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5 Livestreaming Tips & Tricks That Will Keep Your Audience Engaged

5 Livestreaming Tips & Tricks That Will Keep Your Audience Engaged

Even before the pandemic necessitated many event organisers to adopt a live streaming model to comply with COVID-19 protocols, live streaming events were fast becoming a popular method for brands to reach out to consumers in a natural and unscripted fashion.

The adoption of live streams was further enhanced when media giants like Meta began entering this space with Facebook Live. With live streaming becoming more mainstream, many businesses are quickly hopping on the bandwagon once they notice the benefits.

Tip #1: Organise a Q&A session

Organise a Q&A session corporate video production in Singapore

Live streaming events offer businesses the perfect opportunity to host Q&A sessions and encourage interactivity. To further increase audience engagement, you can consider choosing a topic for the session instead of inviting questions on a broad range of subjects. This will help to keep the session focused so participants won’t tune out when a topic that is irrelevant to them is brought up.

It is also crucial to avoid having only a few participants monopolise the conversation during the session as the other audience members will feel left out. Therefore, you should aim to answer as many questions as possible. If a participant shares something interesting that requires a deeper exploration, you can consider making it the topic of your next live stream session. 

If you are unsure what is the best Q&A platform to utilise for your next live stream session, we recommend either Slido or Pigeonhole Live. They are both popular Q&A tools commonly used by various companies for their virtual events. 

Tip #2: Engage the services of a professional emcee

Engage the services of a professional emcee live streaming tips in Singapore

Businesses understand how important it is to capture their audiences’ attention from start to finish. And this mentality should also be applied to your corporate live streaming event. As such, you may want to consider hiring a professional emcee to host your upcoming event. 

A professional emcee can make your speakers shine with dynamic interviews and introductions, allowing them to be their best selves on stage. Furthermore, they possess the know-how to skillfully engage the audience and moderate the live stream panel, ensuring there is never a dull moment that may encourage audiences to tune out.

Tip #3: Ensure high production value for your live stream

high production value for your live stream livestreaming tips in Singapore

Consumer expectations have risen in recent years as live streaming technology continues to improve and provide audiences with quality production values. As such, many Singaporeans expect their live streaming event to be visually enticing, even from companies working with a smaller budget. Therefore, it is crucial for you to engage a professional corporate videographer in Singapore who specialises in producing high-quality live streams to assist with your live streaming event.

At Vivid Snaps, our reliable videographers have assisted various businesses from multiple industries in setting up their live streaming events. You can rest easy knowing our team will tailor our live streaming production to match your needs, ensuring quality production values that will entrance audiences from start to finish.

Tip #4: Live stream simultaneously on various major platforms

Youtube video live streaming tips in Singapore

The main goal of your live streaming event is likely to get your message to as wide an audience as possible. As such, it only makes sense to broadcast your live stream simultaneously on as many major live streaming platforms as possible. 

Casting a wide net ensures maximum exposure as your target audience will likely have their own preferred streaming platform. When you stream on their favourite platform, they are more likely to tune in to your live stream. 

However, if your company prefers to host a private or invite-only live stream session, and wish to get your message across to specific audiences only, fret not! Feel free to approach our project managers, who can propose alternative solutions that cater to your needs. 

Tip #5: Repurpose your live videos

Repurpose your live videos

Hitting the stop button on your live stream does not mean your video’s life is over. If the live stream is a hit with audiences, it will be a shame to discard the quality content. Instead, you can consider repurposing the video for various other content channels. 

Embed the video into your blog articles or post short excerpts on your company’s social media accounts to draw in those who may have missed your initial live stream.  You may discover that you can achieve a greater reach by repurposing your content after the “live” part is finished. 

We hope what we have shared has provided you with some excellent ideas on how to maximise exposure and increase audience engagement for your next live stream. If you have not done so already, you may want to consider partnering with a reliable corporate video production company in Singapore that can ensure your live stream has excellent video production values to capture the audience’s attention. 

At Vivid Snaps, we understand that every client has specific requirements for their live streaming events. This is why we offer various live streaming options that can be tailored to suit your business’ individual needs. Feel free to contact us for a price quotation today!

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