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Green & Eco Photo Booth in Singapore

Being a garden city is not something that we should take for granted. The rising sea level will soon pose a very real threat to all Singaporeans. Our governments are planning ahead and taking measures to mitigate this problem. We should also play our part to save our mother Earth. Introducing our eco photo booth option!

If you are wondering, how can a photo booth company be green and eco-friendly, when we primarily deliver photo prints to guests at events? We thought of this too!

Here are some options that you can consider for a green and eco-friendly photo booth at your event.

Eco Photo Booth (Email Photo Booth)

Singapore Eco Photo Booth Paperless

Firstly, you can go for an environmentally friendly photo booth with no physical photo prints. As photos are being processed digitally, Vivid Snaps is able to provide instant photo booth services that enable your guests to send the photos taken directly to their email addresses.

You can choose to have it configured within your instant photo booth, or opt for an additional Email Kiosk for a better user experience. This option is best recommended as it does not require the use of any photo paper. Additionally, we are also able to help with data collection for your business agenda as long as we meet with the PDPA guidelines. You may check with our Project Coordinators for more information!

We also understand that you may not want to do away with physical photo prints due to business objectives at your event. The next few solutions that we will be sharing are ways that we can contribute towards being green and eco-friendly.

Photo Booth with QR Code Download

Static Photo Booth Setup in Singapore hotel event venue
Reference of a Photo Booth setup in Singapore

In this time of increasing privacy concerns, our QR code photo booth provides a safe and secure way for guests to obtain their photos without compromising their personal data.

In 2023, we introduced our Photo Booth service with QR Code Download feature. After each photo is taken, your guests will be presented with their image on an iPad. And your guests can scan the QR code with their smartphone to download their images instantly.

This QR Code Photo Booth workflow does not require your guests to enter their personal details such as email address.

This streamlined process not only saves time but also provides peace of mind for guests who may be hesitant to share their personal information.

Requesting for Number of Prints

Less Printing Eco Photobooth

At instant photo booth engagements, Vivid Snaps will provide two on-site assistants to help assist your guests in the photo taking process.

We provide unlimited prints during the engagement duration, in which we will print the same amount of photos for the number of people in the picture. To reduce printing and make it more environmentally friendly, you may request for our on-site assistant to ask your event guests for the required number of prints during your event, and they will print as per required. This way, we will be able to reduce our carbon footprints.

Choosing a Different Photo Print Size

Small Prints Photo Booth Singapore, Eco & Sustainable

At Vivid Snaps, we are able to offer various sizes of instant photo prints, depending on your event needs.

For instant photo booths, our popular print sizes are 4R-sized, card-sized and photo strips (half of 4R). Instead of going for 4R-sized photo prints, you might want to consider going to photo strips, film strips or card-sized prints as we are able to generate 2 photos with a 4R-sized print. Not only that, but this also reduces the printing time per photo.

Choose a Different Photo Layout

Photo Strip Booth Singapore

Choose the 3-shots-in-1 photo option for your instant photo print! This will help to be environmentally friendly as taking a photo and printing it three times would generate more paper than having three photos printed on one. What’s more, you have three photo memories to look at on one print instead of only one photo per print!

Eco Feature – Single Print & Print on Demand

Sustainability in Photo Booth Singapore

Our WhatsApp Instant Print service provides “single print” service unlike our usual instant photo booth service with multiple prints. If a guest sends us a photo with 20 people, we would require the guest to send us the photo 20 times on WhatsApp to print. The time used for your guests to send the photo is used to offset the amount of time the printer prints the photos. This will help to reduce photo spamming from guests which might lead to wastage of photo prints.

For our Instagram Instant Print service, we will only print the photos that were requested by your guests featured on the hashtag used for your event. Your guests must come to our photo booth to request for their photos to be printed. This would help to be more environmentally friendly as we would reduce the chances of the photo prints going unclaimed.

If you have an event that advocates being green and environmentally friendly, why not try out our eco-friendly instant photo booth at your event? Vivid Snaps would support you in your efforts to be green and eco-friendly.

Light Painting Photo Booth

Best lightpainting Photobooth

Light paining photo booth brings a lot of surprises to your event guests. You can opt for the photos to be printed or simply sent it to their email address. We can also provide an online gallery after the event for your guests.

Our Event Services

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

We support our organisational clients beyond photo booths, our range of event services includes:

  • Live streaming for virtual & hybrid events
  • Event videography & video highlights
  • Multi-camera video live feed
  • Event photography

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