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Chinese New Year Video Production

Chinese New Year (CNY) video production has always been a staple for brands who want to take advantage of special holidays like these and connect with their audiences during this festive season. 

These videos are very useful for PR and branding purposes as they show your audiences that you value their custom and cultures. 

Read on to find our picks for the best CNY videos in 2021.

Corporate Chinese New Year Greeting Video Promotion Package 2021

At Vivid Snaps, our team of dedicated videographers have produced corporate videos for a diverse range of clients across various industries. We are ready to offer our professional videography services to support your CNY marketing needs.

Vivid Snaps CNY Greeting Video Promotion 2021.

We are currently having a corporate CNY greeting video promotion for Chinese New year 2021 for a limited time only. Under this promotion, we offer the following services:

  • Final video of 15-30 sec
  • Portrait or landscape
  • 20 mins filming session
  • 30 mins of studio usage
  • 1 golden backdrop setup
  • 1 camera & 1 wireless mic
  • Royalty-free background music
  • Customised graphic template with your company logo

If you would like to shoot your Chinese New Year greeting video with us, drop our project coordinators a message via the message box at the side of the page and we will get back to you.

Why Shoot Chinese New Year Videos?

Chinese New Year is the time when many Chinese return home for a reunion. It is perhaps one of the most important holidays in Singapore.

In fact, Marking Asia reported that Chinese New Year is the most searched holiday in Singapore.

This means that Chinese New Year is a perfect time for your business to engage with your audiences while they are in the festive mood, and the best way to win them over is by having a heartwarming video that they can resonate with.

Many good Chinese New Year videos have gone viral and helped companies to generate word-of-mouth publicity amongst their viewers. The videos helped these companies generate brand awareness, reaching out to new audiences and potential clients.

For larger companies, Chinese New Year videos can also be a medium to show their presence amongst investors to improve their investor relations.

Types of Chinese New Year Video Production

Chinese New Year Greeting Video

Chinese New Year greeting videos usually showcase everyone in the company or organisation wishing the audience a Happy Chinese New Year. They could include a segment where the employees gather together to sing Chinese New Year songs as well.

Here are some ideas that you can consider to make your Chinese New Year greeting videos more interesting and memorable:

  • Feature your company’s senior management to establish a more intimate connection between your organisation and your audiences. We recently wrote more about how you can film an engaging employee feature video for your corporate needs.
  • Give a virtual tour of your workspace to your stakeholders and clients.
  • Share your company’s aspirations for the future.
  • Recap on your company’s key achievements in the past year while expressing gratitude for the support of your partners and clients.

Vivid Snaps

Video by Vivid Snaps.

Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us at Vivid Snaps!

This short and sweet greeting video is the perfect duration and dimensions to be sent out to your clients via email or Whatsapp. This would be more impressionable and attention-grabbing than a regular EDM. 

If required, our in-house graphic designer can design customised border designs for your corporate greeting videos for any festive occasion. We can also film your greeting video with a green screen studio, which would allow us to overlay other types of customised graphics like a virtual backdrop. 

Our team has an annual subscription to stock photos and videos that you can use for your Chinese New Year greeting video when you engage our professional videography services. This is more cost-effective as compared to having to subscribe to your stock footage for video editing.

If your talents are required to deliver a long greeting message, we recommend filming with a teleprompter to ensure a smoother speech delivery. Our team will also provide a teleprompter assistant to adjust the teleprompter setting to match your talent’s speaking pace. 

We recently shared more examples of Chinese New Year greeting videos in our previous article.

Chinese New Year Branding Video

Chinese New Year branding videos are videos which tie in the brand’s vision and mission with key Chinese New Year values. Branding videos showcase how the brand can play a part in their audiences’ CNY celebrations during this festive season.


Video by Lancome.

For this year’s CNY branding video, Lancome reunited three brand ambassadors – Kris Wu, Zhou Dong Yu and Lily Collins – to start the new year with a fresh new aura from the iconic Advanced Génifique serum. 

We liked that this video highlights the serum’s anti-ageing and revitalising properties which would be the perfect match for their customers looking to achieve young, beautiful skin for the new year. Lancome was able to angle the product tag line of the serum to fit the theme of Chinese New Year.

Tiger Beer Singapore

Video by Tiger Beer.

This CNY branding video is a part of a series of videos centred around the theme of “New Year, New You”. This particular video was about celebrating a new year of positivity with your family and friends over a bottle of Tiger Beer. 

We liked that this video associated Tiger Beer as a drink of positivity and prosperity. This was an apt video that presented a more positive outlook on the future more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chinese New Year Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle videos are videos that appeal to the personality of your audiences. These videos go beyond selling your company’s products and services and provide content that matches your audiences’ interests. 

Some of the most commonly seen Chinese New Year lifestyle videos include cooking videos which teach audiences how to make Chinese New Year dishes and fashion trends for the festive season.

Knife Delicious

Video by Knife Delicious.

Malaysian cooking oil brand Knife Delicious adopted a more heartwarming approach to their Chinese New Year lifestyle video series, 幸福加油. 

This lifestyle series spotlights the story of blind chef Low Wee Keong, who runs the Youtube channel Blind in the Kitchen.

Through the 5-part video series, Wee Keong walks viewers through his life in the wet market and in the kitchen while sharing his story of overcoming the trauma of losing his eyesight. He also teaches viewers how to cook some of his favourite home-cooked dishes.

This particular episode invited Malaysian radio personality Cheryl Lee to experience cooking with a blindfold in the kitchen. Under the careful guidance of Wee Keong, she manages to produce an aromatic stir-fried chicken dish. 

At the end of the video, Cheryl does a one-on-one interview with Wee Keong to learn more about the challenges that he had to face when he first lost his vision.

We liked that Knife Delicious gave their platform for Wee Keong to share his powerful life story for their Chinese New Year lifestyle video. Wee Keong’s story of growth and confidence as a person serves as an inspiration for viewers who have gone through a difficult year in 2020.

We also liked that Knife Delicious was able to showcase their cooking oil without stealing the limelight from Wee Keong’s story. The product placement was subtle throughout the video series, adopting a more soft sell approach to presenting the cooking oil.

NTUC Fairprice 

Video by NTUC Fairprice.

In the lead up to Chinese New Year, Fairprice filmed a series of cooking videos with celebrity chef Eric Teo to teach viewers how to cook local dishes from the comfort of their own home.

We noticed that the video made use of lower-thirds, which are text overlays, to introduce the ingredients. Lower-thirds are commonly used in many corporate videos to give an introduction to featured items and speakers in the video. If required, our in-house graphic designer is able to design customised graphics to meet your video needs. 

Chinese New Year Music Video

Chinese New Year music videos are very common with TV stations and media companies. TV stations like Mediacorp in Singapore and Astro TV in Malaysia come up with Chinese New Year music videos yearly.


Video by Mediacorp.

This year, Mediacorp filmed a Chinese New year music video (MV) for their new single, 年年好, to usher in the new year of the Ox. This music video was filmed at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre at Tanjong Pagar, giving audiences a glimpse into some of the exhibits at the new SINGAPO人 gallery. 


Video by Astro TV.

For CNY this year, Astro released an entire album of CNY songs to spark festive cheer amongst Malaysians after a difficult year with the Covid-19 situation. 元气满满Moo Moo哒 is the theme song for this album. 

Video by Astro TV.

In addition to the series of music videos for their CNY album, Astro also filmed a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video to provide viewers with a glimpse of the professional filming process. This video included corporate interviews with various artists and members of the video crew who shared their experiences working on this production which made the video personal and intimate to watch.


Video by Shopee.

Like many e-commerce platforms, Shopee has become well-known for their snappy music videos used to announce major sales dates like the 11.11 Singles Day sales and the 12.12 sale. This year’s CNY sales video was no different.

Shopee partnered with Malaysian singer and actor Ah Niu who sang a remixed version of his hit single 对面的女孩看过来 (The Girl Next Door Looks Over) to produce this MV for their CNY sales happening from 15th January to 2nd February. 

For context: Ah Niu (阿牛) in Mandarin translates to Ah cow, and given that 2021 will be the Year of the Ox, Shopee’s collaboration with Ah Niu is a pun on his stage name.

Chinese New Year Short Film

Chinese New Year short films are the most anticipated videos leading up to the Chinese New Year period, usually seen as TVC and social media advertisements. Some brands like Setia and Petronas are even known for their annual CNY short films.

Themes like homecoming, reunion and filial piety will resonate well with your audiences as these are key values associated with the festive season.

These short films can help to shape your businesses’ branding. Audiences will associate the characters and themes with your business and will more likely have your brand at the top-of-mind recall.

Cadbury Singapore

Video by Cadbury Singapore.

Unlike most holiday short films, this film by Cadbury was only 15 seconds long. 

In this film, main character Uncle Wong is asked by his neighbours to fix their Chinese New Year lights which had gone off. He gladly helps, going over to their house to offer his assistance. 

As he climbs the ladder to fix the lanterns, the lights light up and he sees that his neighbours have actually gifted him a box of Cadbury chocolates. He joins his neighbours for their CNY reunion dinner, sharing the box of chocolates with everyone at the table. 

We liked that this film was short and sweet, presenting the CNY gift box as the perfect gift for viewers to express their gratitude this holiday period. 

NTUC Fairprice

Video by NTUC Fairprice.

Instead of the usual tear jerking films, NTUC’s Chinese New Year video injected a little more humour in their film.

In this film, a family of four have come together to wish their grandparents via video conferencing. However, the grandparents are not satisfied with the simple “Happy Chinese New Year” greeting and want the family to use different sets of auspicious phrases for their new year greeting. 

The family comes together to brainstorm for ideas, coming up with phrases related to enjoying good food and good health in the new year. 

We liked how NTUC was able to seamlessly tie in their brand with the idea of finding new ways to enjoy Chinese New Year, presenting Fairprice as the supermarket which can provide shoppers with new ideas to change up their CNY celebrations.

Yakult Malaysia

Video by Yakult Malaysia.

In this film, the main character Xiao Li is a nurse working in Kuala Lumpur during this Covid-19 period. Given the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia, she is unable to return home to Sabah.

This film explores the way that her mother copes with missing her daughter’s presence at home by constantly sending voice messages asking if Xiao Li is safe and sound. Xiao Li is overworked at the hospital and finds it exhausting to constantly reply to her mother, eventually lashing out on her.

At the end of the film, Xiao Li realises that she too misses her mother’s presence being this far apart. She becomes more grateful for her mother’s voice messages. During CNY, Xiao Li and her mother have their reunion dinner over a video call. The duo drinks Yakult over dinner as they toast to good health and vitality. 

We liked that Yakult’s short film explored the issue of being physically distant with our loved ones during these difficult times. This is a timely issue that many Chinese viewers can relate to since they have to be away from their loved ones during the season of family reunions. This allowed Yakult to tie in their brand nicely into the film narrative by presenting themselves as a product that viewers could buy for their family members to keep them safe.

Courts Malaysia 

Video by Courts Malaysia.

Where There is Love There is Home.

As the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia extends till 31st of March this year, many Malaysians have to celebrate the Chinese New Year apart. Court’s film is a tribute to the love that keeps these families together despite being physically apart. 

In the film, we follow an old lady’s journey home after buying goods to make nian gao for her daughter’s family who are coming to visit during Chinese New Year. When she reaches home, her daughter Ah Mei calls home to inform her that her family is unable to return for the holidays. 

Despite this, Ah Mei’s mother still makes the nian gao as a form of love for her daughter. Even if the family is not home to eat the nian gao, Ah Mei’s mother is still content to have made the dessert for them.

Similar to the film by Yakult, this film explores the issues of having to be apart with our loved ones during this festive season. We liked that Courts told their story through the lens of Ah Mei’s mother, who represents the quiet love that we have for our family despite being away from them for the holidays. 

If you are filming a bigger CNY film production like a music video or a short film, consider filming a behind-the-scenes video to engage with your audiences even after the release of the video. Viewers enjoy watching behind-the-scenes videos which provide them with a glimpse into the professional filming process.

Shoot Your Chinese New Year Video With Us 

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

We hope that this article has given you a better insight into how you can film your Chinese New Year video. 

At Vivid Snaps, our team of corporate videographers are ready to help you film your CNY video for the festive season. If you would like to engage in our services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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