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Nivea Professional MicellAIR Water Launch Photo Booth

Got an exciting and fun event coming up and you need some form of entertainment for your guests?  Well, fret not because we’ve got you covered with our Instant Photo Booths that can be catered to match the theme and atmosphere of your event!

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What are Instant Photo Booths?

Instant Photo Booths are a great way to keep your guests entertained and at the same time the perfect memento for your guests to take home with them to remember the event. Every instant photo booth set up includes two on-site assistants that will be sure to get your guests engaged and to create an amazing experience for your guests at the booths! With our high-speed printer that curates your perfect print in just 8 seconds, your guests will be able to get their prints in the shortest time possible, allowing them to fully enjoy their night! Don’t worry about losing your physical prints, because at the end of the night we will upload the soft copy of all your prints into a mobile-friendly hi-res online gallery so that you’ll be able to share it with your guests making the whole experience worry-free! To top it all off, we also provide a customizable photo border. An in-house designer will be assigned to you to help you craft the perfect photo border to be applied to all your prints. This is where you can add your logos, taglines, mascots. It’s great for marketing purposes or for building brand recall. 

photo booth singapore

List of Features

  • Fastest print: 8 sec/print
  • Large live preview screen
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Gorgeous photo layout
  • Voice prompts
  • Unlimited prints
  • Complimentary photo sleeves
  • Hi-res online gallery

Nivea Professional Micellar Water Launch Photo Booth

Our instant photo booth was part of the media Launch of the Nivea Professional Micellar Water and everyone enjoyed themselves at our booth. Many came back a second time to snap more pictures of them and their crew for the night. Familiar faces were spotted throughout the night, including local influencer Nicole Choo and her squad! The Nivea team also made use of our customizable photo border, by including their product and the tagline of the marketing campaign for the product. It really matched the whole atmosphere and feel of the event making the whole event a huge success!

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