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Pre-recorded Live Stream Video Production

A pre-recorded live stream may arouse some stigma for the live streaming purist, but it can be really appropriate for many good reasons. We explore some of the best pre-recorded live streams and the pros & cons of doing a pre-recorded live stream.

If the idea of Pre-recorded Live Stream piques your interest, learn about some of the key concerns you should look out for when making your decision. Click here to read more.

The Biggest Brands Are Doing It

Some of the most prominent brands in the world are using pre-recorded video for their live streaming. Allowing them to deliver an extremely high quality video production without the complexity and cost of executing the same production in a fully live environment.

Apple WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynote

Earlier in June this year, Apple launched their annual WWDC event online. Every year, this event attracts the best of Apple developers, who pays a high ticket price to attend. This year, the multi-day event has been brought online.

Having the live stream fully pre-recorded means Apple can produce an extremely high quality video, because their media team can perform advanced editing and merging scenes from multiple sources. A production of such scale would have been difficult or impossible if everything was to be produced in a live environment.

Combining Pre-recorded Video With Live Streaming

Combining pre-recorded content with live segments is common for most small to mid-scale live streaming production.

At the most basic level, brands will play their TVC videos on loop during the waiting time leading up to commencement of their live streaming programme. Regardless of the time when an audience joins your live stream, they would likely experience your looped video at least once.

For live streaming events that require interaction such as a panel discussions, live Q&A or press conference. Pre-recorded content can be produced for the more complex segments. Such as a green screen virtual tour, product feature demo or on-location filming. Whereas the event host will be fully live to blend the segments seamlessly.

Lancôme Singapore – Virtual Flagship Livestream

In the above Lancôme live stream produced by our crew, you can see a combination of pre-recorded and remote live segments.

You Can Re-do Your Takes

Employee Appreciation Virtual Event in Singapore
Screenshot of a live emcee during an awards ceremony virtual event live stream

As we execute pre-recorded live streaming events for our client in the midst of the pandemic situation, we met with many firsts.

One of them is the when we work with a guest-of-honour who requested a repeat of his speech because he stuttered a little on some parts. And the end result is a more polished video. Pre-recorded live stream gives all parties a little more flexibility.

Virtual award ceremonies that are pre-recorded can also be highly rehearsed and perfected. And of course, making it easier to comply with any prevailing safe distancing measures.

If need be, we can provide a teleprompter at an additional cost for your on screen talents to read off their script.

Most Live Streaming Experts Are in TV Broadcast

Prior to the pandemic situation, event live streaming was never quite considered to be a good replacement for face-to-face events. The live streaming talent pool is therefore relatively small. With experienced professionals mainly concentrated in the TV & broadcasting sector. Many season professionals are also executing really high-end productions for religious institutions.

Finding an experienced turnkey live streaming crew for executing a complex high-end live streaming production can prove to be challenging. However, the experts in video production are ready for hire. Another reason why it can be more cost-effective to pre-record the complex scenes of your live stream.

Advantages of A Pre-recorded Live Stream

Reduced risk of equipment & workflow failure in a complex live stream

No live stream is immune to operational risk.  However, in a pre-recorded livestream, technical glitches during the live event are minimized. The cost for implementing a backup for a fully pre-recorded live stream is very manageable.  

You can re-do your takes

Pre-recorded live streams give all parties much greater control. You have the flexibility to map out your content before you record. To feature a seamless delivery in your presentation, you have the option to re-film segments or even opt for a redo. 

Events like virtual award ceremonies that are pre-recorded can also be highly rehearsed and perfected. Not to mention, making it easier to comply with any prevailing safe distancing measures.

If need be, we can provide you with a teleprompter at an additional cost for your on screen talents to read off their script.

Increased production value

Since you have the time to perfect  your presentation, you can do more editing with motion graphics, special effects, sound effects and many more in post- production. Certainly, this takes more time upfront. However, it is a guarantee that the end product would reap satisfaction.

Possibly less time needed from your speakers

The prep time for your speakers can be significantly reduced. As your speaker may feel more confident knowing they are not live and have the option of refilming segments in the event they make mistakes in their speech, they may find greater comfort in speaking to the camera and jump right into filming. 

Reduced stress for your programme committee on actual livestream day

As most of your production would have been completed prior to the livestream day, you are able to take a breather, leaving you less things to worry about.

Disadvantages of A Pre-recorded Live Stream

Still have to include live segment if Q&A is required

If you choose to have a Q&A segment for your live stream, your speakers will still have to prep themselves to be on air. There may also be a chance for technical difficulties or human errors.

Presenter Dali standing next to Dr Satoshi Fujita who is calling remotely
Screenshot taken from U.S Dairy Export Council

Our Role in Your Live Streaming Production

When you are considering to engage a live streaming production crew, there may be a few factors to consider. Most live streaming production crew like ourselves are experts in executing your production. Our expertise range from camera, live production switching, lighting, audio, video delivery and network connection.

We may not be the right team to plan your event itinerary from scratch or coordinating with 80 speakers on their individual speaking schedule. That will be a role best left to event management companies and creative agencies with event expertise.

Hiring a live streaming production crew directly will be ideal if you are an agency yourself, or if you have in-house resources to plan your event itinerary.

Speak With Us If You Need Advice

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Our team of media professional can handle your live streaming production from start to finish.

Prior to your virtual event, our video production team can support you in video production. Such as filming for presentation with slides, guest-of-honour speech, panel discussion and awards motion graphic videos.

Leading up to your virtual event, we run rehearsals with your stakeholders to familiarise with the virtual event flow. Technical test and dry run also make sure your remote presenters are connected into our live production systems. Our in-house graphic designer work on your customised design overlays. And in most cases we use vMix for your live streaming production, allowing us to connect different technologies to run a successful show.

To start on your video production and live streaming requirements, get in touch with our Project Managers to obtain a quotation.

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