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3 Tips For Hiring an Event Videographer

If you are engaging an event videographer for the first time, you may be confused about what to expect. Are there certain things you should communicate to the videographer? What should you expect?

In this article, we are sharing three things you should know before you hire a professional event videographer.

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Hiring an Event Videographer

Engaging an event videographer is not rocket science. However, knowing a little more about the event videography workflow may help you save on unnecessary cost.

If you also happen to be in need of a corporate video, we recently wrote about some tips on hiring a corporate videographer. Corporate videography has very different filming styles and considerations than event videography.

1) What Type Of Final Video Output Do You Need?

There are usually 2 options for the final output of your event video. Do let the videographer know your preferred option, as the shooting style can be very different. The two options are listed below as follows:

Option 1: Event Video Highlight

Event Video Highlights

This is the most popular option for our event videography engagements. The videographer will be moving around your event, capturing short snippets of your event’s activities.

Subsequently, they will be edited with background music, transitions and your event graphics. The length of the final video is usually between 1 to 5 mins.

Option 2: Full Length Video

Full Length Event Video

For this option, our videographer will usually film with a stationary camera. Most often, this is required for events with stage activities.

After the event, the videographer will trim away unnecessary scenes from the video and return the remaining footage(s) to you.

2) What Is The Purpose Of Your Final Video?

Purpose of Video Singapore

When you engage an event videographer, it is advisable to share a focused objective.

The common purposes of event highlights are:

  • Archival & internal reporting
  • Social media posting to summarise your event
  • Promotional and marketing usage to promote next run of your event

Each of the above objectives command a slightly different filming style. Therefore, it would be best to communicate your objective before the event. This way, the videographer can make filming decisions in consideration of your requirements.

The purpose of your video will also influence the choice of music, transitions and scenes selection in some cases.

3) Price is Not Everything

While budget can be an important factor for some, do not let it be the deciding factor. Expensive services do not necessarily mean they are good, and even cheap ones might have hidden costs.

Therefore, it is important to do your research and not shy away from asking questions at the start. This could save you both time and money.

3 Tips For Hiring an Event Videographer

To conclude, it is important to have a vision of the end product, as well as a clear purpose. If you have any event videography related enquiries, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to help.

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