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Marina Bay Sands Event Photographers & Videographers

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Event Photographer, Clinton Lee

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography
Portrait of our event photographer Clinton Lee

The content of this article is written in consultation with our Event Photographer, Clinton Lee.

Clinton is one of our photographers who have shot at different function rooms and the ballroom within Marina Bay Sands. Having an experienced photographer at your event means familiarity with the venue layout, and the general flow of guests.

Marina Bay Sands is a suitable venue for both large and smaller events. While a single photographer is sufficient to cover a function room sized event, you should consider having more than 1 photographer if your event has more than 300 guests.

To request our photographer Clinton for your event, speak with our project coordinators for a price quotation.

Conference Event Photographer at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Event Photographer
Photo of a panel discussion at Marina Bay Sands ballroom in 2022

In this event held at the Marina Bay Sands Level 5 ballroom, the event organisers have setup a huge LED backdrop. Lending to the grandeur of the conference event. You will also notice that the lighting setup by the AVL vendor is excellent, allow the live feed video to look great on the LED wall.

Gala Dinner Event Videography at Marina Bay Sands

Gala Dinner / D&D Event Video Highlight at Marina Bay Sands

For a large event crowd and large event venue like the Marina Bay Sands Level 5 ballroom, you will likely need more than 1 photographer and videographer to cover the event effectively. In the above video, the footage is captured by 2 videographers. Allowing for a good balance of stage activities, audience reaction and creative shots.

Marina Bay Sands Ballroom Foyer Setup

Marina Bay Sands Foyer Layout Event Photographer
Event photo of the Marina Bay Sands Foyer setup

A feature of the Marina Bay Sands ballroom is the large foyer area where you can host fringe activities for guests during the pre-event reception or breaks. And this is especially useful at Dinner & Dance where we can see multiple variations of instant photo booths being setup to handle the large event crowd.

Stage & Speaker Event Photography at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Stage Event Photography
Event photo of a speaker on stage at Marina Bay Sands

A special stage platform was setup at this event to complement the curved LED wall. Again lending to the grandeur. The lighting from AVL is important, and you will be surprised that many events did not have sufficient brightness from the stage lights, causing the live feed and video recording to appear darker than ideal.

Overview Photo of the Marina Bay Sands Ballroom

Marina Bay Sands Ballroom Event Photography
Event photo of the ballroom from the stage at Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Ballroom is a large venue that hosts events and conferences. The ballroom is equipped with multiple screens at this event to allow event guests to have a good view of the speakers. This is usually done with video live feed connected to the vision mixer provided by AVL vendor.

Vivid Snaps Photographers & Videographers

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of our media production team

Our team at Vivid Snaps consists of photographers, videographers, video editors, project coordinators and designers. We work together to deliver a good experience for our clients and event guests.

We provide the following services to event organisers & corporate clients:

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Live Streaming for Virtual & Hybrid Events
  • Event Photography
  • Event Video Highlight
  • Live Feed Videography

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