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Interior Photography For Coworking Space

Interior photography is a great way to showcase offices and coworking spaces to potential freelancers and small business owners looking for a new place to work.

With more people slowly allowed to return to the office to work, now is the best time to take interior shots of your coworking space and market your space to potential customers. 

Read on to find out more about interior photography for coworking spaces.

Table of Contents:

Why Take Interior Photos?

Interior photos are an essential for any business that has a venue that they want to rent or sell. For example, interior photos of an apartment give potential buyers an idea of what the living space looks like.

For coworking spaces, interior photos can you to create a better first impression amongst new customers. High quality interior photos showcase your company’s branding and create an instant engagement with your audience.

Lifestyle Interior Photography for Coworking Space

The best way to make your interior shots more personable to potential customers is to feature talent with your photos. 

Talents make your coworking space look like lively and welcoming for people to work in. Otherwise, the shots can look very cold as they lack that human touch. After all, the main selling point of your coworking space is the possibility for people to join a community to work with.

(Credits: Storhub)

When planning your shots, consider having your talents matching the profile of your targeted demographics. For example, if your coworking space targets niche communities like tech startups, your shots should feature mostly people working together on technological projects.

Using Props for Interior Photography

Props are an element which can also help to liven up your shots. If you do not have a human subject, props can help to fill the space and make it more cosy. 

If you do have human subjects for your shots, props can give your subjects items to interact with so that their poses will look more natural. 

This shot of Storhub’s coworking space had cups and a magazine for the models to make use when posing for the shot. Without them, the subjects would find it awkward to place their hands on the table.

(Credits: Storhub)

Relevant props can also give some context to your shots.

For instance, The Executive Centre utilised the laptop, notebook and pen to establish that this desk is used as a coworking space. The other props like the lamp, plant and framed photograph were used to give some perspective to the photograph.

(Credits: The Executive Centre)

Tip: Consider showcasing your expensive furniture in your interior shots to give your shots a more elevated look and feel.

Lighting for Interior Photography

Given that interior photos are shot indoors, it is crucial for you to set up your lighting properly. 

Most coworking spaces images we found online used only ambient lighting when shooting their interior photos. If required, our photographer can compose your shot using studio lights to highlight important features of your coworking space.

In this shot by The Company, there is a mix of both warm and cool lighting. This was could have been done to reflect the exact lighting of the coworking space itself.

(Credits: The Company Singapore)

However, if you have human subjects in your shot, you need to light them up differently. This prevents any undesirable shadows and helps the subjects stand out in the photo.

(credits: Storhub)

Engaging a Professional Interior Photographer for Coworking Space

If you want to take interior shots of your coworking space, it is best that you engage in a professional interior photographer who can ensure the best quality of photos for your marketing and branding needs.

At Vivid Snaps, interior photography is just one of the wide array of corporate photography services that we provide. Our team is ready to provide the interior photography solutions you need. 

Drop our project coordinators a message today to get started on your interior photography shoot.

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