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Virtual Set Design Singapore, by Anomalyst Studio

Having a virtual set raises the production quality of your virtual event live stream production. The creation of virtual set is an elaborate process. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best virtual sets in Singapore and the benefits they can bring to your production. And we will be sharing some of the works created by Anomalyst Studio for virtual events, video production and physical performance theatres in Singapore.

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GeBiz Virtual & Hybrid Event Production

Virtual and hybrid events are not going to replace physical events, but they have served to maintain engagement with your audience in the pandemic landscape. Using Zoom and webcams to run your virtual is a sure way to turn away your audience very quickly. Which is why organisations look to a live streaming production company to run their virtual event. Professional cameras and audio equipment produces high quality visuals, to establish a positive first impression to keep your audience engaged. This article gives you a quick look on some virtual event basics.

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Lawyer & Law Firm Video Production in Singapore

In this article, we share why law firm video production is the best tool to market your law firm in Singapore. To let you ascertain the cruciality of law firm video marketing, we have collated different commendable law firm video productions in Singapore and included a brief overview of what makes them effective. Read on to find out more!

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Virtual Graduation Live Streaming in Singapore

As Singapore adapts to live with COVID-19, virtual events have become a norm –– many educational institutions have moved their graduations online for live streaming. In this article, we explain the rationale behind the exponential increase in virtual graduation productions in Singapore, as well as compile examples of superlative virtual graduation live streaming productions in Singapore where we include a brief overview of what makes them exemplary.

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Best Presentation Remote Clicker Applications

At Vivid Snaps, we use a myriad of tools to achieve different live streaming workflows for our clients. This flexibility allows us to tailor our solutions to the different production scenarios.

In this new normal where more presentations are done remotely than physically, you will find yourself needing new tools for the job.

Thus, we spent time researching to find reliable presentation remote clicker applications. And we have found 5 reliable software that can turn your mobile devices into a remote clicker for your slide presentations.

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Buying Travel Data SIM Card in Singapore

The major telcos in Singapore offer a tourist friendly SIM card with 100GB of data limit and a validity of 7 days. You can buy this from many 7-11 convenience store and mobile phone stalls.

Please cross check the information with the respective shops and provider respectively. The information on this page is provided for convenience and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

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