to educate your customers on the products that they have purchased from you. Explaining and demonstrating the use of a product or service to your audience could also help to draw sales for your business. In addition, engaging in collaborations with influencers and brand ambassadors could draw in an even wider range of customer base to your business as well.

The production of a video tutorial can be filmed remotely in the safety of your own homes. All you need is a good camera set-up, a proper script and the necessary products used in the tutorial. Influencers and brand ambassadors can film their own snippets individually as well. If you are looking to film your content more professionally, you should consider hiring a professional to film a Troubleshooting video for you.

Maximising Your Archives Into Listicles

If you have a collection of clips or products from before, you can make the most out of them now. As it is difficult to film and obtain live content at the moment, using old clips can help to fill in gaps while you edit your new video.

Creating listicles such as “Top 10 hair products” or “10 types of…” are really growing in popularity among the production industry. These type of content do reel in a substantial amount of web traffic. Consumers who are looking for a list of products or services to choose from will likely search for your video on the web. Including your own products first could help to drive sales for your business in this case.

Live Streaming Content Remotely

Live Streaming is not a new concept, however due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses and content creators have turned to live streaming as a new and fresh form of content for their viewers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating live streaming content.

Interviews and Q&A (Question & Answers) are usually done on live streams, which engages the audience online in the most humanly way possible. Answering important questions about your business’ products and services can help to create a stronger customer base for you. In addition, most platforms also favour live content compared to blogs, photos or videos. Live streaming could help your business gain more traction and reach a larger customer base on online platforms.

Building Brand Image Live Stream

Producing a live stream can be done remotely on your own at home. Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram are the most convenient and reputable platforms you can use to engage your audience. However, if you are looking to create more elaborate and professionally conducted live streaming content, you can engage a professional to produce your live stream.

Ideas for Remote Video Production in COVID-19

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