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Best Annual Report Photography in Singapore

An annual report is one of the most important documents for a corporation, detailing the company’s financial health and operations in the past year. Most corporations will engage in a professional annual report photography service to produce the best annual report photographs which can complement the visual storytelling aspects for the annual report. 

In this article, we breakdown our picks for the best annual report photographs in Singapore that you can use as ideas for your next annual report photography shoot. 

Why is Annual Report Photography Important?

Corporate headshots are commonly seen in many annual report. Photo from Envato Elements.

Today, most organisations are producing annual reports that are presented as a compelling and emotionally engaging piece of content that showcases the company’s journey over the past year. As content marketing agency Column Five Media explains, an annual report is an opportunity to make a bold statement about your brand identity with the story that you share with the report.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and many organisations are incorporating high-quality photographs into their annual report to add a visual component into the storytelling aspect of the report. Professional photographs give viewers a visual imagery of your work and the company culture.

Additionally, companies also include corporate portraits of their senior-level management and key employees to put a face behind the company name. This makes the organisation feel more human and transparent, allowing the readers to establish an emotional connection with the company. We recently wrote more about 5 universally flattering colours to wear for your next corporate portrait photoshoot. 

Given that an annual report is one of the most important documents your organisation will produce, you will want the best quality photographs that leave a lasting and more impactful impression on your readers. We highly recommend that you engage a professional corporate photographer who can shoot the corporate annual report portraits and photographs for your report needs.

Our corporate photographers are also able to work with creative agencies to shoot and edit the photographs to suit the artistic direction of the client’s annual report. 

Beyond the annual report, your professional photos can be repurposed as marketing collaterals for future content. These photographs will also look consistent across the different marketing posts as they were shot and edited by the same photographer.

Best Annual Report Portraits in Singapore

We sifted through the annual reports of Singapore companies, and identified some of the best photos that are presented. We consolidated them and present to you in this article.

Fraser and Neave (F&N)

Photo taken from the F&N FY19 annual report.

For Fraser & Neave 2019 annual report, we liked how the subjects posed for their corporate headshot photos. Their board of directors adopted the classic corporate pose of smiling into the camera. These headshots were taken against a white background, which is very reminiscent of a professional Linkedin profile picture. These portraits present a clean and sleek look expected from a professional corporate headshot.

Astaka Holdings

Photo taken from Astaka Holdings FY20 annual report.

In this series of corporate portraits for Astaka Holding’s 2020 annual report, we liked the way that the subjects were lit. All of the subjects were wearing dark coloured outfits for this shoot, which allowed the photographer to use their lights to create a beautiful silhouette of the subject. This made the subject stand out from the background.


These set of annual report photographs used in the 2018/2019 report are our favourite by far. At one glance, these photographs capture the essence of SATS’s branding as an industry leader for the food catering and airport gateway services sectors.

SATS’ theme for their report, #growingwithpurpose, reflects the organisation’s commitment to grow sustainably while keeping sight of their company direction. This theme set the direction for their photography strategy, which was to feature employees from the different operating arms.

Photo taken from the SATS 2018/2019 annual report
Photography: Visual Verve Studios
Agency: Sedgwick Richardson

This corporate group photo, which was used as a background for the contents page, leaves a vibrant first impression on the report readers.

We liked that each employee adopted a different pose that was representative of their job scope. For instance, the gentleman on the most left has his hands in his pocket, which makes him come across as a strong, confident auxiliary police officer who is capable of protecting the airline crew and passengers. This is in contrast to the lady who stands 2nd from the right, who has her hands together in front of her. Her pose makes her come across as an approachable and welcoming customer service officer.

Photo taken from the SATS 2018/2019 annual report
Photography: Visual Verve Studios
Agency: Sedgwick Richardson

For these half-body corporate portraits, we liked that the backgrounds were carefully chosen to complement the subjects’ personal story as a SATS employee. The lady on the right had her portrait taken near the Changi Airport service counters while the gentleman on the left had his portrait taken inside the SATS operations centre. This choice of background provides readers with more context about the employee’s job scope.

These photographs showcase SATS’ employee-centric culture as they paid more attention to the subtle details in their employee’s corporate portrait.

When introducing their board of directors, SATS took half-body sitting shots. Instead of having the directors face into the camera, they were looking off camera as if they were having a conversation with their clients.

We liked the consistency across the shots of each director. Every director wore a dark coloured suit that contrasted nicely with the clean, bright background. This colour contrast made it easy for readers to focus on the photo subjects themselves.

Overall, there was a clear sense of artistic direction across the photographs which tied in nicely with the theme of the annual report. Visual Verve Studios have also kindly notified us that they are the team behind the annual report portraits, kudos to the team and the same high quality can also been seen throughout their works for other clients.

Sheng Siong

Like the SATS annual report, we liked that there was an element of visual storytelling to the poses for the corporate portraits of the board of directors featured in Sheng Siong’s 2018 annual report.

Photo taken from the Sheng Siong 2018 annual report.

For these half body shots, the subjects were smiling into the camera, with the gentleman on the left posing with his arms around his body. These poses gave off a confident aurora as if they were showing off their accomplishments for the past year.

This sense of confidence is also seen in the full-body portraits of their directors.

Photo taken from the Sheng Siong 2018 annual report.

The poses in these full-body portraits may look similar, each pose conveys a vastly different story and message about the individual being photographed. 

The gentleman on the left has both of his right hand in his pocket, which is reminiscent of an on-stage presenter ready to share his life story and professional career. In contrast, the gentleman on the right has both hands in his pocket, as if he has an accolade of achievements to show off through the annual report.


Photo taken from the DBS 2018 annual report.

For DBS’s corporate portraits in their 2018 annual report, we liked that the subjects were wearing a red and black outfit that matched the official colours of the DBS logo. Even without looking at the photograph in the report, readers will instantly recognise the DBS branding from the corporate portrait.

Photo taken from the DBS 2018 annual report.

For their group photo, we liked the natural look of the photograph. Our best guess was that the background was lit and photographed separately from the group photo, and photographs were merged together during the editing process. The end result was a clean shot of the background with a vibrant shot of the directors in the foreground. 

Corporate Group Photo During COVID-19

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Corporate Group Photo, Shot Individually & Composited in Post-production.

If you would like to shoot a corporate group photo during Covid-19 period, consider engaging our corporate individual group photo service. In a corporate individual group photo, your staff or management team will have their photos taken individually in our studio. Our photographers will then touch up each photo and compose it to form a group photo that looks like it has been taken at one go.

Corporate Annual Report Photographer in Singapore

As seen from the examples above, annual report photography is more than just a one-click wonder. This is an artistic endeavour that will require a professional corporate photographer who can shoot and edit the videos that you need for your annual report.

At Vivid Snaps, our team of dedicated photographers have worked with many clients across a diverse range of industries to provide corporate photography services for their business needs. We are ready to shoot the annual photographs for your annual report needs. 

If you are interested in engaging our services, drop our project coordinators a message via the chat box at the side of the page and we will get back to you.

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