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Corporate Anniversary Videographer in Singapore

Anniversary marketing is a strong way for brands to make their mark while celebrating their milestones and key achievements. As such, you need a professional corporate anniversary videographer who can bring your campaign concept to life with an anniversary video for your company.

Read on to find out more about corporate anniversary videos and how they can add value to your campaign.

How A Video Can Benefit Your Corporate Anniversary Campaign

Videos are an essential medium for every marketing campaign. This easy-to-digest storytelling format has dominated the social media space for being engaging and highly shareable. A video could also push your campaign to go viral if it resonates well enough with viewers.

For anniversary campaigns, a video can even help your anniversary last longer than your campaign duration. You can use the video to promote your anniversary before the height of your campaign or market your video as an event highlight showreel to generate post-campaign buzz. 

Additionally, if your anniversary event has moved online or is being held in a hybrid manner, a video is one of the most important digital assets that you need to attract your audience. From a pre-event teaser to pre-recorded event segments, you will require a video as part of your event strategy.

Corporate Anniversary Video Production

When shooting a corporate anniversary video, we recommend that you engage a professional videographer to produce the video for you. Whether you are looking for a commercial video to highlight the key milestones of your company or an event highlight video to capture the anniversary showcase, a professional videographer will be able to deliver the video that your business requires. 

You also gain peace of mind knowing that the professional videographer will get the job done. If you are unsure of how to engage a professional, read our previous article on tips about working with a corporate videographer.

Anniversary Event Video Highlight, shot & edited by Vivid Media.

Cathay Cineplex held an anniversary event in 2018 for the one-year anniversary of the Parkway Parade outlet. This event highlight video was short and sweet, capturing the fun and exciting celebration held with various celebrities like Glenn Ong and Aleric Tay.

If you are filming an event highlight video, consider having your video less than 3 minutes long. This prevents your viewers from being distracted and clicking away from your video.

LKY100 Anniversary Celebration Video

Video created for the celebration of LKY100

Kaki Bukit CC 40th Anniversary Video

40th Anniversary Video for the Community, Produced by Vivid Media.

Director: Jackson Ho | Producer: Ledon Lim | Cinematographer: Melvin Mak | Video Editor: Gwendolyn Koh | Crew: Felicia Liu, Amirah Azman, Le Xuan, Charli Chan

In this anniversary video, we revisited the memories of Kaki Bukit residents. Together with our clients, our director, producer, videographer and art director went through thousand of archival photos. We selected the most notable images and scanned them to feature in this short film production.

Hougang Primary School Anniversary Music Video

School Anniversary Video, produced by Vivid Media

Recently, Hougang Primary School celebrated its 20th anniversary with a specially produced school music video. The song was composed by their own school teacher, Mr Yahya, and sung by alumni Gwendolyn Lee. This heartwarming video exemplified their school mission of nurturing students who would be future-ready and equipped for the dynamic world.

1st Anniversary Lifestyle Video Production

Shopping Mall Lifestyle Video produced for PLQ first anniversary celebration

Paya Lebar Quater (PLQ) commemorated their one year birthday celebration. To celebrate its 1st year anniversary, the PLQ management featured a video showcasing the wide variety of outlets to dine in, shop and for entertainment on their social media page. Influencers were included in a segment of the video, where they played with PLQ ‘s personalized AR Filter on their Instagram stories.

Things to Consider When Planning an Anniversary Video for Your Business

We advise you to consider these things before engaging in a videographer for your corporate anniversary video:

What is the key message of your anniversary video?

Knowing the core messages on exactly what you want to communicate to your viewers in your video is important. This will help your videographer encapsulate shots that will best suit the vibe of your anniversary video

Depending on the kind of anniversary video format you are going for, you will need to figure out how you want to tell your company’s story.

For instance, you can opt for a “timeline” based anniversary video where you can highlight your company’s progress, key achievements and developments over the years. On the other hand, you simply may want an event highlight video of your company’s anniversary dinner.

Who do you want to include in your anniversary video?

If you want to create an impact in your anniversary video, we would suggest to include individuals who hold a high status or even the key players in your company. By doing so, it brings the key messages of your anniversary video to life.

You may also choose to revolve your anniversary video around a particular person or many different people.

Please Note: Some videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Media. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Example: Expedia Inc. 20th Anniversary Video

Reference video, not produced by Vivid Media.

In this video, Expedia Inc. commemorates 20 years of their presence in the travel industry. They include interview segments to key players in the business on their views about the company over the past 20 years.

How do you want to spice up your anniversary video?

On top of the video footage, what else would you like to incorporate into your anniversary video? It is common to include archives of videos or photographs into your anniversary video.

Videos and photographs would give your video more depth and can be more enticing to your viewers, so do consider including them when planning your video. You can also think about the type of background music or sound effects you want to use or even the graphics you want to include throughout the video.

If you need help to come up with your graphics for your anniversary video or other productions, our friendly graphic designer is on standby for any discussions.

Example: Daikin Singapore 50th Anniversary Corporate Video

Reference video, not produced by Vivid Media.

In Daikin Singapore’s 50th anniversary video, video archives, lower third graphics and background music are incorporated.

Example: Association Anniversary Video in Singapore

Reference of an anniversary produced by business association in Singapore. Not produced by Vivid Media.

An anniversary video for an association is a great way to celebrate the organization’s milestones and achievements, and to honour the people who have made it possible. Beyond that, it serves as an inspiration for the meaningful causes that the association have pursued, and the progress it has made. Inspiring a new generation of members to continue the pursuit.

Let Us Bring Your Concept To Reality

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Composite group photo of the Vivid Media team

At Vivid Snaps, our team of dedicated videographers are always willing to take the extra step to make your end product worth while. Corporate anniversary videos are just one of the many corporate videography services that we offer to our clients. We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our skills and portfolio to best cater to your needs.

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