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Corporate Speech Video Production

Corporate speech videos are a necessary form of communication, both internally in your organisation, or externally with customers and stakeholders.

Corporate speech video production is usually straight forward, but it should be executed professionally to maintain a positive reputation of your organisation. 

Read on to find out more about corporate speech video production.

What is A Corporate Speech Video?

A corporate speech video is a type of corporate communications video that is used to document important corporate speeches.

Whether your CEO has to make an announcement to the employees or your PR representative needs to reach out to your external stakeholders, a corporate speech video can help you deliver your speech to the relevant audience without having to arrange for a formal in-person event.

Importance Of a Good Speech

We all know the importance of delivering a professional speech in a corporate setting. Every speech you make, whether it is presented internally or externally, needs to be as clear and well-executed as possible.

Shooting such videos gives the speaker the advantage of not having to deliver the presentation live. With this video format, you can shoot as many takes as your speaker needs to prefect their speech.

You can also do some editing to the final footage before the video is sent out to the relevant stakeholders. This means that minor errors can be cut away from the footage to make the speech much smoother.

We also recommend adding an intro and outro to make your video look more polished. Adding a brand logo to your intro and outro helps to reinforce your business’ branding.

Corporate Speech Video Ideas

1. Minister Speech Video Production

Video taken from SINDA’s YouTube channel. Videography by Vivid Snaps.

This speech by Minister Indranee Rajah, president of the Singapore Indian Development Association, was delivered as a part of the SINDA Excellence Awards 2020 held in late September. Minister Indranee gave her heartfelt congratulations to all the award recipients this year.

Highlights of the video:

  • Lower thirds, which are text graphics added to a video, were used in the beginning to introduce the Minister and her official designation.
  • The video blurred out the background and centred the focus on the Minister. Doing so helps the audience focus on the speech that Minister Indranee was delivering.
  • The video had 2 types of shots, a mid shot of Minister’s upper body and a closer shot with a tighter frame. The close up shots helped to provide emphasis to the more emotional aspects of her speech.
  • A customised motion graphic with sound effects was used as the introduction to the video. If needed, our in-house graphic designer can design the graphics required for your corporate videos.
  • A teleprompter was used in this video, allowing the Minister to read and look straight into the camera lens. We can provide a teleprompter for your talents to read off, making it easier for them to focus on the delivery of their speech.
Video taken from Ministry of National Development

Minister Desmond Lee’s speech about Singapore’s plans to become a City in Nature was filmed at Sungei Buloh Nature Park.

Highlights of the video:

  • The video opened with a birds-eye view of the entire nature park This aerial shot was most likely filmed with a drone. If you would like to read more about aerial videography, we recently wrote an article about the new drone regulations in Singapore.
  • We also liked that the aerial shots in this video showcased the vast landscapes of the various parks, wetlands and green spaces in Singapore. This gave viewers a visual reference of the spaces in Lim Chu Kang and Kranji that the government will be intending to develop in the near future.

2. Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW)

Video taken from Singapore International Energy Week.

This was one of the many corporate interview videos that were produced during the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) earlier in October. Industry leaders in the green energy sectors were brought together for sharing sessions about new opportunities in Singapore.

Highlights of the video:

  • This video was less than 1 minute long. We liked that this video was short and succinct enough to accommodate to viewers’ short attention span. Viewers might end up loosing focus and clicking away from videos which are too long (more than 5 minutes).
  • The speaker, Dr Peng Xiao Yang, was also framed in the upper right hand corner of the video. Dr Peng was framed following the rule of thirds composition guidelines, where his eye line was aligned to the upper third of the video screen. This made Dr Peng look more natural and pleasing to the eye while still standing out from the background.

When framing your speakers, you could consider following the rule of thirds technique if you have an interesting background that you would like the focus on as well. In Dr Peng’s interview video, the SIEW logo was also featured in the background which helped to reinforce the branding of the event.

3. Lazada Thailand

Video from Lazada Thailand’s Linkedin page.

In this speech video, Lazada Thailand shared how they reached out and offered support to their vendors during these trying Covid-19 times.

Highlights of the video:

  • Instead of just listening to the deputy ceo’s speech, this video also had testimonials from Lazada’s vendors who collaborated with them during Covid-19. We liked that the customer testimonials complimented the heartfelt message from Lazada about how they wanted to support the Thai community.

Aside from using shots of the main speaker, your video can also include b-rolls, which are additional video footage which complements the speech topic. B-rolls can help to cover sudden jumps in the audio or video to make the video flow smoother. Lazada Thailand’s video, for example, used their customer testimonials as b-rolls for their video in the middle of their deputy ceo’s speech.

Considerations When Engaging A Professional Videographer

A teleprompter we also use during a video filming

Do you need a teleprompter?

A teleprompter is very helpful for your speaker when you have a relatively long speech. An alternative would be to display cues from your own laptop beside the camera, but the speaker(s) will have to look side-to-side periodically instead of looking straight into the camera.

What kind of background will you use?

Selecting an appropriate background reflecting the contents of your video helps the audience relate better to your content. A new CEO who has just assumed the position could have the office or company logo as their background to match your company branding.

How is the lighting in your filming location?

If your filming area is dark, do inform the production crew beforehand as they have to prepare additional lighting. A site recce might be needed for the crew to test the lighting.

How quiet is your location?

We highly discourage filming at noisy locations that disrupts the audio quality of your presenter’s speech. A professional crew might be able to remove some external disturbances, there is only a limit to how much extra noise can be resolved.

Do you need a makeup artist?

A video production team will be able to provide you with a makeup artist for your shoot.

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