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Recruitment Video Production in Singapore

Creating a recruitment video is crucial to every company’s talent acquisition strategy. Recruitment video production which is done well allows companies to offer an authentic picture of their mission, core values, people and culture to job seekers.

Read on to find out more about recruitment video production and some ideas you can take inspiration from.

What is a Corporate Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is used by companies who are looking to employ new talents through a video, which is usually not longer than 3 minutes. The basic purpose of a recruitment video is to educate viewers about the company and gain the interest of job seekers. A well crafted recruitment video should be able to convince viewers to apply for a job interview with the company once the 3 minutes of video is over.

These are a list of things that should be covered in a recruitment video:

  • Include a call-to-action for viewers to learn more or apply for the job
  • Include a spokesperson and fellow employees in the video
  • Express how your company is impacting the community
  • Express your company’s culture and work environment
  • Address commonly asked questions from candidates
  • Explain your company’s mission and core values
  • Explain job scopes and company roles clearly
  • Basic information of your company
  • Highlight work-life balance

Why are Companies Using Recruitment Videos in Their Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Recruitment videos are usually uploaded on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to reach online users and potential employees. These videos are also usually embedded on company’s professional websites for interested job seekers to view.

Recruitment videos have risen in popularity among companies and businesses for a few reasons. Firstly, recruitment videos appeal to the younger generation of talents. Companies who successfully poach talented and fresh young candidates from the talent pool most likely got their attention from a recruitment video posted online on their website or on social media.

Secondly, video is the new age that is taking over the traditional way of talent acquisition. Recruitment videos umbrella important details and visualise the look, feel, and authenticity of your company in a way that will intrigue potential candidates to learn more. This is as compared to the old methods of physical brochures, uploading posters online and through email.

Thirdly, recruitment videos reach a larger audience and are able to keep the attention of the viewers. Many companies are making use of the rise in multimedia practices where content is uploaded to more than one social media platform to gain the largest audience possible. Recruitment videos that are ranked highly and easy to search for will ultimately reach the highest amount of people.

How Does Recruitment Video Production Work?

Recruitment videos are usually a company’s first impression to potential candidates. Thus, these videos are usually produced with a professional videographer to portray the most professional image of your company.

The first few seconds of the video are always the most important. Creating a good first impression within the first few seconds of the video invites the viewer to carry on watching and will most likely result in their interest to find out more about the company.

The fact you are reading this article means you are a growing company, and you are serious about finding the right talent.

Recruitment video production is similar to any other corporate video production. It requires proper planning and clear visualisation of the messages intended for the audience to pick up.

If you would like to learn more about corporate video production, you can read our latest article on the 15 types of corporate videos a marcom professional should know.

Here are a few tips on recruitment video production:

  • Hire a professional corporate videographer to produce the video
  • Showcase company culture and the working environment
  • Interview employees about their morale in the company
  • Rehearse a few times before the actual shoot
  • Showcase snippets of employees at work
  • Plan out a clear and concise script

Ideas for Recruitment Videos

Creating a unique and attention grabbing recruitment video can help to set your company apart from the rest. Since the purpose of a recruitment video is to gain a potential candidate’s interest to your company, putting in the effort to create a well thought out recruitment video is important.

Here are a list of ideas you can take inspiration from:

  • Interview employees with great working experience with your company. Potential candidates are more likely to believe the contents of your recruitment video when it is presented with testimonials by your employees.
  • Demonstrate company culture in a fun way. Avoid boring corporate business language and long sentences in the video. Don’t be afraid to add in comedy in your recruitment video. Use eye-catching visuals and captions to go along with the content of the video. It is also important that the people featured in the video have positive energy that can be felt by the viewers.
  • Documentary-style of employees at work. Including snippets of the working environment and employees at work in the video helps the viewers get a better idea of what their job scopes could cover and how their working environment will be like.
  • Have a mini office tour. Showing the potential candidate around the office virtually helps to convince them that your company’s working environment is good for them.
  • Film it professionally. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to create a positive impression with your potential candidates. Planning out the production thoroughly and leaving the videography work to a professional is the best way to get results from a recruitment video.
  • Have a storyline. Including a storyline in your recruitment videos could be more engaging to the online audience. Instead of just plain explaining, you could include characters or an overall theme to your recruitment video.

Talent Recruitment Campaign Video Production by Vivid Snaps

Commercial Real Estate Recruitment Video Production Singapore

Interview & b-roll video filming & post-production for talent campaign in Singapore

This is a classic example of a more common type of recruitment video. It is short and sweet, but gives an overall summary of the job scope. It includes b-rolls of the employee taking part in her activities with confidence, and of daily activities that give a gist of the Job’s routine.

Recruitment Video Filming featuring Interviews in Singapore

Interview & b-roll video filming & post-production for talent campaign in Singapore

This is more of a Question and Answer style video, with the employee speaking about her experiences based on a timeline of events. These kind of videos tend to feel more personal as the audience hear about the life journey, which they can connect with. It includes b-rolls of her interacting with her colleagues as well, which gives us a clearer sense of her work environment.

Biotech Recruitment Video Production Singapore

Interview & b-roll video filming & post-production for talent campaign in Singapore

This video is a collation of interviews of different staff. It is fast paced, which would keep the viewers’ attention. It is informative and shows the perspectives of the different employees. We get to see the people of different departments come together and share their experiences that are motivational.

3 Good Examples of Recruitment Videos in Singapore

MOE Commercial – Madam Pua

Education & School Recruitment Video by MOE Singapore (Not Produced by Vivid Snaps)

Here is a good example of a professionally produced recruitment video. The MOE commercial had a heart warming storyline, which touches on human emotion and demonstrates the impact a job as a teacher could have. Though it is not a conventional method of producing a recruitment video, it has the virality factor which will likely be shared by online users.

Workforce Singapore Recruitment Video

Video by Workforce Singapore (Not Produced by Vivid Snaps)

This video showcased a first-person experience accompanied by a narrator to demonstrate a day-in-the-life concept video. This grabs the attention of viewers and keeps them intrigued to continue watching to find out more on the employees job scope. The video was also accompanied by a call to action at the end.

OBS Instructor Recruitment Video

Instructor Recruitment Video by National Youth Council Singapore (Not Produced by Vivid Snaps)

This video by NYC Singapore showcased detailed job scopes of an OBS instructor. It also expresses how the job of an OBS instructor impacts the community and lives of others. The employees featured in the video share a positive energy which gives the video a very light-hearted impression. The video displayed the organisation’s culture, core values and mission well.

DE&I in Recruitment Videos

Companies are constantly innovating their DE&I policies, by constructing a more equitable and supportive workplace for all employees. These policies can be included in your videos, so as to inform your audience about your company’s efforts in creating a more inclusive environment.

DE&I stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  • Diversity: All the ways in which people differ.
  • Equity: Fair Treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people. One’s identity cannot predict the outcome.
  • Inclusion: A variety of people have power, a voice, and decision-making authority.

We may identify someone as diverse, but at often times, we might just be referring to someone who’s “outside the majority” or “different from the dominant group”. This doesn’t just restrict to race and gender. There are plenty types of diversity like “Age”, “Professional Experience”, “Family and Marital Status” that we often tend to overlook.

Diversity is viewed from a different angle by different generations, like how the millennial generation considers it as a combination of different backgrounds, and the older generation considers it as more of an equal and fair representation. What it actually is, is not about race or socioeconomic status, but more about understanding, accepting and valuing those differences.

At often times, we might confuse equity with equality but they aren’t the same. Equality is creating the same environment with the same resources for everyone. Equity is recognizing the different circumstances of each person and granting the resources for them to reach the equal outcome.

Representation can be present, but that does not equal to inclusion. Inclusion allows people to feel a sense of belonging and value with their settings. An example of this is having longstanding gender norms and salary discrepancies despite women being well represented at a senior management level.

Diverse work environments will encourage more job seekers to reach out to your company with confidence. The policies and changes do not have to only be the big ones. Many initiatives can be done on a daily basis, so as to bring in a consistent change instead of a sudden and drastic one.

Below are some things that can be incorporated in your video,

  • Converting Job Description to Gender-Neutral Language. Change the “he/his/him” in your job descriptions to gender-neutral pronouns like “they” and avoid using gender-coded words like “aggressive” that might cause hesitance to the female applicants.
  • Write results-based job descriptions. According to studies, Men will apply for a job even if they meet just 60% of the job qualifications, but women will only apply if they meet 100% of them. Job descriptions should focus on what the new hire will be expected to achieve during their time at the company instead of a list of skills that the company is looking for.

Talent Recruitment Campaign Video with DE&I Incorporated

Interview & b-roll video filming & post-production for talent campaign in Singapore

DE&I is a policy that is gaining more and more importance. This video is a good example of incorporating such a policy. Su Chen in the video shares about her pursuits, and also speaks about her team and the ways in which they are diverse. She explains about its advantages. This will allow for the viewers to feel the inclusive the work environment of the company.

Video References displaying DE&I Policies

DE&I at Dulwich College (Singapore) (Not Produced by Vivid Snaps)

This is an example of a video that’s been dedicated to just speaking about DE&I. It presents to us interviews of children’s understandings of the concept and their interactions with one another. The teachers share their efforts towards practicing and appreciating DE&I and comparisons of how life was before it was established.

DE&I at PwC (Not Produced by Vivid Snaps)

In this example, it shows the common concerns of employees and shows how it’s resolved together. This normalizes the fear of being left out and creates a space to be open about the employee’s concerns. It shows diverse people holdings discussions together, which promotes inclusion.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Recruitment Videos

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