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Professional Headshots: Do They Really Matter?

Professional Headshots: Do They Really Matter?

As the adage goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” However, the reality is that, on some level, we are judged based on how we look. In fact, a study published by the Cognition And Emotion Journal posits that a person makes a decision to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face.

This is why many have often highlighted the importance of making a positive first impression. However, an ideal first glance extends beyond appearing professional in person; it also includes how you look online. 

And in the digital age where clients often conduct their research before scheduling any business discussions, it is vital for you and your employees to get professional headshots to enhance your company’s chances of gaining a potential client’s trust and boosting your business reputation.

In this article, let us explore why participating in a corporate photo shoot makes perfect business sense for your company. Read on to find out more!

Reason #1: Make a positive first impression

Make a positive first impression

It is a challenge to reverse a person’s first impression of you. This is because the thin-slice methodology posits that a person is usually able to draw a pretty accurate assessment of a person based on knowing them for only a few seconds. 

This means you only have a limited time to make a positive impression. If potential clients do not like what they see when they research your business, it is unlikely they will consider working with you. 

However, that can change with a corporate photo shoot! Good corporate photography demonstrates that your business is serious about presenting a professional front, which helps to create a positive lasting impression on any potential clients. 

Reason #2: Helps to put a face to your name

Various entrepreneurs have espoused the benefits of humanising one’s brand and making it more relatable to consumers. This is why many businesses have taken to social media to interact with their target audiences. 

Another way to make your business appear more personal and distinct is to put a face to your brand. This way, your clients are no longer viewing just your business. They also see a genuine person behind the entity, which adds another level of communication to your target audience.

Reason #3: Demonstrates you are serious about your business

Demonstrates you are serious about your business

As an entrepreneur, you would likely come across various resumes with a headshot that is obviously taken on a smartphone. Often, these images come off as sloppy and “half-done”, which is certainly not the vibe these candidates wish to portray. 

This thinking can also be applied to the pictures found on your company’s About Us page. Including an employee selfie or a cropped photo can come off as unprofessional and cheap, which conveys a negative message to any potential clients.

Conversely, by getting your employees to participate in a corporate photo shoot and investing in high-quality professional headshots, you are demonstrating that you treat your business and, by extension, your clients seriously.

Reason #4: Helpful for branding

Corporations understand the value of brand consistency, which is why you see a big brand using a single logo worldwide. Likewise, the professional headshot taken during a corporate photo shoot can also be used across your company’s various media to maintain brand consistency. 

As the face of the company, you should think of yourself as your own brand. As such, you would want your “sign” – aka your professional headshot – to appear anywhere your business is mentioned, from your company website to printed media such as business cards. 

At Vivid Snaps, our professional photographers can illustrate and bring the best impression out of your business by conducting a corporate photo shoot with you and your employees. We also provide event photography services in Singapore, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a corporate event that requires the presence of an event photographer.

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