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Shopping Mall Video Production in Singapore

With Singapore likely to be moving into Phase 3 soon, it is the best time for shopping malls to produce a corporate video to drive in-store sales. With a professionally produced shopping mall video, shoppers are more likely to be convinced that your shopping mall is a must-visit destination in Phase 3.

Read on to find out more about 7 ideas you can consider when shooting your next shopping mall video.

Table of Contents:

Types of Shopping Mall Videos

Shopping Mall Grand Opening Video

Shopping mall grand opening videos are the best way to establish your mall to potential shoppers and tenants. Some shopping malls even put out animated pre-launch opening videos which give viewers a glimpse into the design of the shopping mall before the actual opening.

The age-old saying that a first impression lasts the longest holds true with grand opening videos. With a successful grand opening video, viewers are more likely to visit your shopping mall during the actual opening.

Shopping Mall Branding Video

Branding videos are essential to any shopping mall marketing strategy. With video content being one of the most influential means of engaging and enticing potential shoppers, branding videos are a powerful tool for shopping malls to ascertain brand awareness and recall.

Shopping Mall Anniversary Video

Shopping mall anniversary videos usually highlight the key achievements of the shopping mall. These videos mention how the shopping mall has been able to achieve these milestones over the years, and show the mall’s dedication to continuing providing a unique shopping experience for their customers in the years to come.

Shopping Mall Holiday Video

Holiday videos can range from a simple greeting video to a full-fledged holiday campaign video. The goal of a shopping mall holiday video is to drive sales prior, during and after the holiday. After all, every retailer wants to cash in on the holiday seasons to attract new customers and boost their sales.

Shopping Mall Sales Video

Do you have a major promotion going on? A video is the most effective way for you to publicise it. With shopping mall sales videos, consider uploading your video onto your various social media platforms to make your video easily shareable amongst your customers. This way, you can also increase the brand reach and awareness of your sales promotion.

Shopping Mall Festive Video

Shopping Mall Event Highlight Video

Concerts, roadshows and public performances are just some of the many events that are held at shopping malls. Shooting an event highlight video helps to prolong the impact of the event as your video can be used for post-event marketing strategies on your website and social media platforms.

While large-scale events like these are not allowed to resume, for the time being, you can also consider having smaller-scaled events like store opening or anniversaries. Regardless of the size of your event, you would still need to have an event videographer to document the highlights of your event. At Vivid Snaps, event highlight videos are our forte. With a portfolio of over 70 events that we have covered, we can help your shopping mall produce the perfect video for your marketing and business needs.

Shopping Mall Safety Video

To gain shoppers confidence as we recover from the pandemic situation in Singapore, you can create a video to illustrate the sanitising efforts around your mall. In this article, you will find a few samples of cleanliness video by various shopping malls in Singapore.

7 Ideas for Shopping Mall Videos

One Raffles Place – Mall Opening Video

Video from One Raffles Place YouTube Channel

Highlights of features we observed from this video:

  • Lots of smiles
  • Slow motion shots of happy moments
  • Video covers shopping, yoga and F&B
  • Wraps up the video with a night exterior photo of the mall

Jem – Mall Opening Video

This grand opening video by Jem gave viewers a glimpse into what they could expect from the mall when it opened in 2013. As the mall was still under construction, the video only provided the artist’s rendering of the various spaces the mall had to offer.

Jewel Changi Airport – Mall Branding/Experience Video

Video from ION Orchard YouTube Channel

Highlights we observed from this video:

  • Drone shot for birds eye view of the mall exterior
  • Prominent feature of luxury brands in the mall
  • Video length: 45 sec

Jewel Changi Airport – Mall Branding/Experience Video

This branding video by Jewel Changi Airport was released recently in November. This could have been timed to attract viewers and potential customers just before the release of the $100 tourism vouchers that Singaporeans above 18 will be receiving soon.

We liked this video’s concept of looking through a kaleidoscope. This concept highlighted the array of colours which shoppers could experience while shopping at Jewel. We also liked that the video emphasized the array of boutiques and amenities available for shoppers to experience.

Downtown East

This shopping mall video by Downtown East featured the new Safe Management Measures that the establishment to keep its residents safe. By being detailed and transparent about the measures the mall has implemented, viewers are more likely to view the mall as a trustworthy establishment that has its customers’ best interests in mind.

Each new Safe Management Measure was introduced with lower thirds, which are text overlays which described the measure. If required, our in-house graphic designer will design these lower thirds and any other motion graphics you need for your video.

The Star Vista

This was a short (and sweet) video by The Star Vista which featured desserts available from various stores in the shopping mall.

Sometimes, shopping mall videos do not have to focus on the shopping mall itself. One video marketing strategy that you can consider is to showcase your tenants and promote their products or services instead. This is actually a win-win situation as your video would be able to drive in-store sales for both the tenants and your shopping mall.

The Clementi Mall

Similar to the video by The Star Vista, this shopping mall video by The Clementi Mall showcased eateries and restaurants that shoppers could visit in the mall. This video highlighted the various outlets which were participating in the mall’s partnership with the e-payment app, FavePay.

Bedok Mall

I want SamGor!

Bedok Mall took an interesting twist on a promotional video featuring a new shop in the shopping mall. By leaving viewers on a cliff hanger at the end of the video, viewers could get the chance to guess who was the new eatery would be opening in the shopping mall soon. Viewers who got the right answer stood the chance to win a $10 dining voucher at the new outlet.

Bedok Mall then revealed the answers in a second, follow up video which properly introduced the new store, TamJai SamGor MiXian.

Raffles City

This year, Raffles City had a tie-up with Swarovski in celebration of the jewellery brand’s 125th anniversary. This shopping mall video showcased the Swarovski brand’s history and brand story over the years while featuring the Christmas tree that both brands have put up to mark this symbolic collaboration.

This holiday video had a time-lapse segment of the Christmas tree being built from the ground up. We recently wrote an article on how you can film a professional event set up time-lapse for your event highlight video.

Wisma Atria – Mall Christmas Video

JEM – Mall Safety Video

Video from JEM YouTube Channel

Keep your safety video short and simple, and include a call to action at the end of your video to prompt your shoppers to visit your mall.

ION Orchard – Mall Safety Video

Video from ION Orchard YouTube Channel

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