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Government Video Production in Singapore

Government video productions are an essential form of communication, whether within your organisation or to a target audience. These videos are usually executed professionally to maintain an organisation’s reputation and to effectively deliver the intended message.

Read on to find out more about the different types of Government video production.

Types of Government Video Production

Public Service Announcement Videos

A PSA (Public Service Announcement) video is a short informational clip meant to raise awareness about an important issue. Exemplary PSA videos should be supported by facts, have clear and comprehensible messages and capture the audience’s attention.

COVID-19 Vaccination & Safe Management Measures

Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

This is a public service announcement video by the Government of Singapore aimed to educate the public on the facts about vaccination and safe management measures. Featuring two well-known local celebritiesJean Danker and James Seah, having a familiar face makes it easier for viewers to relate to the video. Thus, the message is also delivered more effectively.

The Coolest Hand Wash Guide

Video extracted from HPBsg YouTube channel

This video was posted by Health Promotion Board Singapore to promote proper handwashing techniques. Instead of the typical explainer video format, HPB decided to create a short music video with catchy lyrics and dance steps to teach viewers how to properly wash their hands.


Video extracted from National Crime Prevention Council YouTube channel

Instead of depicting the consequences of scams, this video uses parody by presenting typical scammers as award nominees in a visual style reminiscent of Mediacorp’s Star Awards that resonates with local viewers.

At the end of the video, the award winner uses his acceptance speech as a platform to remind all viewers to be wary of all scammers.

Ah Lian Has a Toothache

Video extracted from Singapore Civil Defence Force YouTube channel

Famous local artiste Michelle Chong plays two roles in this video. One as Ah Lian, her well-known online persona, and the other as a SCDF officer responding to emergency calls.

After pricking herself with a toothpick, Ah Lian decides to call 995, but the officer reminds her that the 995 hotline is only for emergencies and that she should have called the non-emergency case hotline or simply gone to a nearby clinic for further assessment.

Explainer Video Production

Good explainer videos address a specific problem and offer solutions. They often include a strong Call To Action (CTA) at the end that clearly states what they wish for their intended audience to do afterwards.

Pre-Event COVID-19 Testing 

Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

As events and conventions resume, it is crucial to inform Singaporeans about the importance of pre-event testing. Hence, the Ministry of Health has created an explainer video that demonstrates the step-by-step procedure to follow in order to attend such gatherings safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Josephine Teo on Retirement and CPF

Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

This explainer video is a little different than most. Instead of using point form or step-by-step explanations, the video uses a question and answer format to explain the subject matter.

It is also more light-hearted than the previous example, with Singaporeans sitting down with then Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo to debunk CPF and retirement-related questions. This improves the video’s effectiveness because viewers feel represented by the Singaporeans in the video, and the questions are addressed by a respected figure.

SGSecure: Run Hide Tell (Public Transport)

Video extracted from MHA Singapore YouTube channel

SGSecure is Singapore’s community response to terrorism threats. It is a movement to strengthen our community’s resilience and a call to action for everyone in our multi-racial, multi-religious society to work together to protect Singapore and our way of life. 

This video demonstrates what the general public should do if they are subjected to a terrorist attack while using public transportation. It clearly visualises and explains the 3 main points of Run, Hide and Tell in the event of an attack and how these steps can help to save lives.

Short Film Production

Short films produced by government agencies are commonly intended to commemorate a specific festival or to pay tribute to a specific group of people. There are also times when they use short films to emotionally connect with the public in order to compel them to take specific actions.

All for One, It Starts With You

Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

This film tells the story of three friends who grew up together and raised their children in a Kampung (Malay for village). Their bond remains strong throughout the years, proving that there is nothing they would not do for each other and their families.

The touching video serves as a reminder to all Singaporeans and their loved ones to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.


Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

For Chinese New Year 2020, the Ministry of Communications and Information released this three-minute short film about a father and son who have large, identical facial birthmarks. The goal was to commemorate the Spring Festival by paying tribute to the Merdeka Generation’s unconditional and often unnoticed acts of love for their families. 

Documentary Video

Documentaries aim to capture certain aspects of reality. This can be done for the purposes of education, preservation or entertainment. They typically connect with the audience through a combination of interviews, re-enactment, and real-life footage.

SGSecure Short Films Episode 5: Supt (NS) Azman and Supt (NS) Ow

Video extracted from of MHA Singapore YouTube channel

This series of videos is inspired by true stories, providing a glimpse into what inspired these Singaporeans to step up in hopes of making a difference.

In this episode, two educators talk about how they voluntarily extended their National Service with the Singapore Police Force to share SGSecure knowledge with the community.

Home Team After Dark – Fire Evidence Specialist

Video extracted from MHA Singapore YouTube channel

This video follows Fire Evidence Specialist (FES), WO1 June Yap and finds out what it takes to do the job. Aside from the interview, it also includes cutaways of her working in the field, allowing viewers to understand what June does during operations and the risks she faces on the job.

Everyday Leaders – Supt Koh (ICA)

Video extracted from MHA Singapore YouTube channel

This video documents true facts about the people, places, and events that Senior Assistant Commander (Ground Ops), Supt. Koh encounters during his work leading a team of officers at the Tuas Checkpoint.

The slow motion hero shot at the end is befitting of the video’s theme of “Everyday Leaders”.

Government Interview Video

Interviews are the best way of getting information straight from the source. They provide a personal or professional opinion from a subject matter expert, while adding a human quality to the video that builds trust.

MOE Kindergarten: Day One as a Centre Head – Ms Jesslyn

Video extracted from MOE Singapore YouTube channel

This interview features Ms Jesslyn discussing how the enriching environment of MOE Kindergarten supports her personal journey of growth as she develops her teachers. What makes this video unique is its use of 2D animation in conjunction with real-life footage. Not only does it make the video fun and interesting to watch, it fits the youthful theme too!

MSF Volunteer & Partner Awards – Dr Anamah Tan

Video extracted from MSFCares YouTube channel

Dr. Anamah Tan, recipient of the “Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer” award for her contributions, sits down for an interview with MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development). This video was edited with an old film strip overlay of past photos to create a nostalgic vibe.

Experts Explain – Influencers Ask About the COVID-19 vaccines

Video extracted from govsg YouTube channel

To encourage citizens to get vaccinated and reassure them of allergic reactions, the Government invited disease specialist Dr. Leong Hoe Nam to explain the topic to four of our favourite local influencers — Mark Lee, Syafiqa, Kishan and Chiou.

Cute graphics, funny sound effects and the use of “Singlish” make this a simultaneously entertaining and informative video.

Government Schemes Video

Every year, the Government launches many schemes to help less privileged Singaporeans. Government Scheme Videos not only publicise the schemes so citizens know if they are eligible to apply, but also serve as a platform for recipients to share their stories and encourage others who might be in the same situation.

People’s Association – MacPherson CC 

Interview story video filming and production by Vivid Snaps

This video highlights one of the public schemes offered by the People’s Association to eligible MacPherson residents. It features residents who have benefitted from the scheme thanks to the assistance of Macpherson Community Centre.

Back to School Festival 2020

Interview story video filming and production by Vivid Snaps

This video features a beneficiary of the SINDA’s Back To School Festival (BTSF). BTSF assists 3,500 disadvantaged students by providing them with school kits and vouchers to help them prepare for the new school year.

Our KidSTART Journey

Video extracted from MSFCares YouTube channel

The KidSTART Programme enables children from low income families to have a better start in life. In this video, parents share their difficulties and how the programme has helped them. Cutaways of the parents engaging in activities with their children and of the families smiling with their KidSTART Practitioners make the video more heart-warming and relatable to viewers.

Speech Video Production

Speeches are the most straightforward method of delivering a message. Government agencies tend to favour video recordings for the chronicling and widespread distribution of their important speeches.

Speech by Minister Chan Chun Sing

Video courtesy of MOE Singapore YouTube channel

This speech by Minister Chan Chun Sing was incorporated into the Teachers’ Conference and Excel Fest 2021. Due to the length of this speech, it was possibly filmed using a camera mounted teleprompter, assisting the Minister in delivering the content-heavy speech smoothly.

By recording with two cameras, it allows the Minister room for error or even a short break. The second angle also gives the editor the ability to cut to a close-up angle during key moments of the Minister’s speech.

Congratulatory Message by Minister Indranee Rajah

Minister video filming and production by Vivid Snaps

This speech by Minister Indranee Rajah, President of the Singapore Indian Development Association, was delivered as part of the SINDA Excellence Awards 2020.

When filming, we used a glass teleprompter so that Ms. Indranee Rajah could read her script while looking directly into the camera lens. Customised motion graphics with sound effects are used for the video’s introduction.

Support For Singaporeans Affected By COVID-19 by Minister Desmond Lee

Video courtesy of MSFCares YouTube channel

This speech by Minister Desmond Lee shared some of the support schemes available to Singaporeans affected by COVID-19 in 2020.

In the video, the Minister delivers his speech in various spots of the office to keep the video interesting. It also has graphic overlays that highlight crucial information about the grants, making it easy for viewers to follow. B-roll was shot to demonstrate the temperature screening and safe distancing protocols in place as well.

Green Screen Speech Video

A green screen is a large green backdrop placed in the background of a shot to allow for special effects later. During editing, the green backdrop can be replaced with virtually anything you desire. Furthermore, production schedules can be streamlined from the time saved moving to different shooting locations and accommodating to outdoor weather conditions.

HTTRAX 2020 Minister Speech

Green screen video filming and production by Vivid Snaps

This speech by Minister Josephine Teo was delivered as part of the Home Team Training Excellence Awards Ceremony 2020. It was shot with a green screen, which allowed us to add branding to the background in post-production. This is a popular option for live virtual event streaming as well as pre-recorded live streams.

A larger space is required when filming with a green screen. With safe distancing measures in place, our studio has a 5m wide backdrop that can comfortably fit three people on screen.

Workplace Safety and Health Council Awards Video

Video courtesy of Workplace Safety and Health Council YouTube channel

As a silver awardee of the WSH Awards 2019, Mr. James Lee, Deputy Managing Director of Kuan Aik Construction, spoke about the significance of this achievement in his speech.

The subject was shot against a green screen that was later replaced with the WSH Awards logo and a moving background, which gave the final video a cohesive look. The two camera angles gave the editor control over the pacing of his speech as well.

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