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Social Distancing Photo Booth for Events

Photo booth ideas that allow you to maintain social distancing and avoid crowding at events in Singapore.

Problems of a Typical Photo Booth

Best lightpainting Photobooth
Reference of a light painting photo booth

This needs no explanation, photo booths are a hit at any event (except corporate conferences maybe). It is common to see some queue at a conventional photo booth, which means it is difficult to maintain social distancing.

In case of an overwhelming demand, you may even see a situation with double queuing. The first group of guests are queueing for the photo taking, and a second group queueing for photo collection. And in a world where we are not fully immunised against COVID, this is not acceptable.

Fortunately, we have a couple of event photo booth ideas that help mitigate this issue.

Instant Roving Photographer

Social Distancing Photo Booth Idea Singapore
Reference of an instant print with roving photographer

Instead of being fixed to a stationary spot, our roving photographer will rove around your event venue to approach guests for a group photo. For guests donning a mask, they would be able to stand closer together. While guests who prefer to take down their mask for the photo, will have to observe social distancing.

The photos are periodically transferred to our photo editing station, where quick touch-ups will be made. And a customised photo border overlay will be added on. The photos will also be printed as soon as possible, then laid out at our photo editing station for collection.

To avoid crowding, our roving photographer will advise the guests of their estimated collection time. So the photo print can be ready when it’s time for collection, thereby avoiding crowding at our photo booth.

Alternatively, we can also arrange for an additional assistant to help with identifying your guests and passing the photo prints to them. A nominal fee applies for the additional assistant.

WhatsApp Instant Print Photo Booth

Social Distancing Photo Booth Idea Singapore
Reference of a WhatsApp photo print at D&D event

Our team were one of the first vendors to launch WhatsApp Instant Print in Singapore. This is inspired by the prevalence WhatsApp and high-quality smartphone cameras.

Your guests can snap their photo anywhere around your event venue, and send their photos to our WhatsApp number. When we receive the photos from your guests, we apply a customised branding overlay to the photos and print them instantly. Your guests can then drop by our booth for collection.

Alternatively, we can also arrange for an additional assistant to help with identifying your guests and passing the photo prints to them. A nominal fee applies for the additional assistant.

To encourage the use of the WhatsApp photo booth at your event. You can display the instructions for uploading photos on your venue projector screen. A WhatsApp QR code can also be used for the convenience of your guests. Also read our Live Photo Projection segment below for an even more engaging experience.

Social Distancing at Photo Booth

Both the above mentioned service are popular event activities prior to the pandemic, and will certainly capture the attention of your event guests at a hybrid or physical event.

Until we are immunised against the COVID virus, these are the best event photo booth options for maintaining social distance.

Live Photo Projection

Many event venues are equipped with one or more projector screens, and more recently, LED walls are also are common sight. Our Live Photo Projection add-on allows us to cast the photos taken at your event onto the venue projector. Creating a higher level of engagement with your guests.

Live Photo Projection have been used at celebratory events like Dinner & Dance, or at corporate event.

Book a Social Distancing Photo Booth for Your Event

To get started or to learn more, send us an enquiry with your event date, time, location and any questions you may have. Our project coordinator will get in touch with you to share a price quotation and more details.

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