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A Comprehensive Guide To Creating Corporate Videos In 2022

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements. With numerous things competing for our attention, we have become increasingly selective about the media we choose to consume. 

Various companies have begun to realise this and are looking at new avenues to increase audience engagement. And their research has led them to conclude that video content is king! As such, they have begun to move towards video production to expand their outreach. 

These videos can come in the form of commercials marketing their products or corporate videos – such as a communication video or pre-recorded webinar – to highlight the company’s strengths and unique selling points.

With its mix of sound effects and moving images, it is not hard to figure out why video trumps static text. After all, why spend 10 minutes reading the benefits of a product when you can have it succinctly summarised in a 5-minute video? And this is a consensus shared by almost three-quarters of consumers.

However, corporate video production can refer to a diverse range of formats. Any video you consume on TV, social media, or the internet that is connected to a brand qualifies as a corporate video. And each type of video serves a different purpose. Therefore, it is crucial for you to determine which video format best suits your marketing strategy before embarking on your shoot. 

Furthermore, deciding on the most suitable video format is merely the first step. You still need to ensure you can execute your brilliant idea perfectly. To accomplish this feat, you need to understand what you should and should not do during the various stages of your video production.
So if you are considering corporate videography as part of your marketing strategy, let us outline the common types of corporate video production you can consider incorporating into your campaign. Additionally, it might be wise for you to partner with a professional videographer in Singapore to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.


Shooting a corporate video

There is no denying that corporate videos are an excellent tool to communicate with a wide variety of audiences. Not only are they more interesting than large chunks of text, but videos are more effective in conveying your brand message to your audience. 

In fact, corporate video production is a common tool used by various companies to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders. From short videos meant to capture audience attention on social media to detailed FAQ videos explaining your products, there is a format suited for every need. 

To understand which format suits your needs, let us break down the most common types of corporate video you can create and when you should consider using them.

Brand videos

A brand video should encapsulate your brand in a detailed, concise manner. Think of this as your flagship content that allows you to communicate who you are and why your customers should be patronising your services.

Brand videos are incredibly versatile. You can highlight your brand values and what makes your business stand out from the competition or inform audiences of your brand story. Due to the nature of these videos, they are the ideal content to include on your homepage or the ‘About Us’ section of your website.

Social media videos

Scroll through your social media feed, and you will notice it is dominated by images and videos. Conversely, text updates are regularly lost in the shuffle. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? Well, this is because the algorithms on social media platforms like Facebook favour video content over text. 

Moreover, video is often the preferred consumption method for consumers. So if you want to ensure your content reaches the broadest audience, you need to adopt video content for your social media posts. 

It goes without saying that your videos should hook your audience from the start. However, a vital factor you should not overlook is the length of your video. Social media videos should be short but emotive to prompt your followers to share them with others. A short video also encourages repetitive viewing. If your video is only 15 seconds long, the chances of someone watching it more than once is higher than a 5-minute video. 
Your videos need not always focus on promoting your products. You can consider tying your video production with an upcoming event, like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, provided it is on-brand. Not only are you riding the hype generated from the event, but you can also bring your brand to the front of people’s minds.

Testimonial videos

Your business has undoubtedly garnered numerous positive reviews over its years of operation. You might even have some great case studies and quotes to share with prospective customers. And while companies generally include a review section on their corporate website, you can opt for a different route with a testimonial video. 

There are various ways you can approach this corporate video production. You can opt for a traditional Q&A format, where your customers share how your products have helped them, or you can use animation to present crucial information about the benefits of your brand.

The video can replace the conventional ‘What Our Clients Are Saying’ section found on most corporate websites. You can also use them as a marketing tool in your sales pitches and electronic direct mails (EDMs).

FAQ videos

It is common for businesses to include an FAQ section on their corporate websites to answer general queries about their products and services. However, this segment is often text-heavy and dry. So why not consider livening it up by turning it into a video? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting your employee to answer questions on camera will suffice.

Product demonstration videos

Do your products feature numerous features that are technical in nature? If the answer is yes, you might find it challenging to present the information in layman’s terms. A better option would be to showcase how your products work in video format by hiring an actor to demonstrate your products’ functions.

Internal communication videos

Internal communication videos are an excellent way to disseminate information to employees. Your company’s history and procedures are vital knowledge that you will undoubtedly want to convey to your workers. Instead of scheduling a discussion session whenever there are new hires, you can simply share a video that encapsulates everything they need to know about their new company.

Recruitment videos

Naturally, you would want to retain your valuable workers perpetually. However, it is a common sight to see employees leave for pastures anew. And this means starting up your recruitment process. If you plan to widen your search for new talents by using non-traditional channels, such as social media, to reach more people, you need to consider an alternate approach.  
A recruitment video production is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. A video tour of your office allows applicants to get a sense of the office environment and the company culture, which is one way you can stand out from other job adverts. It also allows you to offer more information about the role without providing potential applicants with a long job description.

Training videos

It is natural for new employees to take some time to adjust to your company’s internal procedures. To speed up the process and ensure a smooth transition, management will often tag a senior employee to guide the new hire. However, this method may be inefficient since the senior employees have to take time out of their schedule to train their juniors, leading to decreased productivity. 

Hiring a corporate videographer to produce a series of training videos that simplify the procedures and programmes utilised by your company can make the onboarding process much easier for new members of your team and free up your senior employees to focus on their jobs. 

Training videos are also ideal for imparting general information, such as security protocols and compliance guidelines, to every member of your company. These videos can be stored in an internal repository, allowing your employees to access them easily whenever they need to refresh their knowledge.

Corporate Social Responsibility videos

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gradually becoming an important part of many companies’ ethos and culture. And this emphasis on a company’s CSR works both ways as more consumers are taking a business’s ethics into account before making their purchases. 
Therefore, it is imperative for you to showcase the values you believe in and the initiatives your company participates in through a CSR video. Doing so allows potential customers to understand what your company is about and what it stands for. A CSR video production displaying the contributions you are making to the world is an excellent way to build trust with your target audience.

Virtual events and live streaming

Singapore recently took its biggest step towards living in an endemic COVID-19 world with the easing of a raft of measures. Business conferences and trade shows severely impacted by the pandemic can now operate with fewer restrictions in place. 

Despite the greater flexibility, there are many corporations that prefer to adopt a hybrid event model in Singapore. Some have even eschewed a physical event, opting to go with a live streaming event to curb the spread of the virus. 
Many live streaming companies in Singapore are seeing an uptick in demand for their live streaming services, particularly for large-scale events with a significant amount of participants. This shift to a live stream model offers organisers greater flexibility to change things on the fly while ensuring their event remains on track.


Dos and Don'ts of cooperative video production

Deciding on the right video format is merely one aspect of executing a successful video marketing campaign. From planning your video production to the shooting and editing for the video, there are plenty of things on your to-do list to discuss with your corporate videographer.

As you begin planning your video shoot, it is vital for you to understand the things you ought to be doing and the common mistakes to avoid in your corporate video production to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

The dos and don’ts during pre-production

Preparing a storyboard for a corporate video

The pre-production phase is often the most crucial stage of producing your corporate video. Every detail needs to be carefully planned out so that there is minimal impact on the subsequent production phases.

Do provide the key message of your video to the production team

What is the message you want to convey to your target audience? Without a clear marketing goal, it will be challenging for your video production team to provide you with a general idea of how your video will look. 

Do provide the script for your speech or interview to the production team

It is best to provide the production crew with a copy of the script if you intend to feature a speech or an interview in your corporate video. This will allow the team to plan the general flow of the video beforehand so that they can direct you or your interviewer on the day of the actual shoot. 

Do send the script to your presenters in advance

The last thing you want is for your video shoot to be extended because the person on camera keeps forgetting what they are supposed to say. As such, you should try to send your script over to your presenter in advance so that they are well-prepared for the shoot. 

Do check and ensure the storyboard fits your vision for the video

Once the storyboard for your video is completed, the video production team will send it over for your review. It is essential for you to ensure everything aligns with your vision for the video before signing off on the storyboard, as changing direction during the actual shoot is not recommended. 

Do coordinate the shoot with your videographer in advance

Filming a video is often a hectic process. Therefore, it is crucial for you and your video production team to plan out precisely what needs to be done to ensure a smooth production. Call sheets, storyboards, and scripts are some of the details that need to be ironed out before shooting can begin. 

Don’t be unrealistic with the budget

An experienced video production company can assist you with producing a high-quality video. However, they are not miracle workers. You will find that many of your ideas are not feasible to execute without a realistic budget. 

Don’t decide on your video production company based on cost alone
While it is natural for businesses to find ways to reduce their costs, it is not always wise to opt for the vendor that provides the cheapest service. If you have no experience with video production, it is advisable to work with an experienced video production company rather than risk working with a production team that offers the lowest prices but does not have the skills required to execute your vision.

The dos and don’ts during production

Hand holds empty filmmaking clapperboard for video production

Now that you have everything planned out during pre-production, it is time to start filming your video. While the logistics of the shoot are overseen by the production team, it is advisable for you to be involved in some capacity to ensure a smooth shoot. 

Do ensure your videographer films sufficient b-roll to get more coverage

Any experienced videographer worth their salt knows the importance of filming more footage than needed since it helps make the editing process easier. Even a simple 3-minute video may require up to 60 shots of b-roll depending on the pacing.

Do ensure everything you need is captured on camera

It is a challenging and expensive endeavour to reconvene the cast and production crew to shoot additional scenes at a moment’s notice. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that everything you need is captured on camera. 

Additionally, it is advisable to review every footage shot to ascertain that they match your needs. If there is a mistake, your videographer can reshoot the scene immediately rather than rely on the editor to fix any error in post-production. 

Do keep a lookout for trademarks and copyrighted material

Unless there is a collaboration, companies cannot feature other brands’ logos in their corporate videos. Therefore, it is crucial for you to look out for any photos, brand logos, or corporate signs that appear on camera. 

If such a scenario occurs, your videographer will have to adjust the shot so that the copyrighted material is no longer in the frame. Additionally, ensure any music featured in the video is licenced.

Don’t break any rules during filming
If you are planning to shoot your corporate video on location, you will likely require a location permit, especially if a large video production crew is involved. Therefore, you need to ensure permission is obtained, and that you have all the necessary paperwork sorted out for the shoot.

The dos and don’ts during post-production

A person editing a video on a laptop

There is still plenty of work to be done after filming is completed before your video is ready for distribution. Post-production is the final phase of the video production process. As such, it is vital for you to be thorough with your review process and ensure everything aligns with your vision. 

Do ensure the editor sticks to the style guide of your brand

Never underestimate the importance of having a cohesive brand experience! Share your brand’s style guide – detailing the logo, brand colours, and font to be used – with the video editor beforehand so that they can adhere to your brand image when editing the video. 

Do pay attention to the sound design 

When you are reviewing the rough cut of your video, pay close attention to the sound design. Even minute details, like the sound of a footstep, can make a difference to your video. Quality sound design can draw you into the video. In contrast, a distracting sound will achieve the opposite effect. 

Do ensure your video is snappy

Your video will be competing with millions of other content on the internet for consumers’ attention. As such, you need to respect your viewers’ time by ensuring your video can deliver your key message while moving at a brisk pace.

Don’t use the wrong music

Music can make or break your video! As such, you should ascertain that the music pairs well with the video. Additionally, pay attention to the volume of the music as you do not want it to drown out the rest of the audio. 

Don’t compromise during the editing process

This may be your final chance to make any alterations to the video, so you should never compromise during the editing process. You will be surprised to find that a video containing the same footage can look different depending on how it is edited. As such, you might want to get your team members’ feedback on the video to see if there are any changes needed.


Benefits of working with a professional video production company

Why you should work with a professional video production company

You are undoubtedly excited to begin filming your video now that you have a better understanding of the different types of corporate video available to you and the dos and don’ts for each stage of the video production process.

However, if you are unfamiliar with corporate video production, you might be wondering how to best approach the situation. In that case, it is best to engage the services of an experienced video production company to help you craft your video. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a professional for your video project.

Benefit #1: Saves you money

Unless you plan on producing corporate videos frequently, you might find it more cost-effective to outsource your project to a video production company. Not only do you have to factor in the salaries of your production crew, but you also have to account for the cost of purchasing and maintaining your equipment. Conversely, a video production company typically charges a flat fee for a video project, with all the expenses included as part of its package. 

Benefit #2: Access to a comprehensive range of video production equipment

Thanks to the advent of technology, everyone now has easy access to video equipment through their mobile devices. However, there is a significant difference between using a smartphone camera and a high-quality camera to film a video. The former option typically features erratic zooming and unsteady shots, resulting in a DIY quality to the production. 

In contrast, working with a video production company can provide you with access to a professional camera during the video shoot, guaranteeing better shots with proper framing and cleaner zooming. Additionally, the company will have a high-quality tripod on hand to ensure the footage filmed is steady and not shaking.

Benefit #3: High production value

Producing a high-quality video extends beyond filming and recording the video. You also have to contend with post-production, which requires a different skill-set and the ability to use a multitude of editing software programmes. 

If you do not possess the necessary expertise, you risk your video looking amateurish. A video production company, on the other hand, possesses the experience and know-how to produce a video with high production value and ensure a smooth post-production experience.

Benefit #4: Better efficiency

A professional videographer understands the ins and outs of filmmaking and has the process down to an art. As such, you can expect them to work efficiently to produce the best video possible.

Benefit #5: Provide creative input

Coming up with a creative concept that can entice an audience to check out your video can be challenging. Fortunately, video production companies have scriptwriters who stay up to date on the latest trends and have spent their lives immersed in this industry. As such, they can come up with ideas you might not have imagined yourself. 

Furthermore, these businesses are experienced in the realm of video marketing, so they understand the best ways to grab an audience’s attention from the get-go. You can rest assured that you will get the biggest return on your investment and reach the right audience with your video.


Producing a high-quality corporate video can often be a time-consuming and expensive process. As such, it is imperative for you to work with a reliable and experienced video production company that seeks to understand your needs and provide you with guidance throughout the various stages of your video production.
At Vivid Snaps, our team specialises in a multitude of corporate videos. You can expect a smooth and hassle-free experience when you work with us! We also provide corporate photoshoots and event photography services. So do not hesitate to contact us today for your corporate photography or video needs.

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