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Office Tour Walk-through Video Production

An office tour video or an office walk-through video filming can be used to showcase your office space, amenities and to some extend your office culture. Our video production crew have helped many clients to film office tour and office walk-through videos, with different intent and purposes. Targeting internal or external stakeholders.

What is an Office Tour Walk-through Video?

An office tour and walk-through video is a type of corporate video production that takes viewers on a journey through the company’s office space. 

There are many reasons you may be looking for an office tour or office walk-through video, to name a few:

  • Using an office tour video as your office launch video
  • Presenting the Singapore office to your international team
  • Showcasing your new office space to clients and external stakeholders
  • Using an office walk-through video with informative overlays to introduce your company culture
  • Documenting your office renovation process and office walk-through of the new space

In this article, we will be sharing some samples of our past works. Followed by many other great examples we have found online and from around the world.

Office Tour & Office Renovation Time-lapse Video

If your walk-through video is to showcase the result of a major revamp, you can also consider filming a renovation time-lapse video to capture the behind-the-scenes action of the renovation process.

Previously, our client Prudential Singapore engaged us to film a time-lapse segment of their office renovation as part of a video highlight of the new working space at Marina One.

Office Tour & Office Introduction Video

Reference of an office tour video showcasing a new office space

Featuring an eloquent host and many team members of the organisation, this lovely office tour video provides an overview of the many departments of the organisation. The voice-overs are complemented with existing videos and informative presentation to illustrate the function of each team within the organisation.

Office Virtual Tour Video Production

Reference of an office virtual tour video production

When working with international clients, an office virtual tour video can effectively showcase the scale of your business. You can also take this opportunity to introduce the key management, connecting with your stakeholders with a bright smile.

As compared to a 3D or 360 virtual tour, the type that is similar to Google Street View. An office virtual tour video provides your viewer with a guided experience. Giving you an opportunity to narrate a storied flow of events to your viewers.

Commercial Spaces Walk-through Video

Reference of a retail walk-through video production

Apart from office space, virtual tour and walk-through videos are great for presenting a physical space.

Retail & Lifestyle Videos

Reference of a lifestyle video for shopping mall

Blurring the lines of a virtual tour and a lifestyle or promotional video, this social media video for a shopping mall features the different scenes of the mall.

Green Screen Virtual Tour Video

Reference of a green screen virtual tour video production

While this could hardly be considered as an office, but a virtual tour nonetheless. Filming with green screen has offered new possibilities, combining physical with virtual spaces.

While this reference feature a virtual space in the background, we can also feature a video of a physical office tour. With a presenter that is filmed within a studio.

Filming Your Office Virtual Tour Video

Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

If you resonate with some of the samples you have seen so far, consider getting in touch with our project coordinator to discuss your requirements. We will assess your office tour video requirements and provide you with a quotation.

Use our enquiry form on the right side bar to send us a message, or contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp by visiting our contact us page.

Other Office Tour & Walk-through Video Examples

Adding on the our portfolio works, we have sourced many good examples of office tour video production from around the world. The videos serve different purposes and we will introduce a few categories below.

Essensys – Office Tour Walkthrough Video

Reference video of Essensys office walkthrough, extracted from YouTube.

This office walkthrough video takes on a corporate-ish and formal style.

We liked that this video played around with the video pacing. Each section of the office was slowed down to give viewers time to admire the space, while the parts in-between the office sections were “sped up” to emulate the feeling of walking from one point to another.

JRD Builders – Renovation Office Tour Video

Reference video of office tour, extracted from YouTube

This video takes on a corporate and chic style.

We liked that the video started with an aerial shot of the office building as their establishing shot. If you would like to film aerial shots with a drone, we recommend that you engage a professional aerial videographer who has the appropriate licenses for filming.

We recently wrote more about the new drone regulations for aerial filming in our previous article.

Cloudstaff – Office Tour & Walkthrough Video

  • Company: Cloudstaff
  • Video style: Corporate and formal 

We noticed that there were lower-thirds, which are text animations, to provide context for each office space featured. If you require lower-thirds, our in-house graphic designer can design unique lower-thirds tailored to your corporate branding.

Office Tour Walk-through Video with Presenter

Since a walk-through video is almost like a virtual tour of your office space, you can consider having a presenter to lead the way and introduce the office to the audience to make your video more engaging to the viewers. This presenter is usually an employee who can share their own experiences working in the organisation.

Affordable Staff – Office Walkthrough Video

  • Company:  Affordable Staff
  • Video style: Corporate and upbeat 

Muhlenhaupt+Company, LLC – Office Tour Video

  • Company: Muhlenhaupt
  • Video style: Slightly casual and fun

Compared to the other walk-through videos, this video adopted a more casual style for introducing their office space. This complements the company’s overall branding of being a fun creative agency, which stands out from the many other corporate videos that adopt the usual formal corporate tone.

SamCart – Office Tour Video

  • Company: SamCart
  • Video style: Casual and personal

Similar to the video by Muhlenhaupt, this video by e-commerce website SamCart was more casual and lifestyle than formal and corporate. This office walkthrough tour adopted a personal vlog-style which was well-suited for their company’s branding.

FCP Euro – Company Tour & Office Walk-through Video

  • Company: FCP Euro
  • Video style: Corporate and genuine

We liked that this video gave a comprehensive walk-through of the entire working space, which included:

  • Main office
  • Photo studio
  • Distribution centre
  • DIY filming studio and motorsport facility.

We also liked that FCP Euro was open and honest about their workflow in this video. This is likely to speak to their potential customers who would be reassured about the quality of service and products that the company has to offer. 

Birdblack Design – Studio Tour Video Production

  • Company: Birdblack Design
  • Video style: Creative and insightful

We liked that the presenter talked through the creative concept and execution of their office renovation. The presenter was able to give a detailed rundown of the inspiration behind each key feature of the new office space, presenting them as design ideas that the viewers can also consider for their interior renovations.

Hyperlapse Walk-through Video

Similar to a time-lapse, a hyperlapse is a video showcasing the compression of time. However, a hyperlapse video is filmed with the camera moving from one point to another. This is a style of videos commonly seen in tourism and travel videos to showcase the beautiful scenery along a long journey. 

You can consider filming a hyperlapse video for your office walk-through when you move from one part of the office to another.


  • Company: Turbonomic
  • Video style: Corporate and lively

Renovation Portfolio Video

As mentioned earlier, if your companies like architecture and design firms can also film a walk-through video to display the office renovation as part of their portfolio.

Office Revolution – Renovation Tour Video

  • Company: Office Revolution
  • Video style: Corporate and chic

Interactive & 360 Virtual Office Walk-through Video

If you’re looking for a more engaging idea, consider tapping into VR technology to film a 360 interactive video that allows your audiences to look around your office space. 

According to digital marketing agency Black Label, interactive videos have been gaining popularity since YouTube made the viewing of 360 videos available on their platform. This is definitely a possibility that you could explore for an office walk-through video that will stand out from the crowd. 

WeWork – 360 Office Tour Video

  • Company: WeWork
  • Video style: Corporate and engaging

Nespresso Recycling – Sustainability 360 Factory Tour Video

Reference of a 360 VR factory tour from Nespresso, extracted from YouTube

We know this could hardly be passed off as an office, but we find it to be an excellent example of how a 360 virtual tour can be used. Complete with voice-over to introduce the different segment of the Nespresso recycling process. This video turns a otherwise mundane factory process video into one that is engaging, or may we say, interactive!

Because a viewer can swipe to view the environment, it encourages participation. And we think this video is a win for Nespresso, in enforcing the sustainability of their coffee capsules.

Engage a Professional Corporate Videographer For the Best Results

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

We hope that this article has inspired you to film your office walk-through video. Regardless of the video concept, we highly recommend that you engage a professional corporate videographer who can bring out the best in your office space. 

At Vivid Snaps, our experienced team of videographers are ready to help you get started on your walk-through video production. 

If you would like to engage our videography services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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