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Colours to Wear for Your Corporate Portrait Photo Shoot

When you hear “corporate portrait” or “corporate photography”, you might first imagine people clad in formal black and white attire against a plain background. However, not every organisation limits the dress code to these two colours. Read on to find out about the types of corporate portraits and learn the 5 most universally flattering colours to wear for your next corporate photoshoot!

Universally Flattering Colours For Your Corporate Portrait

Corporate Portrait Universally Flattering Colours Photo Taking Outfits

Colours play a very important role in how your pictures turn out. Certain colours can make you look washed out, while complimentary colours have the ability to bring out a special glow in you.

True Red

Red is classic and bold; chic, yet fun. While it might be commonly labelled as a warm tone, stylists actually consider the colour red to be a grey area. This is due to the fact that red has hues of both warm and cool tones, making it flattering for everyone.


Charcoal is the perfect middle ground for all shades of grey. Lighter shades of grey are not recommended for light skin tones as it may make them look drained, and make those with darker skin tones look ashy. Charcoal is a colour that can be found during any season, making it accessible to those looking for a more neutral colour.

Navy Blue

If you’re afraid of branching out to brighter colours, this option is for you. Not only does it come across as eloquent and professional, it is also incredibly easy to pair with other colours. While it may look very similar to black, navy blue tends to brighten up one’s look more.


We’re surprised that the colour green isn’t more popular in photoshoots. Dark emerald green is another colour that would suit all skin tones and hair colours. Try on an emerald button up or blouse and you’ll see what we mean.

Here’s a fun fact: The reason why green screens are green is because it is the furthest colour from natural human skin and hair, meaning no part of the subject will be edited out through the chroma key.


Not mauve or magenta, but plain purple. This colour excellently combines both the calmness of blue and the fiery energy of red. It’s flexible and goes with pretty much any colour, making it one of the top outfit colour choices for any occasion.

Types of Corporate Portraits

Plain Background Portrait

White Background Headshot Photographer Singapore 2020

Plain background portraits are a timeless classic. They isolate the subject in the picture, making the photo free from potential distractions. As the subject is the main focus of the picture, it is extremely important to pick a complimentary colour to wear.

Office Background Portrait

Corporate Headshot Singapore

Office Background Portraits add context to your image. Think about parts of the office that best represent your company. What is the colour scheme of your office? 

While it is important to wear an outfit that flatters your skin tone, it is equally important to wear a colour that doesn’t clash with the background.

Outdoor Corporate Portrait

Outdoor Corporate Portrait Photography

Perhaps you’d like to opt for a more natural look? Outdoor Corporate Portraits do exactly that. Instead of using studio backgrounds that focus only on the subject, outdoor backgrounds are often used to show more of who you are and what you do. 

For example, property agents commonly take their corporate portraits with houses and other property in the background. We would suggest you check out the location, weather and general colour scheme of the area before settling on a day and outfit for the shoot!

Employee Feature Portrait

Employee Portrait Photography

Employee Feature Portraits help accentuate the human side of your organisation. It makes employees seem more personable. This is exactly why it is pivotal to ensure that each photo represents each unique individual. Wear your favourite colour, or coordinate colours according to your department. Either way, the photos will bring your organisation to life.

Fun Business Portrait

Fun Corporate Portrait Singapore

We’d reckon that fun photos are everyone’s favourite to take. Although corporate photography have to be professional, they don’t have to be boring. These types of photos are best for experimenting with colour and texture, so go all out!

Department Group Photo

Department Group Photo Singapore

Department Group Photos allow clients to see the bigger picture. Got a big group? Show your team spirit. For smaller groups, flaunt your camaraderie!

It’s best that everyone on the team wear the same colour so as to emphasise togetherness and unity.

Colours To Wear For Your Corporate Portrait

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful in understanding the different types of corporate portraits as well as the universally flattering colours suitable to wear for each one.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be wearing any of these colours for your next corporate photoshoot! 

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