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Shopping Mall Video Production in Singapore

With Singapore likely to be moving into Phase 3 soon, it is the best time for shopping malls to produce a corporate video to drive in-store sales. With a professionally produced shopping mall video, shoppers are more likely to be convinced that your shopping mall is a must-visit destination in Phase 3.

Read on to find out more about the types of shopping mall videos that you can consider incorporating into your marketing strategy. 

Corporate Shopping Mall Videographer

If you are looking for a corporate shopping mall videographer, our dedicated team of videographers are ready to help you get started on filming your corporate video.

Drop our project coordinators a message via the message box at the side of the page today, and we will get back to you.

Shopping Mall Videos Produced by Vivid Media

Christmas Campaign Video for The Star Vista

Reference of a Christmas Video for Shopping Mall in Singapore

In this video, our video production team worked with The Star Vista to capture the enchanting Christmas ambiance within the shopping mall. Tasked with producing a pre-Christmas video, our videographers captured the Christmas vibe at the mall.

The final video showcased the mall’s Christmas setup, featuring its decorations and vibrant atmosphere. Through the incorporation of talents, the video portrayed the lively lifestyle vibe of the mall, creating a video that not only celebrated the festive occasion but also served as a powerful branding tool for The Star Vista.

Anniversary Video for PLQ Mall

Video by Vivid Snaps.

Our client Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) celebrated their 1st-year anniversary with a branding video showcasing the many shops and lifestyle experiences that the mall had to offer. 

Our video team provided conceptualisation, production, filming and editing services for PLQ. We are proud to have been the esteemed video production vendor for this project.

Shopping Mall Grand Opening Video 

The following videos are NOT produced by Vivid Media.

Shopping mall grand opening videos are the best way to establish your mall to potential shoppers and tenants. Some shopping malls even put out animated pre-launch opening videos which give viewers a glimpse into the design of the shopping mall before the actual opening.

One Raffles Place Opening

Video by One Raffles Shopping Mall.

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, which opened in 2014, filmed this 30-second video in light of the mall’s grand opening. We liked that this video was less than a minute long, which is perfect for engaging audiences before they lose focus and click away from the video.

Shopping Mall Branding Video

Branding videos are essential to any shopping mall marketing strategy. With video content being one of the most influential means of engaging and enticing potential shoppers, branding videos are a powerful tool for shopping malls to ascertain brand awareness and recall.

ION Orchard Experience

Video by Ion Orchard.

In this video, we liked how ION Orchard featured their luxury brands to highlight the sense of luxury and style that their mall is known for.

Towards the end of the video, we noticed that ION Orchard featured an aerial shot of their shopping mall. If you would like to engage an aerial videographer to film with a drone, we recently wrote more about how you can engage a professional aerial videographer for your corporate video.


Video by Paragon Shopping Centre.

Just like ION Orchard, Paragon also featured an extensive range of luxury brands in their branding video. This is in line with the mall’s brand mission to be the destination of choice for shoppers in search of luxury products and services.

Jurong Point

Video by Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

Jurong Point took a different approach to their branding video by filming it in a point-of-view (POV) style with the camera following the talent as she takes viewers on a tour of the wide array of shops available in the mall. 

We noticed that this video made use of match cuts, which is a cut between two shots where both shots are matched by the talent’s actions. These match cuts were an exciting transition between the different stores that were being featured in the video.

Jewel Changi Airport

Video by Jewel Changi Airport.

This branding video by Jewel Changi Airport was released recently in November. This could have been timed to attract viewers and potential customers just before the release of the $100 tourism vouchers that Singaporeans above 18 will be receiving soon.

We liked this video’s concept of looking through a kaleidoscope. This concept highlighted the array of colours which shoppers could experience while shopping at Jewel. We also liked that the video emphasized the array of boutiques and amenities available for shoppers to experience.

Shopping Mall Anniversary Video

Shopping mall anniversary videos usually highlight the key achievements of the shopping mall. These videos mention how the shopping mall has been able to achieve these milestones over the years, and show the mall’s dedication to continuing providing a unique shopping experience for their customers in the years to come.

ION Orchard 10th Anniversary

Video from ION Orchard.

ION Orchard turns 10!

ION Orchard’s anniversary video was a compilation of birthday wishes by celebrities, influencers, loyal customers and shopping mall partners. We liked that each individual was lighted professionally, similar to how we would set up professional lighting for a corporate speech video.

Shopping Mall Holiday Video

Holiday videos can range from a simple corporate holiday greeting video to a full-fledged holiday campaign video. The goal of a shopping mall holiday video is to drive sales prior, during and after the holiday. After all, every retailer wants to cash in on the holiday seasons to attract new customers and boost their sales.

In Singapore, it seems like Christmas is the most popular time for shopping malls to produce a holiday video to commemorate the season. However, you can consider producing video content for the other holidays as well. 

A True Blue Christmas in Wisma Atria

Video by Wisma Atria.

Paragon Christmas Promo Video

Video by Paragon Shopping Centre.

In these two videos by Wisma Atria and Paragon, we noticed that there were talents involved in the video. We recommend filming your video with talents as the viewers can put themselves in the talent’s shoes and imagine themselves shopping at your shopping mall.

Shopping Mall Sales Video

Do you have a major promotion going on? A video is the most effective way for you to publicise it. With shopping mall sales videos, consider uploading your video onto your various social media platforms to make your video easily shareable amongst your customers. This way, you can also increase the brand reach and awareness of your sales promotion.

ION Orchard Black Friday

Video from ION Orchard.

The best things come in pairs.

ION Orchard’s sales video, filmed in 2020, featured their Black Friday 1-for-1 promotion. 

Bedok Mall

Video by Bedok Mall.

I want SamGor!

Bedok Mall took an interesting twist on a promotional video featuring a new shop in the shopping mall. By leaving viewers on a cliff hanger at the end of the video, viewers could get the chance to guess who was the new eatery would be opening in the shopping mall soon. Viewers who got the right answer stood the chance to win a $10 dining voucher at the new outlet.

Video by Bedok Mall.

Bedok Mall then revealed the answers in a second, follow up video which properly introduced the new store, TamJai SamGor MiXian.

Shopping Mall Event Highlight Video

Concerts, roadshows and public performances are just some of the many events that are held at shopping malls. Shooting an event highlight video helps to prolong the impact of the event as your video can be used for post-event marketing strategies on your website and social media platforms.

All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle 2018

Video by Cathay Cineleisure.

The Cathay’s Ink & Cut 2018

Video by Cathay Cineleisure.

Jem’s The Hip Parade

Video by JEM.

313@Somerset Fashion Swap

Video by 313 Somerset.

Wisma Atria x StyleXStyle: TrailBlazer Awards 2016

Video by Wisma Atria.

When filming an event highlight video, we recommend that your videos are less than 3 minutes long. Most of the event highlight video examples were also less than 3 minutes long (Jem’s video was an exception because they included a long credit roll after the 3-minute mark). This is to ensure that your video is not too long for your viewers, who may be bored and click away before the video ends.

While large-scale physical events like these are not allowed to resume, for the time being, you can also consider having smaller-scaled events like store openings or anniversaries. Regardless of the size of your event, we highly recommend that you engage a professional event videographer to capture the best memories from your event. 

Shopping Mall Safety Video

To gain shoppers confidence as we recover from the pandemic situation in Singapore, you can create a video to illustrate the sanitising efforts around your mall.

Marina Bay Sands: Prevent, Protect and Pursue

Video by Marina Bay Sands.

Lendlease: Safe to Shop!

Video by Landlease.

Downtown East

Video by Downtown East.

ION Orchard – Mall Safety Video

Video from ION Orchard.

As we move into Phase 3 soon, shoppers will want to have a sense of security that your shopping mall has the relevant safe management measures in place for a safer shopping experience.

Shopping Mall Photography

Shopping Mall Timelapse Video
Timelapse video for shopping mall

We provide a comprehensive range of media solutions for our clients. Apart from our video production service, our photographers also help our shopping mall clients with shopping mall photography projects. This ranges from shopping mall day & night facade images, interior and for retail stores.

What Can We Do for Your Shopping Mall Video Production?

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite group photo of our video production team

At Vivid Snaps, shopping mall videos are just one of the many corporate videography services that we offer our clients. We have an experienced team of videographers who have worked with shopping mall clients like Paya Lebar Quarter and Parkway Parade for their videography needs.

If you would like to engage our services, drop our project coordinators a message today!

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