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Customer Testimonial Video Production in Singapore

Customer testimonial video production is an important passive persuasion tool which can be used as part of a company’s marketing strategy. Consumer trust can be built when a company’s products and services are socially testified in customer reviews by unbiased sources.

Read on to find out more about customer testimonial video production and some ideas you can take away for your marketing.

What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video is an existing user of a brand’s product or service sharing their journey and experience with the brand through a video. Capturing a customer’s experience with your brand could be the best marketing tool in terms of gaining the trust of your potential consumers.

The key to crafting a customer testimonial video that will gain the trust of viewers is to be authentic. Companies usually aim to capture an existing consumer’s journey and experience in their own words and ways. Consumers are more likely to trust the customer testimonial when they feel that it is not scripted or directed towards an advertisement.

How are Customer Testimonial Videos Used for Marketing?

Companies upload customer testimonial videos on their websites and social media platforms as part of their marketing. Videos are able to reach many potential consumers who are online users or are interested to know more about a brand. Potential consumers might have come across a brand’s product or service through an advertisement. However, testimonials videos are usually the last step before a customer decides to purchase a product or service.

Customer testimonial videos humanises a brand and builds credibility. It creates an avenue for potential consumers to see a brand’s products and services in action and how it impacts another consumer’s life.

Customer testimonial videos are a non-hard sell way of promoting a brand’s products and services. Consumers are more likely to be persuaded to purchase a product or service when it is recommended by a fellow peer. The video factor enables them to see and hear it straight from the mouths of other consumers.

Customer Testimonial Video Production

How Does Customer Testimonial Video Production Work?

Customer testimonial videos are usually produced by a professional videographer hired by the company. Providing a professional outlook with quality visuals and audio are factors that could add to a brand’s image.

Customer testimonial video production begins with finding suitable candidates for the video. There a few places and ways to source for satisfied customers of a brand’s products. The first place to look is on online review sites. There may already be people reviewing those products on Google, Facebook, Yelp and many more sites.

Satisfied customers could also be sending direct messages sharing their positive experiences with the products and services they acquired. By reaching out to these existing consumers, they could become the talents of the testimonial video.

Writing a script for them is not necessary. Testimonial videos should be presented in a question and answer format, where customers share their journey and experience with a brand in the most personal and authentic way. Potential consumers are more likely to be persuaded through a customer testimonial video when they can relate to the featured existing customer.

Here are some questions as a guide when producing a customer testimonial video:

  • Who are you and what do you do? This makes your existing customers relatable to the viewers of your video.
  • How long have you been using our product or service? Existing customers who have used the product or service for a long time increases a brand’s credibility.
  • What problem were you looking to solve? This helps the viewers relate to the existing customer in the video.
  • How has our product or service helped you solve the problem? This allows the existing customer to share their journey and experience with the brand.
  • Why do you recommend these products or services? This affirms viewers that these existing consumers recommend the featured product or service.

Ideas for Customer Testimonial Videos

There is no fixed way on how to present a customer testimonial in a video. Customer testimonial videos can come in many forms and can be tailored to a brand’s consumer journey. Different consumer use a brand’s products and services differently. Capturing different uses and impacts of a brand’s product or service on consumers could bring your potential consumers valuable insights.

Here are a few ideas and concepts to follow when creating a customer testimonial video:

  • Featuring Different Existing Consumers: This enables more viewers to relate to the featured existing consumers and the problems that the products or services can solve.
  • Focusing on the Consumer Journey: Building a narrative and highlighting the existing consumers journey to the viewers bring out the full experience a brand can offer.
  • Demonstrate Customer Exclusivity: Show examples of how the brand prioritises customer service and how they have followed up with their existing customers. This encourages viewers to want to be part of the brand as well.
  • Before and After Testimonial: This is the best way to show the dramatic impact a brand’s products and services can have on a consumer.
  • Involving Credible Talents: Involving influencers and professional reviewers to do unboxing and review videos could capture their genuine reactions which could influence their followers and supporters to give the product or service a try as well.

Good Examples of Customer Testimonial Videos in Singapore

1) Client Testimonial for Interior Designer – Max Yeoh

Video by CARPENTERS 匠 Interior Design Services in Singapore

This is a quality example of a testimonial video that was well thought out and executed. The interviews done with the satisfied customers were of good audio and video quality. The questions asked were valid and gave the clients sufficient opportunity to describe the process of working with Max.

2) Thermomix Unboxing and Review Video Featuring Singapore Chef Joe Leong

Video by Thermomix

This unboxing and review video is a good example of a testimonial video which involves credible talents. Featuring Singapore Chef Joe Leong gives the brand more credibility as it is endorsed by a chef. Viewers are more likely to be convinced when products are recommended and receive good reviews from credible sources.

3) CREG Customer Testimonial Video

Video by Easy Video Singapore

This customer testimonial video was done in a customer journey format. There was a good variety of B roll footage which really added to the words that were being said from the employees of the featured organisation. There was also a good variety of people from the featured company which was a customer of CREG who gave their input in the video. There was also a list of clients that CREG supplies resources to at the end of the video which increases the credibility of the brand.

4) Toyota Owner Stories

Toyota Owner Stories is a series of videos comprising of various customer testimonials from satisfied Altis customers.

We liked that the videos in this series were short and sweet enough to capture audience’s attention while driving the point across in a straightforward manner. Each testimonial felt genuine and personable, which would be enticing to any potential buyer of a Toyota.

5) Lazada Thailand

(Credits: Lazada on Linkedin)

Instead of having a whole video dedicated to their customer testimonial, Lazada Thailand’s video incorporated the customer testimonial segment into their deputy ceo’s corporate speech video. The customer testimonials were used as real life examples to substantiate their Covid-19 outreach programme to aid smaller businesses in the region.

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