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Video Podcast Production in Singapore

According to Edison Research, global podcast listeners have grown 37.5% from 2017 to 2020 — and this percentage is expected to increase steadily over the next decade. Between January and September of 2020, there was also a 51% increase in the international podcast inventory and a 22% increase in the rate of podcast creation. 

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, many brands are hopping on the bandwagon and producing their own content to target prospective customers. Make room, Emails, blogs and social media! Video podcasting is on its way to becoming an essential digital marketing strategy.

Our Video Podcast Production Team

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Composite group photo of the Vivid Media team

Our team serves primarily corporate clients and organisations. We produce standard communication videos and work on creative video production when storytelling is needed.

The members of our team consists of:

When you engage our team for video podcast production, your main point of contact will be our Producer, who manages your projects. And our videographers will execute filming, sound, lighting and directing of your recording.

What is a Video Podcast?

The definition of a podcast is the recording of an audio discussion on a specific topic or theme. It is episodic in nature. A video podcast is then the visual presentation of a podcast that can be distributed on YouTube or any supporting website.

Types of Video Podcasts

In the category of Video Podcasts, the productions take on many different styles and we endeavour to explore the popular ones in this section, so you can reference on which type of video production works for your business.

Static Image

The first way of making a video podcast is to simply use cover art. While this is the easiest method, it is also the least likely to perform well on platforms such as YouTube, which dislikes static content.

If you do opt for this route, however, try designing custom artwork per episode of the show or have a short title video loop instead.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Static Image on a Podcast Video hosted on YouTube
Reference screenshot of a video podcast hosted on YouTube that uses an image as the video.

Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, the Stuff You Should Know podcast has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes since its debut in 2008.

Animations & Illustrations in Podcasts

One way to make your podcast more dynamic is to create an animation to accompany the audio content. Adding a visual aid keeps listeners’ attention on the screen. This method is typically used for video podcast trailers rather than full-length episodes, as animating a full-length podcast can incur heavy costs.

Motherhacker Podcast Trailer

Video from Gimlet Media

The Ricky Gervais Show

Video courtesy of HBO Entertainment

The Ricky Gervais Show is a British comedy radio show starring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington that was adapted into a podcast and animated series. The ran for 39 episodes and three seasons before ending in 2012.


A solo show is how many new podcasters start. This format may be taxing on the individual, but it forms an unparalleled level of connection with the audience because it is just you and them.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Video courtesy of Dan Carlin

A former radio presenter, Dan Carlin is now the solo host of three popular independent podcasts: Hardcore History, Hardcore History: Addendum, and Common Sense.

The Sarah Silverman Podcast

Video courtesy of Sarah Silverman

Talking Heads / In-Studio

This is the most common video podcast format, and it makes sense because conversation always works better in the context of a physical space and speakers’ facial expressions.

Also known as an in-studio video podcast production, the recording can take place within the confines of a professional production space, a DIY home studio or even a comfy living room couch.

If you have the budget, we recommend rolling multiple camera angles to give yourself options during editing and to highlight whoever is talking.

Mamak Sessions

Video podcast by JinnyBoyTV

Confidently Insecure Podcast

Video courtesy of Kelsey Darragh

Remote & Virtual Recording in Podcasts

Remote recordings have been part of the podcast culture for a long time. But in 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a big spike in the number of podcasts recorded on tools like Zoom, and Skype.

For remote interviews, the host and guest’s video feeds are recorded and layered on top of a custom background. Including elements such as lower thirds, slides and screen sharing will make your video podcast more engaging.

The Lifeguide Show

Talk show produced by Vivid Snaps

In the pilot episode of‘s talk show, three financial advisors in Singapore shared insights and stories about their occupation. Since the production was fully remote, we made sure to incorporate the following interactive elements:

  • Branded virtual background
  • Custom Lower Thirds
  • Live Comment Moderation
  • Q&A Session
  • Multistream to YouTube and Facebook
The Lifeguide Show podcast on Spotify

The live stream was then trimmed and released as an audio podcast for wider social reach.

#NotTooDeep Podcast

Video courtesy of Grace Helbig

Unlocked Podcast

Video courtesy of IGN

Why You Should Start a Video Podcast

Here are 5 benefits of a video podcast:

  • You are Seen and Heard
    People respond better to information when it is conveyed to them using more than one sense. Video podcasts combine the best of both worlds — auditory and visual learning.
  • Video Podcasts Can Boost SEO
    Studies have shown that video posts receive almost 300% more inbound links, likes, shares and comments than non-video posts. This boost in social signals is excellent for SEO.
  • Less Competition
    With only 17% of all podcasters opting to record a video along with their audio, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to set yourself apart from other content creators and reach new audiences by creating an interactive, visually appealing video podcast.
  • Builds Trust
    Being able to put a face to your voice helps people feel closer to you. Keeping the consistency and quality of your video podcasts high also develops familiarity, trust and a sense of attachment with your brand.
  • Promotes Growth
    Video podcasts are a wonderful way of learning about new perspectives and insights from guest experts.

Popular Video Podcast Genres

Society and Culture in Video Podcasts

Yah Lah But… by Ministry of Funny

Video courtesy of MOF

Hush Podcast by Clarity

Video courtesy of itsclarityco

Something Private Podcast

Video courtesy of Something Private

Business in Video Podcasts

Open For Business Podcast

Video courtesy of eBay

Beyond the Valley

Video courtesy of CNBC International

The Financial Coconut

Video courtesy of The Financial Coconut

Comedy in Video Podcasts

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Video courtesy of Team Coco

Comedy Bang Bang

Video courtesy of Earwolf

News and Politics in Video Podcasts

Political Agenda

Video courtesy of New Naratif

Pod Save America

Video courtesy of Crooked Media

Health in Video Podcasts

Health Check by The Straits Times

Video courtesy of The Straits Times

On Your Mental Podcast

Video courtesy of On Your Mental

Sports in Video Podcasts

SG Sports Uncut

Video courtesy of SG Sports TV


Video courtesy of Showtime Basketball

Food in Video Podcasts

Tapau Please

Video courtesy of

Taste Buds

Video courtesy of No Presh Network

How to Start a Video Podcast

Choose a Topic

Think about what your niche and who your target audience is. This will greatly influence the concept, execution and episode length of your show.

Decide on the Format

Do you have a friend, business partner, or colleague you want to co-host with?

Co-hosts can keep you on track when on-air and share the workload of scripting, editing and promoting the podcast. Just be sure that all of you are in it for the long run. Alas if someone does decide to bow out, be comforted in the fact that transitioning to another format is fairly easy.

Record Your Video Podcast

Setup for In-Studio Filming

The simplest way to produce a podcast is using a basic video camera and portable audio recorder. Here is an equipment list for your reference:

  • Mirrorless Camera – Sony A5100
  • Microphone –  Samson Q2U
  • Audio Recorder – Zoom H6 
  • Headphones – Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
  • Lighting – Dazzne D50 Video Lighting Kit

Look for a dedicated space to record that is preferably quiet plus has sound-dampening furniture like rugs or couches. Switch off any electrical appliances that are too noisy.

Investing some energy (and money) into your dedicated space by adding branding and props will further elevate the production value of your podcast.

Setup for Remote Filming

The most straightforward of recording a remote podcast is to utilise video conferencing software like Zoom, which provides you with a combined audio and video file.

For high-fidelity audio, go with a tailored solution like Iris or SquadCast.

Direct your remote callers on where is the nicest background with good lighting that they can position themselves in front of.

Share Your Final Product

YouTube is the leading website for video podcasts. With over 2 billion monthly users, it doubles as a massive search engine too.

Tips to improve SEO on YouTube:

  • Thumbnail
    Boost the click-through rate to your videos with a custom thumbnail and gripping title.
  • Description
    Summarise the content and link to resources that add context to your video.
  • Tags
    Add relevant tags to help the algorithm determine what your video is about.
  • Video Chapters, Info Cards, and End Screens
    Add timestamps in the description box to automatically add chapter summaries to your video and add Info Cards and End Screens that link to your other videos.

All of the above promote your content and could lead to YouTube generating a lot more views on your channel.

But who said we are stopping at YouTube? Do take advantage of other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to market your video podcast as well.

Consistency is Key

Now that you have an idea of what video podcasting is all about, let us write you our value proposition.

A fundamental consideration of video podcast production is the cost and consistency of the series. It might be cheapest to do it yourself, but paying for the expertise of a professional team will save you valuable time, hassle and money down the line.

Our Video Podcast Production Studio Space

We offers a complimentary green screen studio rental when you engage our video production services.

Green Screen Studio For Video Production Singapore
Vivid Snaps Studio Space with an approx. 5m wide backdrop
Vivid Snaps Studio Space with available high table and chairs

Studio Space for Video Podcast Production

Advantages of Renting a Studio Space

  • Access to high-quality video and lighting equipment
  • Controlled noise environment
  • Allows for quick changes or additions
  • Stable internet connection
  • Polished set design

Advantages of Green Screen Filming

  • Insert branding wherever you want
  • Flexibility to choose any setting
  • Save time and cost by digitally altering your set
  • Consistent lighting
  • Extended usability — as long as you have the raw footage, you can repurpose clips and make changes in the future
Before chroma key
After chroma key and background replacement

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