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Corporate Music Video Production Singapore

If you are looking for a creative way to showcase your business’ branding, a corporate music video might be the solution for you. Corporate music videos stand out from the endless array of serious branding videos that most viewers are used to. Viewers will associate your brand with the unique jingle or song, which helps to boost top-of-mind recall. 

Read on to find out more about how corporate music videos can benefit your business strategy.

Why Shoot Corporate Music Video?

Traditionally, music videos have been used as a form of storytelling to express the narrative behind a new song. Artists like Lady Gaga and BTS have even won awards for their creative takes on their music video narrative, which has been able to capture their viewers on an emotional level.

Your business can take advantage of a music video to boost your brand awareness and reach. Music videos allow your company to adopt a more creative approach to shaping your brand messages and image while keeping your audiences engaged on an emotional level. Done correctly and your music video could potentially go viral online.

Product Placement in Music Videos

Instead of shooting a music video, some brands may consider paying for product placements in music videos by big-name artists like Niki Manaj and PSY. This expands the potential exposure of the product to a wider, more massive audience whom the brand may not have been able to reach out to.

Video from PSY youtube channel.

For instance, in the famous Oppa Gangnam Style video by PSY, a red Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 was featured around 1:42. With the video blowing up to 3.8 billion views over the years, this product placement would have significantly increased the brand reach for Mercedes-Benz and the SLK 200. 

However, product placement in music videos could come at a cost. Depending on how popular the artist is, or how long you would like your product to be showcased, production costs could potentially go up to 6 figures. For smaller businesses, it might be more cost-effective for you if your brand were to show a corporate music video featuring your product instead.

Must Watch Corporate Music Videos

FoodPanda Singapore

Video from FoodPanda.

Food delivery app FoodPanda came up with a rap for their corporate music video. This video was launched on 5th September and has since gathered over 200 thousand views. It was even promoted as a paid advertisement on various media platforms like Youtube and on SMRT trains.

Highlights of the video:

  • This video showcased the wide variety of items that customers could purchase from the app, from cooked food to groceries and even beauty products like masks. Within the short span of 1 minute, this video captured the unique selling point of the Foodpanda app of providing customers with a wide variety of options for their different needs. When shooting a corporate video, we recommend keeping your videos as short as possible to ensure that your viewers do not lose concentration and click away before the end.
  • This video also had the rap lyrics on screen. This provides viewers who are deaf or would otherwise require subtitles to understand the rap lyrics a better viewing experience when watching the music video. If required, we can provide clients with subtitles for their videos.


Video from Mediacorp.

This video by Mediacorp featured a song in English and a rap portion in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Ths video highlighted the different media stations under the company, as well as the different types of content that they can offer to viewers.

Highlights of the video:

  • We liked that this video gave a glimpse into the studios at Mediacorp, which most of us would not get to visit physically. By showcasing their working space, it felt like they were welcoming viewers into the office.

Thai Life Insurance

Video from Thai Life Insurance.

The Thais have always been known for their creative take on advertisements, and this video by Thai Life Insurance lives up to that reputation.

Highlights of the video:

  • The video started off by introducing the woes of an office worker, like overtime and potentially being replaced by AI. In a twist of events, the video presented the brand, Thai Life Insurance, as a “saviour” of employees who could offer them new jobs that were had better benefits and could free them of their current woes. We liked that this twist of events in the music video introduced the job offers by Thai Life Insurance in such a humours and impressionable manner.

When shooting a corporate video, consider addressing your audience’s pain points during the main narrative of your story. This way, you can reach out to your audiences on a deeply personal level. You are also showing your audiences that your brand is dedicated to solving their pain points with your business solution.

Maritime Music Video Production

Maritime Music Video by MPA Singapore, As Seen on MPA Singapore YouTube Channel

Changi Airport Music Video Production

Grab Vietnam

Video from Grab Vietnam.

Rap seems to be a popular genre for music videos in 2020.

This corporate music video by Grab Vietnam was produced to launch its free delivery promotion within the country. To further publicise this promotion, Grab held a contest for it’s users from 11th November to 6th December. During this period, viewers could post a video of themselves on Facebook either rapping to a backing track of this song or dancing/performing to the song. The most popular entry could win a cash prize of 15 million VND (825 SGD).

Highlights of the video:

  • We liked that the key portions of the lyrics were displayed on the screen as motion graphics. Along with the other animations on the video, the text graphics made the video very lively and upbeat, which matches the mood of the song itself.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Video from Ministry of Home Affairs.

Instead of directly promoting themselves, this corporate music video by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was filmed as a dedication for the frontliners fighting Covid-19. MHA sang the evergreen National Day song, We Will Get There, which encouraged frontliners to press on through these difficult times.

Highlights of the video:

  • Throughout the video, MHA also featured the various steps and measures that they had taken to help with the fight of Covid-19. This music video showcased MHA’s prompt response to the pandemic in the areas that they oversaw, like the prison services and the checking of persons under the Stay-Home-Notice.

When filming a music video, consider also highlighting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures and activities that your company has engaged in. Publicising your CSR activities helps to boost your employee’s morales while establishing trust amongst your external stakeholders.

School Music Video Production

Aside from businesses, schools like Hougang Primary School have also been producing music videos as a way to reach out to the community.

Video by Vivid Snaps.

We recently wrote about our experience filming this school music video.

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