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Christmas Greeting Video Production Singapore

The holidays are the best time to reach out to your clients to express your gratitude for their support in the most genuine, heartfelt form. One great way to do so would definitely be a company year-end video.

Read on to find out more about producing the most appropriate Christmas greeting videos for the upcoming holidays.

Table of Contents:

What is a Christmas greeting video?

A Christmas greeting video is a type of corporate video that companies send out during the year-end holiday. Here are 5 popular types of corporate greeting videos.

  • Christmas Behind-the-Scene Greeting Video
  • Christmas Year-in-Review Milestone Video
  • Christmas Greeting eCard Video
  • Christmas Greeting Music Video
  • Customised Christmas GIFs
  • Engage a Professional to Produce your Christmas Greeting Videos

Why send out a Christmas greeting video?

By sending out a video to wish your clients happy holidays, it helps to establish a better relationship with your clients. In addition, also improves your company branding.

Christmas Behind-the-Scene Greeting Video

Lifeguide Christmas Greeting video 2019

The most common type of holiday greeting video is a ‘Behind-the-scene’ video. It includes employees of the company thanking the clients for their support followed by holiday wishes. Creativity is key especially if you want to stand out amongst all the other companies who are creating these videos as well.

Christmas Year-in-Review Milestone Video

A ‘Year in review’ video takes the viewer through a journey of the milestones, major events, or noteworthy achievements that the company has accomplished. By showcasing the best works, it will also convince your clients to remain loyal to the company.

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Credits : Singapore Business Federation Youtube

Christmas Greeting eCard Video

Not a fan of cameras? This video eCard might just be the ideal choice for you. Video eCards are basically personalized, animated content that is sent through email or other social media. Furthermore, you can customise the video content, music, and message to your liking.

Christmas Greeting Music Video

Credits : Singapore Police Force Youtube

Christmas is the season of giving and singing. This is the perfect way of sharing Christmas joy to your audience while having fun with the team. In addition, it serves as excellent social media content.

Customised Christmas GIFs

Who doesn’t love a funny GIF? Lighten the mood of your Christmas greeting by inserting funny GIFs or videos. Above all, it conveys the fun and cheerfulness of the holidays and will definitely get the viewer to smile.

Engage a Professional to Produce your Christmas Greeting Videos

If you are looking for your corporate Christmas greeting video to be produced professionally, you can get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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