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Kids Interview Video Production Singapore

Kids interview videos are a light-hearted and creative way for businesses to reach out to their audiences. When interviewing children for corporate videos, are more likely to provide candid and unconventional answers to your questions. 

Children are usually not a common sight in a corporate video. If you shoot a kids interview video, your video concept is more likely to stand out from the crowd and attract views from potential clients. 

Here are 7 ideas that you can consider for your next kids interview video

Advice for Working With Children in Videos

Working with children on a video production set might be challenging for most production crew since children have short attention spans and would require more guidance when preparing for the interview.

When working with children, consider working in shorter durations to catch the attention span of the kids. This way, the child will have a longer time to rest in between takes to recharge and regain their focus.

We also recommend that you have someone dedicated to taking care and engaging with the children during their breaks. This is to prevent them from accidentally tripping over wires or otherwise injuring themselves on the video production set.

Ideas for Your Next Kids Interview Video Production

Linkedin Talent Solutions

Video by Linkedin Talent Solutions.

This video by Linkedin was a creative way for them to promote their Global Recruiting Trends report, a report for job seekers to better understand the trends amongst various industries and recruiters to better their chance at getting a job.

Highlights of this video:

We liked that they asked these kids to undergo a “job” interview and reply as honestly as they wanted to. This was an interesting take on job interviews, which we associate as a serious and formal affair that has certain rules to follow. This brought across the concept of reshaping the way we think of interviews as alternative and previously unconventional ways of hiring talent to become the new trend. 

The video also had subtitles, which made it accessible to viewers who are deaf or would otherwise require subtitles to understand the video content. We recommend adding subtitles to your video if there is a voiceover or if you have talents talking in your video.

If required, we can provide subtitling services for our clients who engage in our videography services.

Life At SAP

Video by SAP.

Instead of having an employee explain their job scope, SAP asked their employee’s children to explain their parent’s job scope. This quirky take on an employee feature video was released just in time for #WorkingParentsDay in the United States.

Highlights of this video:

SAP had a tick and a cross for every correct and wrong statement that the children made about SAP as a company and their parent’s’ job scope. We liked this video concept as it adopted a soft sell and more entertaining approach to explaining the key facts about SAP and the job scope of some of the employees in the company.

Ministry of Education

Video by Ministry of Education.

This year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) rolled out the Digital Literacy programme to incorporate digital learning into the school curriculum so that students will be more well-versed with using technology for learning.

In this video, MOE brought together secondary school students who have already gone through learning via digital means to share how they benefited from this programme.

Highlights of this video:

While secondary school students might not be exactly considered as children, we liked that these students gave an honest review of the school programme. This gave us viewers an insight into the benefits that the new MOE programme would bring to future students.

Reviews are a powerful way of introducing your new product launch or of a new policy that your company has launched as it can make your brand seem more trustworthy. In fact, some companies even professionally produce customer testimonial videos from the customers who have given positive reviews of the product or policy.

Carson Dellosa Education

Video by Carson Dellosa Education.

What makes you an incredible child?

This was the question that the then-CEO of Carson Dellosa, Al Greco, asked the children for this interview video. This video was shot for their Kids are Incredible week brand awareness campaign. 

Highlights of the video:

This video was shot in a green screen studio. This allowed them to use the chroma-keying technique to remove the green background and overlay a virtual backdrop which suited their Kids are Incredible campaign.

If you are shooting a corporate video, you can consider using a green screen backdrop as well. This saves you from having to source for a filming location which has a suitable backdrop that matches your company branding.

At Vivid Snaps, we can provide a green screen backdrop for your interview video if needed.

APA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program

Video by American Psychological Association.

This video debuted at the Psychologically Healthy Workplace and Organizational Excellence Awards ceremony in 2018. This an award by the American Psychological Association that recognises American companies which have successfully created a positive work environment for their employees.

Highlights of the video: 

While this video was meant for a corporate awards ceremony, the concept of the video very light-hearted. The video followed the shooting and editing style of the popular American TV show, The Office, which was a suitable concept to draw out the childish enthusiasm and innocence of the children. 

We also liked that the children were being treated as adults during this interview. This gave space for the children to be comfortable when answering the “interview” questions.

Childhood Cancer Community USA

CureFest 2020, held by the Childhood Cancer Community USA. Video by Childhood Cancer Community USA.

As part of this year’s CureFest, the Childhood Cancer Community USA did a series of interviews with childhood cancer survivors to share their stories with coping for cancer. The children also advocated for other children with cancer to join their cause and volunteer with the organisation. This video featured 13-year-old cancer survivor Hannah Grispo who shared how she coped with her feelings.

Highlights of the video:

We liked that this video was short and straight to the point. The video was very impressionable despite being only 1 minute long as the message from Hannah was powerful enough to speak to the audiences on a personal level.

When shooting corporate videos, we recommend that your video be no more than 3 minutes long. This prevents your viewers from clicking away from the video before it ends.

Singapore Children’s Society

Video by Singapore Children’s Society.

For this video, Singapore Children’s Society spoke to 6 children under their beneficiary and asked them what was their ambition for the future. This video was shot for National Day to call for financial donations to the charity.

Highlights of the video:

The video had lower-thirds, which are text overlays, to introduce the children and the service centre that they are from. If required, our in-house graphic designer can design lower thirds and other motion graphics that you need for your interview video.

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