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Remote Video Filming & Production in Singapore

Remote video production is a not a completely new idea, it is usually preferred only if a regular video crew cannot be present at the filming scene.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes to how business can be conducted. While many changes were involuntary, they push the boundary of what is possible. Technology adoption has accelerated, giving rise to a more efficient workforce when situation returns back to normal.

Over the past months, our team has came up with creative solutions inspired by client’s requests. As always, we express our our heartfelt gratitude to clients who have supported us through the years.

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Communication is Much Needed in Times of Change

When working with our clients, many have shared with us the importance of communicating the changes in business processes with their team leaders and company staff.

Many team leaders with strong initiative and foresight have came up with creative solutions to continue their business as usual. Others are using video conferencing to rally their team in this time of uncertainty.

However, the remaining who are not technologically inclined might have been left wondering how to conduct business in the new norm. And our clients have turned to videos to educate their workforce on the available tools and business processes.

Conceptualisation & Storyboarding (Pre-production)

The same video production process applies even for remote production. Our video producer will conduct virtual meetings via video or phone call to understand your background and objectives.

Depending on the resources available on your team, and timeline, we can assist with the conceptualisation and storyboarding of your video production. Alternatively, you can also provide us with finished storyboard (PPT format is just fine), and we can get into the production with minimal lead time.

Remote Filming: Cameraman & Director

During a remote filming session, your subjects or interviewee log in to our production server. And there they will see our video producer and director. Our crew will be controlling the shoot, and directing your subject to achieve the best possible results under varying situations.

We invite you, our client to join us in the shoot. You too, can login to our production server to monitor the shoot, and interact with your subjects or interviewees.

iPhone iPad Webcam Filming Singapore

Smartphone, iPad or Webcam

There is no need for complicated filming equipment, which can be hassle during the circuit breaker period.

Our production server allows filming to be done on virtually all common computers and smartphones. The process is easy for your subjects or interviewees, they will be guided throughout the whole process.

Our remote filming works well with smart devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet. Any Windows or Mac computer with webcam will work fine. A stable Internet connection is required.

Juxtaposing with Existing Content

What about scenes that we cannot film remotely? We can re-purpose scenes from your previous videos, or perform screen-recording if we are dealing with subject regarding a software tool. Otherwise, we also have stock footage at your disposal to make your video interesting.

Some of our clients have used footages from past conferences and events, or how-to videos to reinforce the key messages on their videos.

Remote Video Post-production

Footages taken on smartphone cameras or webcams are certainly no match for the professional cameras. And this makes the post-production all the more important. Our video editors use meaningful filters and effects to bring focus to your key messages of the video.

Remote Video Filming vs. Physical Production

In every video, content is king. While a remote video filming will not yield the same level of image detail as our professional camera would, do not let this stop you from conceptualising a good video. Focus on the content and message delivery.

Our video post-production crew can add captions and titles to help you bring across the key messages with more emphasis.

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Get in touch with our project coordinators to discuss how we can help to realise your ideas.

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