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Live Streaming Rates 2020 Singapore

This article features our live streaming rates for the year 2020. If you are interesting in hosting a virtual event, live stream or webinar, read on to find out more!

Professional Live Stream Services

Video live streaming can be used on many different occasions to fulfil your business objectives. Conduct a webinar and broadcast to your global team or extend the outreach of your event by broadcasting it to a larger, online audience!

Additionally, for hybrid events, streaming snippets of your roadshow or virtual event could attract a bigger crowd for your live event.

If your event is disrupted by COVID-19 and you are looking for a webinar or live stream solution, talk to us about your situation. Our team will do our best to provide a simplified and budget friendly package. This is to ensure you can be up and running quickly.

Stellar Equipment

We use professional AV & video equipment. Wireless microphone, multi-camera switching and high definition wireless video transmission.

Experienced & Professional Videographers

Our videographers have years of event experience. We are adaptable and committed to deliver a seamless working experience for our clients. 

Quality Results

We use a combination of pro-level equipment and professional crew to provide high quality video live stream for our clients.

Professional Video Live Stream Singapore Live Streaming Rates

Why Live Stream?

Solution For Cancelled Events

Virtual Events have been on the rise as many organisations are looking for solutions for cancelled events. However, it would be erroneous to assume that virtual events should only be a back up plan. Virtual events definitely have the potential to even outperform their physical counterpart.

Hybrid Events

If you are still against a completely virtual event, consider a hybrid one. Hybrid events have a mix of virtual and in-person components. You may choose to hold your virtual and physical event at the same time, or even on separate dates.

This promotes brand recall and allows you to gain maximum engagement with your audience.


A virtual event tends to be more cost-effective than a physical event. There would be no need to spend on booking a venue or hiring people to perform crowd control. With the money saved, your organisation would be able to invest that money towards other causes.

Live Streaming Rates

Rates typically start at $3000 for an experienced production team providing professional live streaming services.

However, prices might vary. To get the most accurate pricing for your specific project, get in touch with us for a quote.

Live Stream Service Provider

Don’t miss out on the next big thing. If you need advice regarding live streams, webinars or virtual events, our project coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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