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Important Tips For Hosting Cooking & Culinary Live Streams in Singapore

Looking to create cooking & culinary live stream videos amidst the COVID-19 situation? Live streaming your recipe videos is the perfect way to share your recipes online and market your business through your cooking tutorials.

Read on to find out why live streams can increase your engagement and how to organise a quality live stream!

If you are looking for a professional live streaming service provider to host your culinary live stream, our live streaming technical crew is ready to support your live stream production. Drop us a message via the message box today and we will get back to you.

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Why Live Stream Your Cooking Videos?

Live streaming can help to create a stronger viewer engagement for your business and website. Most platforms favour live stream content on their algorithms. In addition, live streams are usually featured and ranked higher on social media platforms.

Live streams are also a more authentic way to reach out to your audience. Interacting with your audience in real-time can help to forge a more human connection with your audience.

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Creating An Engaging Experience

Planning out the contents of your live stream is very important. A script and storyboard is crucial to maintaining a smooth flow to your live stream. It helps to avoid awkward pauses and missed steps to your cooking live stream.

Finding out the recipes your audience want to watch on your cooking live streams can contribute to the success of your live stream. Demonstrating recipes that are quick and easy to follow, lower in cost, while bringing something new to the table can really attract people to join your live stream.

For F&B businesses, demonstrating recipes to your top selling dishes could be a way to encourage your customers to try your recipes at home too. This can be a way for you to gain more traction on social media platforms and your website.

Pre-event Marketing

Pre-event Marketing is the most crucial step to reaching out to a large audience for your cooking live stream. Without marketing your live stream event beforehand, your potential audience might not be able to discover your event. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your personal website (especially platform you will be using to live stream), are ways to notify your target audience about your event. This will ensure that your event details are noticed by as many people as possible leading to your event.

Youtube and Facebook have functions that allow live stream hosts to schedule their live streams beforehand. Fans can express their interest to be reminded when the stream goes live.

Producing a Culinary Live Stream

You can get the best possible results out of your cooking live stream when it professionally conducted. High quality visuals and crisp audio enables your audience to experience your live stream more comfortably.

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Here at Vivid Snaps, we offer 3 types of live stream services. The multiple camera live stream, the single-camera live stream and smartphone live stream. We specialise in small to mid-scale live stream production.

The pre-event discussions includes our team conducting virtual meetings with you to understand the purpose and objectives behind your livestream.

Prior to your event, our team will join you on a site recce of the venue. We will propose the necessary placement of cameras, equipment and crew for the best results during the event. Our crew will be part of your rehearsal and provide a preview before going live on the event day. A professional videographer or multiple videographers will be on-site to perform filming.

Being professionals, we do our best to ensure that your show will proceed smoothly and successfully for your viewers enjoyment. Our live streaming services can work on multiple live streaming platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Demio, Cisco WebEx and Zoom.

Go Live Consistently

Streaming cooking live streams consistently can really help your business and brand grow. Uploading on a regular basis helps you to keep a regular audience attached to your content. This will ensure that every time you go live, there will be a staple group of viewers that will enter your live stream. Keeping to a regular timing and day of the week to go live streaming can also help your audience to introduce your live stream into their weekly schedules.

Start Your Cooking & Culinary Live Stream Today

If you are looking to produce your live stream professionally, you can be in touch with our project coordinators.

We hope this article has been insightful to you on how to produce a cooking & culinary live stream. Tapping into Live Streaming is a great way to engage your audience authentically and promote your businesses on online platforms.

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