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Interior Design Video Production

We support corporate clients to produce videos that showcases their Commercial Interior Design, featuring highlights of the office and commercial spaces. For office renovations and office interior transformation journey, our production team can be involved to capture the existing spaces, renovation timelapse and construction processes.

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Interior Design Videographers

Interior Design Video Production Team Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

Office Re-design & Case Study Video & Office Walk-through

Reference of an office re-design and case study video produced by Vivid Media.

Through an interview with the client’s stakeholder, gaining firsthand insights into the key highlights of the new office adds credibility to the exceptional work accomplished by the interior design team. Our interior video expertly captures multiple angles of the revamped workspace, highlighting the attention to detail and the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics.

Incorporating interviews with key stakeholders, particularly the client’s perspective on the redesign’s impact on productivity, transforms the case study video into a persuasive tool. This not only showcases the client’s capabilities but also serves as a compelling narrative to demonstrates the effective results of a thoughtful office re-design.

Hi-tech Office Interior Design Video

Video production for hi-tech office interior design in commercial real estate

In this hi-tech office space, where innovation meets functionality, we supported the client in creating a case study video. A meticulously designed hi-tech office is an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, ergonomic brilliance, and aesthetic finesse.

Creating a video for the best of your interior design works serves as a living testament to the prowess of an interior design company, this video becomes more than a portfolio; it’s a visual symphony that not only showcases their expertise but also immerses viewers in the potential of what a hi-tech office can truly be.

Office Interior Design – Renovation Video

Video production for state-of-the-art office interior design

Our team offers comprehensive support to bring your visionary state-of-the-art office space to life through an impactful video narrative. By seamlessly intertwining interviews with key stakeholders and enthusiastic employees, we illuminate the transformative journey that unfolds within these dynamic walls.

Through engaging storytelling and genuine testimonials, we showcase the impact of your new office space, portraying how it has redefined the very essence of the working experience. Our collaborative process ensures that the essence of your design concepts is thoughtfully captured, presenting a visual journey that not only celebrates your new space but also highlights the synergy, innovation, and positive change it has ignited within your organisation.

New Office Interior Design Video (Walk-through)

Office interior design videographer

Employing wide-angle lenses and walk-through techniques, we created a video that unveils every facet of this beautiful office space. Our approach features the space in all its splendour. The result is a mesmerising cinematic showcase that not only captures the physical expanse but also the essence and aura that make your new office space an embodiment of sophistication and creativity.

Community Club Heritage Video

Anniversary video for community club

While this video may not conform to the traditional interior design showcase, its inclusion in this article stems from a distinctive and impactful perspective.

Beyond the visuals, it delves into the integration of heritage and cherished memories that have deeply enriched a space shared by a vibrant community. This video serves as a compelling conduit, channeling the collective experiences, traditions, and narratives that have etched a lasting impression on the essence of this space.

Through the interweaving of personal stories and shared sentiments, it transforms into a vivid embodiment of how spaces evolve into repositories of history, culture, and unity. Through this unconventional lens, we celebrate not only the visual aspects of design, but also the enduring bond between people and place.

Club House Architecture – Opening Video

Club house launch video

The club house video crafted for the grand opening is a story about dedication, innovation, and community spirit. As the visuals navigate through the well-designed spaces and bustling activities, it doesn’t just celebrate achievements – it pays homage to the relentless effort, meticulous planning, and thoughtful intention that underlie the creation of this club house.

It’s a heartfelt recognition of the commitment to serve citizens and members with a place of camaraderie and fulfilment. The video showcases how this clubhouse isn’t just a physical space; it’s a catalyst that forges new bonds among diverse individuals.

From state-of-the-art facilities that beckon moments of shared joy to a rich tapestry of engaging activities that foster connections, the clubhouse becomes an enabler of friendships and cherished memories. This video doesn’t just capture an event; it immortalizes a profound journey of purpose, unity, and the power of a space to nurture a thriving community.

Office Interior Design – Launch Video

Office interior walk thru video

This office interior design and walkthrough video doubles as an introductory video to let audiences explore what the team does. Led by a host who introduced the office, the video then transitioned to the different roles of the team to explain their scope in detail.

A video like this is a simple and budget friendly way to introduce a new office and the team to internal and external stakeholders.

Office Interior Walk-through Video

Office interior walk-through video

The highlight of this video lies in the one-take nature of this video. It was created to demonstrate the office space of a rapidly growing technology company. It showcase the office and training facilities available.

Retail Interior Design Videographer

Walk-through videography for retail interior design

Retail experience videos may be produced for public or for internal reporting and archival. Either way, our team can provide the appropriate video production solutions suitable for your needs.

Office Renovation Timelapse Video

Office interior renovation and construction timelapse video

Delve into the process of transformation with this comprehensive interior design video. This visual narrative encapsulates the renovation journey through timelapse sequences, offering a condensed glimpse of the stages that shape the new space.

The video then transitions into a showcase of the finished work. These shots capture the space in its intricate details and grandeur, portraying the culmination of the renovation process. From concept to completion, an interior video provides a factual yet captivating depiction of the journey that brings spaces to life.

Manufacturing Facility Video

Corporate video for a prominent brand in manufacturing

This corporate video delves into the inner workings of a steel fabrication facility, presenting a view of the processes at work. The footage encompasses drone shots that showcase the facility’s physical scale, while also capturing workers and automated machines in action. These shots accentuate the technology used in the facility’s operations, spotlighting the synergy between skilled labor and machinery. The resulting corporate video offers an objective window into steel fabrication, showcasing the precise steps and collaboration.

Office Interior Design Photography

Best Office Interior Photo Shoot Photographer Singapore
Reference of an office interior design photo shoot by photographer Steven Wong

Our photographers shoot interior design photography that showcases the highlights of commercial spaces, featuring corporate offices in their optimal light. Our interior design photographers support in translating design concepts into visually compelling images. These images serve as a valuable asset for our clients, enabling them to present their offices to stakeholders and employees. Whether for promotional materials, website showcases, or portfolio presentations, our interior design photography empowers you to showcase your commercial spaces with positive appeal.

What Can Vivid Media Do For You?

Interior Design Video Production Team Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Media video production team in Singapore

We are a multi-disciplinary media team with specialisation in Video Production and Photography. When you are looking for a media production team to create a video for introducing your new office, we can support you from conceptualisation to post-production.

We have worked with corporate clients and interior design firms, creating videos that communicate your business objectives.

Our core expertise are in the following fields:

  • Corporate video production
  • Live streaming for virtual & hybrid events
  • Corporate photography
  • Event photography & videography

For a profile of our team, visit About us to learn more.

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