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Event Facebook Live Stream Package Singapore

Up until now, professional event video live stream has been an expensive endeavour by any measure. Making it out of reach for many small to mid-scale events. Newly launched in 2020, we have a cost-effective event Facebook Live Stream package specially designed for roadshows and events for the general public. 

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How Does Event Facebook Live Streaming Help?

Posting a Live Video Stream on your business Facebook page will notify your followers and pique their interest. Prompt them to drop by your event, or engage with you.

What To Share On The Facebook Live Stream?

Event Live Stream Service Singapore

We recommend having a host for the live stream, this can be the same person as your event host. We can tap audio input from your AV console. The event host can share attractive promotions and activities, and encourage your audience to drop by the event. Alternatively, they can also provide exclusive online promotion codes.

What Does Our Package Include?

Our standard event videography package includes a professional videographer with lighting & sound assistants. The shooting and streaming will be done on a high-end smartphone using electronic stabilizer for a smooth video. 

Event Live Streaming Roving Videographer

Having a roving videographer for live streaming is expensive because of the high-bandwidth wireless transmission required, and very limited in range. By using a smartphone, we are able to cover a larger range of locations and streaming live to your audience. All at a fraction of the cost. 

Professional Audio

Live Stream with Professional Audio

Instead of relying on the smartphone microphone, which provides very poor sound quality for a live streaming setup. Our team connects the smartphone to professional grade audio equipment. Alternatively, we can also connect to your event AV console.

Professional Lighting

Modern smartphones already have high performance camera sensors, but tend to fall short when shooting in darker scenes. Our lighting assistant follows right behind the videographer and lights up your subject or scenes appropriately. Combined with the professional audio, your event live stream viewers will be hard-pressed to distinguish the mobile video from a professional setup. 

Event Facebook Live Stream Singapore

Our mobile event video live streaming package is designed for:

  • Shopping Mall Atrium Event Live Stream
  • Mega Sale Promotion Live Stream
  • Roadshow Event Live Stream
Gain City's live stream event of their technology show on Facebook

Known Issues

In most cases, our event live stream videographer will be streaming the video through a 4G mobile data connection. At some specific location, the signal can be weak and cause upstream video quality to be reduced significantly.

Streaming from a smartphone means you cannot insert customised graphics or overlays. 

Video live stream from a smartphone can also be streamed to a single platform at once.

If any of the above is of concern, speak with our project coordinators to discuss and we have solutions for you. 

Professional Video Live Streaming & Online Webinars

Professional Video Live Stream Singapore

Vivid Snaps provides professional video live streaming with multiple camera setup and switching, complete with waiting screens and video overlays. Beyond event live streaming, we also offer a comprehensive list of professional live streaming services for our clients’ need.

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