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Live Streaming Your Virtual AGM In Singapore

Since the Covid-19 period, virtual AGMs have become the de facto manner for many companies to hold their AGMs. We believe that virtual AGMs will continue to be beneficial to many companies, even after this Covid-19 period and physical events are allowed to resume.

In this article, we highlight 5 benefits for your business to host a virtual AGM.

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Type of Live Streaming for Virtual AGMs

Fully Remote Live Stream

For fully remote live streaming service, all participants of the live stream will be connecting in remotely. Our team will be present in the meeting to manage the technical aspects of the live stream. Additionally, our in-house graphic designer can also design relevant graphics like lower-thirds to introduce your speakers and a corporate virtual backdrop for your AGM.

This set up allows you to host your AGM without having to worry about sourcing for a physical venue.

Onsite Live Stream

For onsite live streaming service, our technical crew will be at your venue to film all the directors and key personnel present. We will then stream the live webcast to the AGM platform of your choice. All of the participants will be joining in remotely.

Hybrid Live Stream

As the name suggests, a hybrid live stream will involve both onsite participants and participants who join the event remotely. For AGMs, this means that certain members of your panel will be physically present, while other members will join the meeting via live webcast. Your board members can even connect in from an overseas connection if needed.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual AGM

The AGM is more accessible to your stakeholders

Despite the lack of refreshments and physical interactions, a pull factor for your stakeholders for attending a virtual AGM is that they can participate in the meeting from anywhere. Additionally, they now have options to tune in via a live webcast or a toll-free audio-only feed. This saves travelling time for your stakeholders, giving them an extra incentive to participate in the meeting.

Virtual meetings are more cost-effective

For your business, hosting any virtual meeting means that you can save costs on your physical venue. With a virtual AGM, you do not have to provide voting cards, refreshments and physical registration booths amongst other items required. You also cut on the time and budget spent on having to source for a physical venue.

It is easier to track attendance

Virtual AGMs platforms are meant to be highly secure. Every participant who joins the meeting will be provided with their own login credential which has to be verified before the participant can successfully join the meeting. This way, you can ensure that every participant who joins the meeting is a registered stakeholder of your company.

These security measures in place make it easier for you to track and report your attendance rate for the AGM as the system would have done the tabulations for you.

Your virtual AGM platform provides more accurate tabulations

As mentioned, a virtual AGM platform will be able to assist you in keeping track of the required numbers and figures. For instance, the platform would be able to track the online poll results to verify that every stakeholder has voted. This saves you time from having to manually count the ballots, while also preventing human errors in the counting process.

You attract more engaged stakeholders and investors

Of course, virtual AGMs are not comparable to their physical counterparts. Some stakeholders might not like the virtual format and choose not to attend the meeting.

However, the stakeholders and investors who do take the effort to join the meeting despite the lack of a physical venue tend to be more invested in your company’s business. These stakeholders would have taken the time and effort to move over to your virtual platform to engage in the QnA session.

If you would like to learn more about online events, we recently wrote about the dos and don’ts of live streaming a virtual event.

Hybrid AGMs

While virtual AGMs do provide a multitude of benefits for stakeholders and businesses alike, some stakeholders have raised concerns about the board of directors not being transparent enough during the virtual meeting. If this is the case, consider hosting a hybrid AGM instead. 

With the hybrid format, you will have both a physical and virtual audience attending the event. The stakeholders who prefer to ask their QnA live can attend the meeting physically, while stakeholders who are unable to attend the meeting physically can still join via the live webcast or the audio-only feed. 

We recently wrote an article explaining how we can provide live streaming services for your hybrid AGM.

Our technical crew will also ensure that we adhere to the safe distancing measures at your event venue.

Engage Us to Live Stream Your Virtual AGM Today

If you are hosting a virtual AGM, you would want to engage a professional live streaming service provider who can manage the technical aspects of the live stream. This ensures that both your directors and your stakeholders can have a seamless AGM experience. 

At Vivid Snaps, our live streaming technical crew is ready to assist you with your live streaming needs. Drop us a message today and our project coordinators will get back to you.

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