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Why You Should Use A Green Screen Studio For Live Streaming

A green screen studio is one of the most cost effective ways to take your live stream event up a notch. Many businesses have chosen to use a green screen for their virtual event live streaming. Doing so has helped them to save cost and time from building a customised filming set for one-off virtual events. 

Read on as we explore several interesting ways that businesses have made use of a green screen studio for their live streaming events.

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What is a Green Screen Studio?

A green screen is a single-coloured backdrop used on the filming set. It allows you to drop in a customised background in your live stream event. Green screen studios used to be exclusive to major blockbuster films like The Avengers or Lord of The Rings.

Today, many YouTubers and corporate clients are making use of green screen studios to create the desired background for their videos.

Photo taken from Digital Synopsis

This process of changing the backgrounds is called chroma keying or colour keying. 

By right, you could use any solid colour background that you like as your “green screen”. The idea is that a particular colour is identified and removed from the live stream itself. Green is the most commonly used colour as it is the furthest colour from any human skin tone. This prevents your hosts from being accidentally deleted during the colour keying process. 

Blue Screen Studio

In some cases, you might want to feature a product that has green tones. In this scenario, a green screen would not be suitable for your live stream as your product would blend into the green backdrop. This is where a blue screen is used instead so that your product will stand out from the background. 

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If you need a blue screen for your live stream shoot, our experienced production team is able to help you to film your shoot in a blue screen studio setting. 

Green Screen Studio Livestreams

Screenshot taken from Clozette Singapore

In this live stream session by Clozette Singapore, the 2 hosts went live at our studio while a guest speaker connected in remotely using our professional mixing software. We replaced the green screen background with a customised branded background, creating a vibrant and lively mood for the live stream event. 

Live streaming background and overlay graphics are fully customised for your live stream events. These can include:

  1. Your brand logo. This helps to reinforce your brand image and awareness amongst the attendees of the live stream.
  2. Lower thirds, which are text overlays used to introduce your hosts. Introducing your hosts establishes their credibility, especially when they are the subject-matter experts on the live stream topic.
  3. Transition graphics. These can serve as a buffer when you need to change to another camera shot or a different segment of the live stream event.
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In our own tarot reading live stream, we set up a green screen studio in our office and broadcasted it on Instagram. We designed this slick and mystical background to match the mysterious mood of the tarot reading session.

At Vivid Snaps, our team is constantly challenging ourselves to create the best live streams in the industry. We take every opportunity to improve our live stream capabilities so that we can produce the best quality live stream in the industry.

When required, our in-house designer will design the graphics you need for your live stream. These graphics range from backgrounds and overlays to name tags and special effects. Our team is ready to help you to make the most out of your green screen studio live streaming session

Why You Need A Green Screen Studio

You would want your events to be executed as smoothly and as polished as possible. That is why you should choose a virtual background that can help to set a more appropriate mood for the event and give off the professional look that you want to show off to your audience.

Aside from your live stream event looking professional, a green screen studio can provide other advantages like:

  1. Saves space and budget. Many clients are worried about the lack of space for a proper set as their office spaces might not be big enough to accommodate the entire crew. Renting a green screen studio for shoot is a cheaper solution as compared to having to set up an external location for shoot.
  1. Better control over the filming environment. Filming locations are very unpredictable; many factors can come in as disturbance to the live streaming experience. The green screen studio lighting, audio and general setup would be all ready for you to start filming.
  2. Creates a highly branded experience. Showcasing your brand logo, slogan or other graphics associated with your company helps to reinforce branding amongst your audiences. Having a call-to-action on the screen can also help to direct traffic to your website after the live stream is over.
  1. Provides audiences with a one-of-a-kind virtual experience. A green screen allows you to drop in backgrounds of famous locations like the London Eye or the Great Wall of China without having to physically be there on set. You could also drop in backgrounds in space to make your livestream feel out-of-this-world.
  2. Creates context for your live stream. Audiences who just happen to stumble upon your live stream will be able to get a gist of your live stream event by looking at the kinds of graphics that you put up on the screen.
  1. A greater peace of mind. For most of us, trying to film a professional live stream can come off as extremely daunting. There are so many live streams out there– how can you host a live stream that is well-executed and eye-catching enough to stand out from the crowd? An appropriate background, one of the many crucial elements of live streaming, can help take you one step closer to hosting a top-notch live stream. 

Complimentary Green Screen Studio Usage

Did you know that we recently re-purposed our storage area into a green screen studio? 

Our green screen studio features a 3-metre wide backdrop that can comfortably fit 2 people on screen at any time. Our studio includes 1 tall table and 3 high chairs for clients to use in their live stream event. This studio is complimentary for clients who engage in our live stream service. 

If you are interested in having your live streams stand out from the crowd, drop us a message and our project coordinators are ready to help you make use of a green screen studio in your next live streaming event.

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