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Chinese New Year Video Production

Chinese New Year videos have always been a staple for brands who want to take advantage of special holidays like these and connect with their audiences during this festive season. 

These videos are very useful for PR and branding purposes as they show your audiences that you value their custom and cultures. 

Read on as we explore 5 Chinese New Year interesting video concepts.

Table of Contents:

Why Shoot Chinese New Year Videos?

Chinese New Year is the time when many Chinese return home for a reunion. It is perhaps one of the most important holidays in Singapore.

In fact, Marking Asia reported that Chinese New Year is the most searched holiday in Singapore.

This means that Chinese New Year is a perfect time for your business to engage with your audiences while they are in the festive mood, and the best way to win them over is by having a heartwarming video that they can resonate with.

Many good Chinese New Year videos have gone viral and helped companies to generate word-of-mouth publicity amongst their viewers. The videos helped these companies generate brand awareness, reaching out to new audiences and potential clients.

For larger companies, Chinese New Year videos can also be a medium to show their presence amongst investors to improve their investor relations.

Types of Chinese New Year Video Production

1. Chinese New Year Greeting Video

Chinese New Year greeting videos usually showcase everyone in the company or organisation wishing the audience a Happy Chinese New Year. They could include a segment where the employees gather together to sing Chinese New Year songs as well.

(Credits: Fo Guang Shan Singapore)

Some ideas to make your Chinese New Year greeting videos more interesting and memorable: 

  • Feature key profiles in your company in the video. Read our article on how you can feature your employees in a video.
  • Give a virtual tour of your work space.
  • Share your company’s aspirations for the future.
  • Share key highlights of the past year.

If you need to memorise a long greeting message, our team is able to provide a teleprompter for your talents at an additional cost.

2. Chinese New Year Branding Video

Chinese New Year branding videos are videos which make use of the Chinese New Year theme to showcase the full suite of services offered by the brand.

(Credits: Grab Official)

In this video by Grab, they shot a short film about a mother who was trying to delegate Chinese New Year household chores to her family members. The chores end up being “tai chi”-ed to the youngest son.

The son then learns how to use the GrabPay app to buy the various CNY gifts and clothes that his mother wants so that he has time to clean the house in time for Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year branding videos are a great way to show your audience how your brand values are aligned with your audience’s moral values. Grab showed how their Grabpay app was able to ease their consumers’ CNY duties so that the consumer could enjoy their CNY in peace.

3. Chinese New Year Music Video

Chinese New Year music videos are very common with TV stations and media companies. TV stations like Mediacorp in Singapore and Astro TV in Malaysia come up with Chinese New Year music videos yearly.

(Credits: Mediacorp)

In recent years, other companies like property developer S P Setia have also begun producing Chinese New Year music videos.

4. Chinese New Year Short Film

Chinese New Year short films are the most anticipated videos leading up to the Chinese New Year period.

These short films can help to shape your businesses’ branding. Audiences will associate the characters and themes with your business and will more likely have your brand at the top-of-mind recall if they really enjoyed the film. 

Themes like homecoming, reunion and filial pity will resonate well with your audiences as these are key values associated with the festive season.

(Credits: Apple)

Apple’s Chinese New Year short film for 2020 told the story of a single mother who left her parents’ house with her own child to make a living on her own as a taxi driver. This film was shot solely on an Iphone 11 and featured the capabilities of the Iphone throughout the course of the film.

This film was 8-minutes long, which goes to show that Chinese New Year short films can afford to be slightly longer than usual if your story is interesting enough to catch viewers’ attention.

5 Interesting Video Concepts

1. Tenaga Official

(Credits: Tenaga Nasional Berhad )

Tenaga’s 2020 Chinese New Year video took a creative spin on the increasing trend of young people being unable to return home for the holidays. Instead of having everyone go home for Chinese New Year, why not bring Chinese New Year to them?

Using VR simulation, they showed their main character Bryan experiencing Chinese New Year celebrations remotely.

This video adopted a unique concept that deviates from most Chinese New Year videos filmed every year. If you want your Chinese New Year video to stand out from the crowd, try incorporating new concepts and ideas to the video.


(Credits: PETRONAS)

PETRONAS has always been famous for their heartwarming Chinese New Year videos centred around family unity.

In 2020, they decided to take a more light-hearted approach to their Chinese New Year video. They showcased a grandma lovingly stitching a blanket for her grandchild using old clothes from her family members, mirroring the theme of Chinese New Year bringing families together.

3. Prudential SG

(Credits: Prudential SG)

Instead of a short film, Prudential adopted a lifestyle approach to their Chinese New Year video.

This video had Food King star Aiken Chia learn how to cook Chap Chye from Peranakan chef Mummy Soh. This was a wholesome video which captured the chemistry between the two hosts who explored different customs people follow when celebrating Chinese New Year at home.

Engaging influencers or prominent figures can help your video reach out to a wider pool of audience. Influencers can also help you reach out to a targeted audience segment.

4. Singtel

(Credits: Singtel)

His Grandfather’s Road is a play on the phrase “this one his grandfather’s road ah?” that Singaporean drivers use to describe drivers who act like they own the road and can drive recklessly.

This light-hearted comedy video by Singtel showed two families returning home for the holidays getting stuck on along a narrow road, with each side is unwilling to give way for the other. This leaves them buckling down defiantly by switching off their engines in an attempt to wear each other out.

5. Vivid Snaps

(Credits: Vivid Snaps)

This short video by Vivid Snaps is the perfect length for a greeting video that you could send out to your clients via email or whatsapp.

Our team has an annual subscription to stock photos and videos that you can use for your Chinese New Year greeting video when you engage our professional videography services. This more cost effective as compared to having to subscribe to your own stock footage for video editing.

Shoot Your Chinese New Year Video With Us 

We hope that this article finds you well.

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