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Corporate Webinar Filming Singapore

There are many reasons you will need a Webinar Filming and video production in Singapore. Our corporate clients worked with us to film and edit corporate Webinar for internal and external use, they are often also purposed for live streaming. In this blog article, we will discuss some of the Webinar use cases we have came across. And perhaps, you will find inspiration for your next Webinar Filming or video production.

Physical events are still not permitted at the time of writing, hence many company events are cancelled. Nonetheless, we can help you to utilise Webinar to continue your corporate communications and outreach.

How can you make use of Webinars for your company:

  • Educating sales employees of new product knowledge
  • Reaching out to new prospects & lead generation
  • Industry sharing

How Are Your Webinar Presented?

There are multitude of ways to present your Webinar, and it depends on what you want to achieve. We will share some ideas here for your consideration. The Webinar hosting can be managed by your end or by us.

Embedding of video player onto a custom microsite

The finished Webinar Recording can be uploaded to a video hosting website, and embedded onto your custom microsite. Your microsite can include other engagement tools or lead generation feature.

Using a Virtual Event platform

We have previous covered about using Hopin for Live Streaming in Singapore, your Webinar can be uploaded or live stream via such a platform. Hopin is not the only platform though. For virtual event platforms with Singapore support, you can look at Micepad and Enavle. These platform have sales & support team in Singapore.

There are also virtual event platform serving a niche audience. We have delivered virtual event live streaming on BrightTALK in Singapore. BrightTALK is commonly used by the technology industry to deliver their Webinars.

Publishing on Intranet

You may Intranet facilities within your organisation, your Webinar or Webinar Series can be published within your Intranet site or a shared drive location. Employees can view the Webinars are their discretion.

Company communication channel

Some companies have subscribed to online services such as Brightcove or Vimeo for intra-company communications. Your internal webinars can be uploaded onto these video hosting platform for easy discovery by your employees.

How is Webinar Filming done in Singapore?

If you are working on a very limited budget, you can film your entire Webinar using a laptop with screen recording and webcam. But clients who look for us are looking more high quality production or have specific requirements. For most webinar filming, our Webinar Video Production crew will usually conduct the video filming at your office conference room or its vicinity. Alternatively, you can also choose to filming your Webinar using a green screen at our studio.

Typically, our crew consist of 3 to 6 people including videographer, sound-man and producer. We will mic up your presenters, setup adequate lighting and frame your video appropriately. A typical Webinar Filming session takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on your content or number of re-takes.

Remote Webinar Filming from Singapore

Presenter Dali standing next to Dr Satoshi Fujita who is calling remotely
Webinar presenter interacting with a remote presenter in Japan

The experts that you are inviting to your Webinar may be stationed overseas, and that’s not a problem. Our video production crew can conduct remote recording, whether your remote presenter is at home or in a studio. Our video production setup can also allow your local presenters to interact with your remote presenters, and even engage in a real time panel discussion. We have done this in a pre-recorded format, and also a live streaming format.

Webinar Video Editing & Customised Graphics Overlays

What really differentiates a professionally produced Webinar as opposed to something you will record on Zoom, is the high quality presentation. Our videographers are using professional high-end camera and lenses for your Webinar Recording. And your video is post-processed with customised graphics overlay that carry your branding. These graphics will be worked on by our in-house designer.

Using A Teleprompter For Webinar Filming

Two teleprompters side by side
A camera mounted, mirror type teleprompter commonly used for Webinar Filming

Your Webinar is likely to be about 60 mins long, and not many presenters can memorise every bit of their script. Which makes having a teleprompter much more convenient. We have 2 main types of teleprompter, the most used being the camera-mounted type. Where a see-through mirror reflects the content on a LCD screen. When your presenter maintains eye contact with the teleprompter, it’s as if he is looking straight into the lens.

Alternatively, if you prefer really huge text, or your script simple contains pointers for your actual presentation. You can consider using a TV prompter. This usually sits beside our camera lenses, or it can be placed at an angle natural to your presenter. Either way, when you engage our teleprompter service, we will also provide a teleprompter operator to work the teleprompter for your Webinar Filming.

Have Questions About Webinar Filming & Production?

Our team have worked with many clients for Webinar Video Production, we help provide solutions and advice based on your specific needs. Our team is versatile and ready to tailor our solutions to your needs. With that, drop us a message to kickstart a discussion, we can make your Webinar a success.

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