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Live Streaming for Hybrid AGM in Singapore

As Singapore allows for more physical events to resume, you may be considering to host a hybrid AGM for your company. Our team can support your hybrid AGM with our technical expertise in live streaming for hybrid events. We will help you stream your AGM from your physical venue to the stakeholders and participants joining in remotely.

In this article, we will provide key highlights from the latest updates from the updated guidance for hosting AGMs in the 29th September press release, as well as how our team can assist you to host your hybrid AGM. You can read the full press release via the Ministry of Law.

Table of Contents:

Hybrid AGM Singapore

Why Host Hybrid AGMs?

Hybrid AGMs are a mix between a physical AGM and a virtual AGM. By having a hybrid AGM, you are providing your attendees with the option of either attending the meeting in-person or connect virtually. 

In Singapore, hybrid events are most likely to be the option for businesses in this Covid-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that from 22 October in-person work-related events like AGMs are allowed to resume. You may either hold the event at your workplace or at a third-party venue. Your event should not have more than 50 pax per event and should be subejcted to any additional policies set by the premise owners.

With a hybrid AGM, you are making your meeting more accessible to participants. The virtual component of the hybrid event can also help you to keep a proper tally of your attendees and the number of votes received during the voting session.

This is also why we feel that hybrid events in general are a better option than fully virtual events

If your company would still prefer to host a fully virtual AGM, our team can assist with providing a live webcast of the AGM. We can do a fully remote live stream where we control the live stream platform remotely or an onsite live stream where our technical crew is physically present to film your directors.

New AGM Regulations (as of 29th September)

Meeting Orders have been extended to 31st June 2020

With this extension of the meeting orders, your company is allowed to hold your AGM via electronic means till 31st June 2021, even if there are no Covid-19 restrictions then. This means that you continue having fully virtual or hybrid AGMs up till June next year.

Real-time electronic voting is permitted

You are now allowed to have real-time voting via electronic means, as long as certain prescribed safeguards are in place. Your entity must also allow the AGM attendees to appoint the Chairman or convenor as their proxy to vote.

Real-time QnA

Companies can continue to have real time QnA sessions hosted via electronic means as long as attendees are allowed to submit matters which they wish to raise at the meeting prior to the meeting by post or electronic mail.

Electronic submission of matters to be raised

Companies can also continue accepting electronic submission via virtual AGM platforms of matters that attendees wish to raise at the AGMs. This is provided that you also accept submission via post or electronic mail.

The Ministry of Law recommends that your company should check with your respective regulators for further information and enquiries.

Hybrid AGM Set Up

As mentioned, your hybrid AGM will have 2 parts- the physical event and the virtual segment. 

Physical Event

For the physical portion of the AGM, here are a few considerations to take note:

  1. Is your venue big enough to allow for participants to maintain social distancing?
  2. Does your venue have its own AV system? If your venue does not have an AV system that we can use, you will have to engage an external AV vendor to manage the audio set up.
  3. How many mics will you require for your directors and other speakers?
  4. Will you require a multi-camera set up to capture different angles of your directors and moderators?

Virtual Component

With the virtual aspect of your hybrid event, you would be the most concerned with the security and accessibility of the platform.

Zoom has been a popular choice of platform for AGMs and other meetings as it ensures the security of your meeting. If you are unfamiliar with how Zoom works as a live streaming platform, here is a comprehensive guide to understanding Zoom and its features.

For clients with a bit more budget, they may choose to work with another virtual live streaming or AGM software, like Lumi.

If needed, our in-house graphic designer can also do a waiting screen graphic, virtual backgrounds, and lower-thirds to make your AGM more professional.

Engage Us to Live Stream Your Hybrid AGM Today

We hope that this article has given you more insight into the new hybrid AGM regulations in Singapore.

If you are looking for a live stream technical service provider for your hybrid AGM, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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