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Corporate Communication Video Production

Corporate communication videos are the most effective way of getting your message out to your audience while maintaining closeness with them. There are many types of corporate communication videos, with different objectives and motive.

Read on to find out more about corporate communication video production.

Brand Story Video Production

A brand story is the foundation of every company’s content marketing, conveyed in a compelling narrative for people to resonate with. Strong brand stories are able to forge emotional connection with the people, and that is a very powerful tool to reach out to people.

According to research done by Social Science Research Network, 65% of humans are visual learners. Therefore, videos are a great way to do storytelling, it captivates people with visuals and audio.

Employee Feature Video Production

Credit : Singapore Police Force Youtube (Video not produced by Vivid Snaps)

Employee feature video has multiple purposes. It is very powerful in boosting company morale, affirming employees and showcasing company culture. These videos are used by many companies to encourage their employees to continue to strive for excellence in work.

Customer On-boarding Video

Credit : Vivid Snaps Youtube

Typically, after a purchase, instructions are given to customers to brief them about the necessary steps needed to start. On the other hand, the video can feature branding as the main factor. Customer onboarding video simplifies the instruction for them while establishing a good relationship with the shopper.

One great example would be Rotimatic, where CEO Pranoti Nagarkar-Israni herself speaks to the customers.

CEO Announcement Video

Credit : Sinda Youtube

CEO announcement video is one common type of corporate communication video which has gotten popular over the past few years. Compared to the traditional emails and newsletter that were sent out, these announcement videos are much better at conveying messages.

Sinda did an announcement video with their president sending out messages to the community. It is a great example of clear, concise announcement videos.

If needed, we are able to provide a teleprompter at an additional cost for your CEO to read off. This makes it easier for them to focus on the delivery of the speech.

Employee On-boarding Video

Credit : APA HR Youtube (Video not produced by Vivid Snaps)

Without a doubt, Employee on-boarding video is another corporate communication video that is gaining popularity quickly. Especially for companies that are expanding, it is vital to have an onboarding video.

Undeniably, one of the most attractive traits of a desirable company would be a good company culture, which is often the highlights of the on-boarding video.

Recruitment Video

Recruitment video is crucial to every company’s talent acquisition strategy, it is similar to employee on-boarding video but have different motives. The motive of a recruitment video is to offer an authentic picture of their mission, core values, people and culture to job seekers.

Credit : Workforce Singapore Youtube (Video not produced by Vivid Snaps)

Add-ons to make your corporate communication videos a cut above the rest:

  • Teleprompter (Available at additional cost)
  • Infographic for Speech Video
  • Intro and Outro
  • Background music
  • Lower thirds (Name and Designation)

Professional Corporate Communication Video Production

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

We hope this article finds you well. If you would like to hire a professional videographer and editor to produce your corporate videos, you can get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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